Template:LureGag$10 Bill is the Level 5 Lure Gag.File:$10 Bill.jpg


The Toon using the $10 Bill will pull out a fishing rod with a $10 Bill attached on the end of the the string. The Toon with "hurl" the fishing rod's string near the targeted Cog, while reeling the string closer. If it hits, the Cog will lean down and step forward, as an attempt to take the $10 Bill. The Toon will then pull up the fishing rod's string back, and the Cog will look up and stand in the lured position. The Rod will automatically vanish after use.


  • This Gag is similar to the $1 Bill and $5 Bill, the only difference being the number on the Gag's image and Gag Level.
  • This Gag is called a Cog Catcher on the Trading Cards.
  • It is a 2 part gag. Meaning the damage depends on the gag that goes with it.
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