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Accuracy is the probability of a gag or cog move to hit. The chance of a hit depends on the accuracy of the gag as well as the level of the cog.

Gag accuracy

The accuracy types are as follows:

Low accuracy

Low accuracy gags have a small chance of hitting. The low accuracy gag tracks are Lure and Drop. All Drops have a base chance of 50% to deal damage while the chance of a successful Lure depends on the gag's level.

For a list of low accuracy gags, see Category:Low accuracy gags.

Medium accuracy

Medium accuracy gags have a fairly decent chance of hitting but can still miss. The medium accuracy gag tracks are Throw and Toon-Up. All Throws have a base chance of 75% of dealing damage while all Toon-Ups have a base chance of 70% to heal a Toon significantly.

For a list of medium accuracy gags, see Category:Medium accuracy gags.

High accuracy

High accuracy gags have a great chance of hitting and rarely miss. The high accuracy gag tracks are Squirt and Sound. Both gag tracks have a base chance of 95% to deal damage.

For a list of high accuracy gags, see Category:High accuracy gags.

Perfect accuracy

Perfect accuracy gags are guaranteed to hit, but a Lure gag is needed to activate them. The only perfect accuracy gag track is Trap.

For a list of perfect accuracy gags, see Category:Perfect accuracy gags.

Cog move accuracy

All cog moves have the same accuracy. The only exception is when a Micromanager uses Brain Storm and when a Flunky attacks during the Toontorial, which is very likely to miss.

Lure gags

Main article: Lure

Lure gags have low accuracy. However, it depends on the level of the Lure. The first two Lures are at most 50% accurate, the next two are at most 60% accurate, and the final three are at most 70% accurate. In addition, if a toon plants a Lure gag in their estate garden, and the gag has fully grown, the Lure gag's accuracy changes from low to medium.