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An Anti-Uber (a.k.a. reverse uber) is a toon who has high laff but low gags. They are not as popular as ubers, they rely on other toons to do the work for them.


This is an example of an anti-uber with 117 laff.

An example of an anti-uber is a toon with feather, banana peel, $1 bill, bikehorn, cream pie, and squirt gun, but with 117 laff points.


The point of being an anti-uber is to not train your gags but to complete Toontasks anyway. This is done by joining battles with other toons, and passing every time. However, in order to receive credit for defeating cogs, toons must choose either a gag or an SOS during battle. For this reason, they generally call their doodle at least once during each battle.

Anti-ubers must have access to the whole cream pie gag (for Cleff's toontask in Minnie's Melodyland) and the squirt gun gag (for Admiral Hook's Clock Repair toontask in Donald's Dock.) Once they are past those tasks, they are capable of reaching 137 laff points with the help of other toons.


  • They are called "anti-uber" because they are the opposite of an uber (a toon with low laff and high gags).
  • People tend to dislike anti-ubers in training, because they do not contribute very much to the cog battles that they participate in.
  • Other terms for anti-uber are reverse uber, supernoob, and opposite uber.
  • Anti-ubers are usually tasked through the game with another toon, most do not leech off of others.
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