Anvil Race
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This article is about a racing item. For more uses of "Anvil", see Anvil.

The Anvil is an obstacle that is used on Goofy Speedway tracks, it makes 1st place's car get squashed by a huge anvil and slow for a while. The anvil can be gained by driving into one of the floating presents on each toon battle track.

This gag is quite rare to obtain. Toons can obtain this at any moment if their car goes through the power-up gift box, and if it successfully randomizes the gift into an anvil. As such, when obtained and used, it squishes the toon that is currently in 1st place, stopping them immediately.


  • If a toon uses an anvil while in 1st place, the anvil will go to waste.
  • The toon in 1st place can't get anvils from present boxes.
  • If multiple toons use anvils at the same time, toons in 2nd or 3rd place can get squashed also.
  • This is similar to the blue shells in the Mario Kart video games. Except the anvil flattens the racer's car rather than explode on impact.


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