Barbara Seville
Physical description
Gender: Female
Species: Cat
Color: Lavender
Building: Shave and a Haircut for a Song
Street: Alto Avenue
Area: Minnie's Melodyland
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Barbara Seville is an NPC cat who owns Shave and a Haircut for a Song located on Alto Avenue, Minnie's Melodyland.

SOS Toon

Barbara Seville is also an SOS toon. She is a 3-star Sound SOS. She uses a Foghorn to deal a damage of 40 to all cogs in battle.

This SOS will be grouped with all Sound gags used on the same turn. Also, the SOS acts on its own, so if a regular Sound gag misses, there is still a chance that the SOS gag will hit.


  • She is one of the toons needed to carol to for a snowman head.
  • Her name comes from the opera of the Barber of Seville.

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