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|Spanish = ???
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|German = ???
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[[Category:Lure gags]]

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Big Magnet
Level 4 Lure Gag
Big Magnet
General information
Accuracy: Low
Organic boost: Medium Accuracy
Targets: All Cogs Cog
Minimum carry capacity: 5
Maximum carry capacity: 15
Experience points needed for next gag: 2,000
Preceded by:
$5 Bill
Succeeded by:
$10 Bill
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Big Magnet is the level four Lure gag. It succeeds the $5 Bill but precedes the $10 Bill.


The Big Magnet can be obtained once the toon has earned a total of "800" Lure skill points. The toon can move up to the next level gag, the $10 Bill, after earning a total of 2,000 Lure skill points.

As with all Lure gags, the Big Magnet does not do any damage. Instead, it lures all cogs, disabling them in the process or activating any Trap gags deployed before luring. It has a low accuracy of 60%. The duration of the lured cogs will last around three rounds. If grown on a tree and is organic, the accuracy of the gag increases to medium.

When first obtained, a toon can carry a maximum of five Big Magnets. After obtaining the Hypno Goggles, a toon can carry a maximum of fifteen Big Magnets.

Skill points

Previous level Next level
800 2000
The Lure track does not use the basic formula to determine the next increase in damage.

As a Lure gag, it deals no damage to cogs, therefore it does not increase in damage over the training progress nor does the accuracy increase.


  1. The toon using the gag will pull out a large red magnet and use a "pulling" motion near the cogs.
  2. If the gag misses, all non-lured cogs will remain in their positions. "MISSED!" will appear on-screen.
  3. If the gag works, all non-lured cogs will levitate forward with their arms up.
  4. The cogs softly land as the toon stops doing the "pulling" motion.
  5. The toon will put away the magnet after use.

Trading card

Main article: Magnet
Need a lure that works for sure? Why not pick one that's as attractive as you are? Magneto's Magnificent Magnets (featured in Magnanimous Magnet Magazine) are outstanding in their field (the magnetic field, that is!). Just ask Magnet Magnate, Magnus Magneto: "I've been making and manufacturing magnets for millions of months. Our modern models are marvels! An order of magnet-tude more magnificent!" In those rare cases when you want Cogs close to you, you too will be drawn to Magneto's Magnificent Magnets!


  • Its image shows the Big Magnet as a large blue magnet, but in the animation, the magnet is red. The trading cards also show the magnet as red, likely due to sharing its trading card with the Small Magnet.
  • It has a weaker counterpart, the Small Magnet.
  • It is a two-part gag, meaning the damage depends on the gag used with it.
  • According to the Chief Financial Officer trading card, he dislikes giant magnets, referring to the battle in which toons must use magnets to grab safes and toss it towards the Chief Financial Officer to deal damage.

In other languages

Language Name
FR French Gros aimant
ES Spanish ???
D German ???
BRZ Brazilian Portuguese Ímã grande
Japan Japanese ???
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