Big Wig
General information
Type: Lawbots
Lowest Level: 8
Highest Level: 12
Weakness: Storm Cloud
Preceded by:
Legal Eagle
Succeeded by:
Chief Justice
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You can't handle the truth.

–Big Wig

Big Wigs are the eighth cog on the corporate ladder of Lawbots. Their levels range from eight to twelve. They are building-only cogs unless there is an invasion.


Starting Phrases

  • "Don't brush me aside."
  • "You make my hair curl."
  • "I can make this permanent if you want."
  • "It looks like you're going to have some split ends."
  • "You can't handle the truth."
  • "I think it's your turn to be dyed."
  • "I'm so glad you're on time for your cut."
  • "You're in big trouble!"
  • "I'm going to wig out on you."
  • "I'm a big deal, little Toon."
  • "Court is in session."

Cog moves

Power Trip
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Target: All toons
Signature: No
Level: 8 9 10 11 12
Damage: 10 11 13 15 16
Finger Wag
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Target: One toon
Signature: No
Level: 8 9 10 11 12
Damage: 13 15 17 19 21

Throw Book

Throw Book was a cog move that was used by Big Wigs in the beta version of Toontown. It was removed before the game's public release. On the Big Wig trading card, the Big Wig is throwing a book at a toon in a courtroom. It could be a reference to this attack. The lawyers in the Chief Justice battle use a move similar to it.

Cog suit promotions

Big Wig
1780 2330 2880 3430 14400 1780 14400 1780 2330
2880 3430 14400 1780 2330 2880 3430 3980 4530
5080 5630 6180 14400 1780 2330 2880 3430 3980
4530 5080 5630 6180 14400 1780 2330 2880 3430
3980 4530 5080 5630 6180 14400Maxed
A yellow background indicates a laff boost.

Trading card

Have Gavel, Will Travel

Dislikes: Toons, Fair Trials

Likes: Throwing Books, Order in the Court


  • The cogs in the jury on the Big Wig's trading card are (from left to right) Robber Baron, Glad Hander, and Penny Pincher. The trading card also states that this cog's name is "The Big Wig," which is incorrect.
  • Big Wig wears the same suit as a Legal Eagle.
  • The starting phrase, "You can't handle the truth," is from the movie A Few Good Men.
  • Big Wig's weakness is the Storm Cloud because it makes their hair frizzy. [Citation Needed »]
  • On the trading card, a Toon is being trialed and is threatened by the Big Wig throwing a book.
    • This likely refers to the cog move "Throw Book", which was removed from the final game, yet is still mentioned on the trading card.
  • On the cog wallpaper of Toontown, their hands are very small for their body size.
  • Big Wig has the weakest power trip of all the cogs that have it, because it only does 16 damage when it is level 12.

Name of origin

A "Big Wig" is a slang word for saying someone who is important under the law.

Language Name
FR French Chouffleur[1]
ES Spanish El influyente[2]
D German Großkotz[3]
BRZ Brazilian Portuguese Figurão [4]
Japan Japanese ビッグホワイト[5][6]


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