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Billy Budd
Billy Budd
Physical description
Gender: Male
Species: Duck
Color: Sea Green
Building: Billy Budd's Big Bargain Binnacle Barn
Street: Barnacle Boulevard
Area: Donald's Dock
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Billy Budd is an NPC toon working in Billy Budd's Big Bargain Binnacle Barn on Barnacle Boulevard in Donald's Dock.

Billy Budd's Annual Fishing Tournament

Billy Budd is the host of the Billy Budd's Annual Fishing Tournament (not to be confused with Melville's fishing tournament on April).

In September 2012, Billy Budd hosted another fishing event that ran from September 14 to September 16. The top twenty toons who caught the most fish per fishing rod each day won a Fishing Boot Shirt.[1]

Trading card

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Main article: ToonTask:+2 laff/Billy Budd

Billy Budd also offers a ToonTask with a reward of a +2 point laff boost.


  • Billy Budd is the title character in a novella written by Herman Melville. 



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