• King Barney Twiddlephooey

    I was on toontown the other day in a building fighting some cogs and some person used lure and strangly when i used a drop gag the next turn it hit and defeated the cog does anyone have an idea why this happened?

    oh yea and i did not use any glitches that day! thanks guys

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  • ToontasticToon212

    What a sweet week! Double jellybeans keep pouring in from Fishing, Toon Parties, and playing all Trolley Games. But remember - Jellybean Week ends at midnight Friday, June 14 (Toontown Time).

    Fill your bean bank for a sweet summer, and jump into the jellybean fun today - there's still time to host or go to Toon Parties for extra beans too! Find out by clicking here.

    How are YOU spending all your extra beans?

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  • King Barney Twiddlephooey

    Im writing this to reassure anyone who is kinda or realy afraid of the teleport bots. They used to get you banned but they dont anymore my toon is living proof. Their just there to take people to places they wont keylog you they wont steal your info your absolutly fine dont be afraid of them its fine! Comment if you have any feed back!

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  • Dragonian King

    Weird Happenings

    June 11, 2013 by Dragonian King

    Okay, something really weird happened to me on ToonTown... So, I was on Pajama Place during a Tightwad invasion, and all of a sudden, I saw a Level 10 Two-Face walking down the street. How is this possible?

    1. It's weird in itself that there was a Level 10 Two-Face in the street. I know that Field Offices CAN however raise the maximum level of Sellbots in the street one, so that might be the answer.
    2. But why was there a Two-Face during a Tightwad invasion? It couldn't of been because of it came out of a building, the invading cogs always come out of Cog Buildings.

    So what happened?

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  • Jessjune7312

    Hi everyone! Welcome to Cog Central!

    I'm Henry,the head of Cog Central.

    Let's build our own cogs!

    Brianna,what cog would you like to build?

    What about Flunky?

    OK,Let's start with the feet.

    Then,the legs.

    Then,the pelvis.

    Then,the fingers and the hands.

    Then,the arms.

    Then,the neck.

    Finally,the head.

    See you next time on Cog Central with building a Pencil Pusher!

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  • Mattgelo

    Hello everyone! I will show you how to take .png images.

    1. You must have Google Chrome. (If you don't have Google chrome, download it here).

    2. You must have Screen Capture. (If you don't have it, download it here).

    3. Open up Disney's Toontown Online and Google Chrome.

    4. Log in your Toontown account.

    5. Wait for Toontown to load.

    6. Select a toon you would like to play.

    7. Press the buttons Ctrl+Alt+P.

    8. Press OK to take the picture.

    9. Open Google Chrome.

    10. Save your Toontown .png screenshot and enjoy it!

    Mattgelo (talk) (contributions) 04:27, June 9, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Mattgelo

    Jellybean Week starts today and lasts all the way through June 14!
    Toons earn DOUBLE jellybeans Fishing and in all Trolley Games too.

    And to make this week double-sweet, you earn DOUBLE jellybean awards in Toon Parties all week long too. 

    You can find tips on hosting or attending a jelly-errific Toon Party here.

    Get your Jellybean Shirt or Doodle shirt in this week's Cattlelog, and burst your bean bank!

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  • Marceline the Moshling Princess

    Ok, so there's this glitch that can make you fly. Follow these steps:

    1. Go to your estate and stand on any fishing dock.

    2. Click CANCEL, then turn around.

    3. Fall backwards and click ESC while falling.   DON'T CLOSE BOOK OR THIS WONT WORK!!

    4. Go to Map and click ' Back to Playground '

    5. Run right after you click back to playground. AND VOILA!  

    This works and it's pretty cool. If you tp to somebody who's doing the out of house glitch, it's pretty cool. Bored... so I just posted this. xD

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  • Theevina

    The notebook mystery

    June 5, 2013 by Theevina

    I was cleaning out my room today and ran into this notebook. I remember getting it a few years back. I don't know when or why but I wanted to put something about it on the wiki.

    Then I ran into a problem. I can't find any information about this notebook anywhere that I search! Has anyone else received this or have any information about it? Please let me know. I don't think I ever won a contest because I never entered one.

    Thank you.

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  • Abuddyman


    June 5, 2013 by Abuddyman

    I want to be admin...

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  • Flower1470

    For this month's Top Toon, I had a hard time trying to pick users to nominate. I hope everyone is okay with my choices.

    Every month, a few users will be nominated for their hard work around the wiki. Those users will be put in a poll. The user with the most votes at the end of the month becomes Top Toon!

    Everyone who becomes Top Toon gets an epic, italicized purple-colored username, as well as the right to use that awesome Top Toon template!

    Now, on to the nominees!

    Loving77, with 50 votes! Congrats!!

    Remember: No campaigning! This simply means that the nominees cannot tell other people to vote for them. Everyone who does campaign will be automatically disqualified.

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  • WilburStorm


    June 1, 2013 by WilburStorm

    Hey guys, I've been thinking long and hard about this decision, but I made my choice.

    I'M COMING BACK! Yes, it's true. I have also been trying to get on ToonTown again, but nothing much is new and most of my friends are gone.

    But, I'm still coming back! 

    Pinkie Dash! 04:26, June 1, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Bermuda

    Toontown turns ten this Sunday, June 2nd!
    To celebrate this Toontastic occasion, we invite ALL Toons to enjoy some cake on us... well, the cakecake's actually on you. On your shirt, that is!

    The party kicks off this Sunday with Toon Trooper jellybean madness! Troopers TEO, TYCHO, TABITHA, TRAVIS and TERRY will crash public Parties with loads of jellybean treats this Sunday, June 2 from 10am - 11am, and 1pm - 2pm, and again at 4pm - 5pm! (all times Pacific Time)

    Host your own Toontastic anniversary party, and don't miss Clarabelle's all-new Ten-tastic Party Hat in the Cattlelog - the perfect party pairing for your anniversary shirt!

    Wear your Toontown anniversary shirt with pride, Toons - a perfectly kooky kickoff to a sweet summer in Toontown. Toons of the Wor…

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  • Muse975

    I thought it would be cool to have fishermen at every toon's estate.  I've recently tried to catch a Holey Mackerel at my estate (its one of the few places they are found), and I find it tedious to go back and forth between my estate and playground to sell fish.  It would be really great if there would be a fisherman at your estate.  I mean, they don't really live anywhere.  They just stand there and take the fish you want to sell.  That's my idea.  Hope you like it!

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  • Mattgelo

    Thanks to all turbo-charged Toons put the pedal to the metal competing in the Grand Prix Weekend. Four days of rip-roaring racing at Goofy Speedway zoomed right by! 

    All races and finish times are currently under review to find our winners – the speediest Grand Prix Toons!

    The top twenty-five fastest Toons with legitimate qualifying times in each of the four circuits,each day of the Grand Prix event, will be announced soon in an upcoming issue of Toon News… For the Amused! 

    Once the list posts, our lightning-fast winners will receive the all-new racing outfit in their Toon mailbox!

    But first up, stay Tooned for the Acorn Acres MiniGolf winners in this Friday's new Toon News… For the Amused!

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  • PisceanOx1997

    There's a moon, and I think it's unused and they tried to hide it, it's looks like a day/night cycle for your toon estate that was scraped. What if they add it for their 10th anniversary?

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  • Jophiel18

    Attenion Toons! We've got to get rid of Bloodsuckers! Black Cats are brave!

    Coming soon

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  • Jophiel18

    Toons have 5 days left before Number Crunchers crunch thier numbers

    Just count for Gags!

    Here are the results

    1. Level 5
    2. Level 7
    3. Level 9
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  • Cpwebkinzpop

    Hi everyone. I'm pretty new to this wiki, despite the fact that I love ToonTown. I thought I'd start off by making a blog post based on Teleportation Toons, forgive me if there already has been one.

    Basically, in each playground, there is a specific spot that you have to stand in. Currently, I only know of two; Sellbot HQ and The Brrrgh. Then, say the SpeedChat phrase, "Meet here." (Please note that all in speech marks must be in SpeedChat.) Then, somebody will teleport to you, but beware, these people who teleport to you are hackers. Their names begin with Crazy and are followed by one other word. They have very low laff, around 15. They say "Please be my friend!" and if you add them, they say "Where shall we go?" And you would reply like …

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  • Jophiel18

    Monkey wins the election They are the first place because of the high levels! Here are the places of the Monkeys

    Monkey Wins of 39% percentages and beats Bear of 21% and Pig of 14%!

    There are building more Monkeys to turn these Cogs to off!

    See the Talk of the Town to find more!

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  • Flower1470

    Spring event May-nia races to the finish line with the silly spills and thrills of Toontown's Grand Prix Weekend!

    Grand Prix Weekend starts this Saturday, May 25 and runs through Tuesday, May 28. ALL Toons – Members and Free – may compete in the Grand Prix event!

    To enter this weekend, you’ll first need tickets to get into the Grand Prix. Zip over to Goofy's Speedway and start getting in your practice laps for tickets today! Then head to any Toon Battle race starting block to enter one of the circuits from Saturday through Tuesday.

    There are four Grand Prix circuits to race -- two regular and two reverse -- to qualify in the event.

    The top 25 fastest Toons with legitimate qualifying times in each circuit - each day - win an all-new Grand Prix raci…

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  • Theevina

    Unused file cleaning

    May 21, 2013 by Theevina

    I don't know if I've talked about this before or not. Forgive me if I have.

    There is a list of files I like to work on:

    I regularly like to go through and delete the files that are not being used by any page. Ok, I might not be sure how many people actually search for existing files. Mostly it seems everyone just likes to upload new ones. But I want to have at least a degree of control over what files there are on the wiki. Call me crazy...

    So what I want to say is this: If there's something on that list that you want then use it on a page before it's gone.

    I will not delete images used in templates or badges. For some reason those also appear on the list.

    There's a lot of little toon face icon…

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  • Muse975

    Despite the name, this is regarding battle with Toons Hit and Cogs Miss.  I think it would be a great idea, and hopefully you think so too.  What if, figuratively speaking, when you use a Toons Hit i.e. Soggy Nell, you get an extra turn?  I noticed and have commented on Toontown what the point is of using a Toons Hit when it gets all the toons, even yourself, and you dont have a chance to use an actual gag?  I propose that when you go to your SOS Toons and you click a Toons Hit, it shows up in the square where is says what gag, SOS, etc. you're using and this appears: / Then it goes back to your gag screen and you choose a gag to use.  That way, when Soggy Nell comes out and does the toons hit on you, you yourself will have a chance to use…

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  • Muse975

    So, I was playing Toontown a few days ago, and although I LOVE the places your able to go (I mean really, who doesn't like DG and DDL?), I thought it would be a great idea to be able to have more playground from different Disney made shows or those from neighboring networks, like Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon.  For example, there could be a Bedrock playground in honor of the Flintstones, or there could be a playground with a Courage the Cowardly Dog them.  I don't know, just throwing out ideas for playgrounds.  Also, these new areas could have more powerful cogs, like introducing building-only cogs that start at level 9 and go to level 13.  I thought it would be a pretty sweet idea.  Comment if you think so as well! ~Muse! :)

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  • ToontasticToon212

    Thank you to all Toons who took a swing in this past week’s Acorn Acres Invitational!

    For five frantic days of madcap minigolf, Toons sank scores of hole-in-one shots on the fairway. Those scores are still being counted up, and winners will be announced soon!

    Minigolf winners with the most “holes-in-one” will be posted soon in an upcoming issue of Toon News… For the Amused! The all-new golfing outfit prize will be awarded at that same time. Stay Tooned!

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  • Prof. Bert Dizzycrumbs

    If you ever see any of my toons in Toontown, say I know you from the Toontown wiki. :)

    ~Bert :)

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  • Marceline the Moshling Princess

    BREAKING NEWS! Doctors have found out, if you play TT, you'll live longer and have ( i dont care about spelling) Overall Enthusiam, Overall Enthusiam, Overall Enthusiam, YEEEHAWW! ANYWAYS, 9\10 ToonTown doctors agree.

    JUST KIDDING!!! But seriously, is anybody else trying to win the new golf outfit? I got 10 holes in ones and I dont have it. 

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  • CatalinMetro

    So cool! Fedora is my favorite one.

    woohoo all Toons this month will be so stylish

    Yay!! May accessories came out! I can't choose a favorite. They're all fun-filled accessories! Toon-tastically Toony! Don't forget to be Toon Enough!!

    this is so awesome i love the jamboree horn hat

    Looking forward to all the silly accessories, Toontown!

    Cool! I love the new accessories!

    Cool! Cant wait to get the cattlelog! My favorite is the Dragon Wings ;)

    Yay I am Happy about that! i missed these accessories! WOOOHOOOOO :D

    Cool! I can't have any though cause I'm not a member. But I hope I might be one soon!

    Omg, I love the rainbow bow and the butterfly wings! I have some May accessories and I'll get some more. May accessories are the best accessories ever!

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  • ToontasticToon212

    ATTENTION, TOONS: Due to Friday's log in issues, the Acorn Acres Invitational has been extended an extra day. The minigolf challenge now runs through Tuesday, May 14!

    Our annual Acorn Acres Invitational begins this Friday, May 10 and runs through Monday, May 13!

    Members are invited to play Chip ‘n Dale’s MiniGolf to try and sink the most “holes-in-one” on the course of their choice during one of those four days.

    The 40 Toons with the MOST “holes-in-one” on each course - each day - during the minigolf tournament win a Toontastic new golfing outfit! See the all-new minigolf outfit prizes (shirt, with shorts for boys, and skirt for girls) in Toon News... For the Amused inside Toontown this Friday.

    See you in Acorn Acres this weekend, and good gol…

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  • Cool Candy

    Toontown App

    May 8, 2013 by Cool Candy

    Hello Fellow Toons. Since apps became a "thing" ive always wondered why no one has created a toontown app. There are thousands of apps but none of which are toontown. Why is that? i dont know and i really want to find out. In this App there could be Mini games. For  Example: Toon Escape, Race Game, Toon Slingshot, Catching Game, Maze game. These are all fun games played by toons each day, so why not have them on the go? They Could be multiplayer. And Also Could be available on the Itunes app store and Galaxys Playstore.I know if i knew how to make such an app i would, but im not gifted in such ways. Well Leave your comments Down below! Bye!

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  • Mattgelo

    I made 1000 edits!

    May 5, 2013 by Mattgelo

    Hello, Wikians! Today is a happy day because I reached 1,000 edits! I'm so glad today! Thanks, and have a nice day!

    Mattgelo (talk) (contributions) 12:44, May 5, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Mattgelo

    Operation: Storm All Cogs

    Members Only No
    Free Items Operation: Storm All Cogs Shirt
    When August 2014
    Where Everywhere
    Mascots None

    Hello! This is Mattgelo, making my 1st custom party/event blog post! My 1st custom party is Operation: Storm All Cogs!

    The cogs are attacking the whole Toontown playgrounds. The Boss cogs plan to take over Disney's Toontown Online, and that made many toons angry. The toons must defeat all the cogs so that the whole Toontown playgrounds will be clean.

    1. Go to any Cog headquarters.
    2. Talk to Flippy. He will tell you to enter the headquarters of the responding Cog headquarters you are in.
    3. Battle all the cogs in the battle area.
    4. Destroy the Boss Cog of each responding cog type.
    5. When the battle is over, you will be redirecte…

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  • ToontasticToon212

    Clarabelle's wacky accessories for May are starting to hit Toons' Cattlelogs this weekend - including some of the silliest accessories under the sun for summer! Tons of Toon favorites like the stylish fedora, futuristic goggles, feather headband, and gag attack pack make a kooky comeback. Speaking of backpacks, butterfly, bird, and dragon wings really let the fun fly!

    Or start your own sunny street parade as a "one-Toon-band" wearing the jamboree hat with jamboree pack and let the summer silliness soar!

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  • Muse975

    I think it would be a great idea to have teleportation access to the Cog Headquarters when you complete your cog suit for that area.  For example, when you finally complete your Sellbot suit, you would be able to teleport to the pit in the center of the Sellbot HQ lobby.  Same thing with Cashbot HQ, Lawbot HQ and Bossbot HQ.

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  • Flower1470

    Melville thanks all Toons who cast a line during the past four fin-tastic days of fishing! After Melville tallies up all the fish reeled in, and throws out the old boots (especially the ones he caught), we’ll announce the winners.

    Winners will be posted in next week's new issue of Toon News... For the Amused! Melville's all-new pool shark shirt prize will be awarded at the same time the water-logged winners are announced.

    Look for it all soon, inside Toontown!

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  • Cool Candy

    Hello toontown this is Cool Candy! Im starting to feel really bad for Toons that have 75 or less laff and want to Vp. So I want to start a little Group.. I guess you could say it's like the "cold callers guild" but in some ways it's different. If you're tired of getting pushed away from higher toons then this is the perfect group that will help you. If you ever see me Cool Candy Dizenwoof. Or a Miss Lollipop ( who is a purple mouse with 105 laff ) then ask us to help you with anything and we will it doesn't matter what it is. It could be with Training, Bullions coins, or Dollars. And factory's or with toontasks and building. We will help you. So if you ever see us then you feel free to ask. We are mainly in Summit or river but if you want …

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  • Flower1470

    It's that time of the month again! Who's ready for another fun round of voting?!

    Every month, a few users will be nominated for their hard work around the wiki. Those users will be put in a poll. The user with the most votes at the end of the month becomes Top Toon!

    Everyone who becomes Top Toon gets an epic, italicized purple-colored username, as well as the right to use that awesome Top Toon template!

    Now, on to the nominees!

    • Flower1470
    • FlyingSquirrel192
    • ToontasticToon212

    Flower1470, with 73 votes!!
    Thank you all so much!! :'D

    Starting this month, a new rule will be in effect: No campaigning! This simply means that the nominees cannot tell other people to vote for them. Everyone who does campaign will be automatically disqualified.

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  • Powerpal52

    They should start like an operation of what the title says! It takes a long time to promote from The Brrrgh and into Donalds Dreamland. Even then, it would still take a while to get your Lawbot and Bossbot suits. So why not make each boss easier for lower toons? Add a laff limit like no toon under 64 laff can enter the CFO.

    Hope you think this is a good idea! Probably turn out to be a fail if they do it.


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  • Mattgelo

    It's time for our Toontastic spring events - and that ol' sea horse Captain Melville starts it off with a splash!

    Melville challenges all Toons to enter his annual Fishing Tournament this weekend: Friday, April 26 - Monday, April 29.

    Catch the most fish in a 24-hour period any day of the Tournament using one of the following fishing rods: twig, bamboo, wood, steel or gold. Any pond will do – including the one at your very own Estate.

    The top 20 Toons who catch the most fish per rod - each day - win Melville's all-new Fishing Tournament prize. Read this Friday's Toon News... For the Amused inside Toontown to see this year's new prize!

    ALL Toons are welcome to cast a line in this challenge. If you're not a Member, your twig fishing rod works too. Good …

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  • PisceanOx1997

    You can't delete them completely so why not give them to your friends? It may be something you don't want anymore or something that your friend wants that's not in the cattlelog. These won't be giftable(I'm not sure why you'd give them away anyway) Wardrobe, Bank, Telephone, and Accessory Trunk.

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  • PisceanOx1997

    What if at some point you want to be a different color after you make your toon? You can do it in CP so why not in toontown? This is kinda bland compared to my other posts.

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  • Maurocks

    hi there wiki users

    April 23, 2013 by Maurocks

    welcome i of course play toontown and this website helps me get facts on toontown its like a school well this is my page and so welcome

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  • Mattgelo

    Whether darting around Cogs in Daisy Gardens, or dashing all the way to Donald’s Dreamland to finish a ToonTask, Toons are zooming through Toontown! 

    The Silly Meter’s last super surge of silliness that turned Toon feet faster also burned out that kooky contraption’s Slaphappy Safety Valve. But not to worry – the Toon Scientists already have the Silly Meter back in Loony Labs and under repair.

    In the meantime, let us know how YOU are enjoying this zippy new Toon-up to Toontown!

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  • Marceline the Moshling Princess

    First off, if anybody thinks that this is actually counted as a real vote, LEAVE NOW. It even said that in name.

    Ok. So IF this was a real vote for the next toon animal, I wanted to see what would win. Ok, so pick one of the following animals:

    LION ( Looks like a cat, except bigger and has a mane. If your a female, you can choose Lioness if you want .

    GOAT ( It's a goat. How can I even explain it? )

    HAWK ( This one is actually pretty cool. You can actually FLY over TT. It shows you a bird's eye view )

    Ok. So answer by April 25 and I'll pick what animal wins. I'm gonna count my vote.  I PICK HAWK!!!!

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  • ToontownHuskies

    My toontown!

    April 19, 2013 by ToontownHuskies
    • Hi I am Huskies on toontown,

    I like doing cog buildings,hq's,etc.

    and i am a blogger lol 

    feel free to ask questions.

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  • Mattgelo

    Hello! Today I'm showing you a tracker to track the Cog Invasions. It's called the Toontown Invasion Tracker. The tracker's website is located here. Here are the links to go to:

    • Home
    • User and System Safety
    • FAQ
    • Create an Account
    • Download
    • Invasion Table
    • Invasion log
    • Guestbook
    • Info for Developers
    • Mini Invasion Table (requires the Java Applet)

    If you haven't signed up, sign up here. Thanks, and enjoy using the Toontown Invasion Tracker while playing Disney's Toontown Online!

    Mattgelo (talk) (contributions) 07:30, April 16, 2013 (UTC)

    NOTE: This will get you banned, so only USE IT WHEN YOU NEED IT.

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  • ToontasticToon212

    Toon Resistance reports are confirmed: numerous Number Crunchers invade Toontown today!

    Every year, those calculating Number Crunchers get extra hungry on April 15th. We're not sure why, but we are sure that their multiplying numbers always add up to a lot of trouble!

    Toons, stand up and be counted – don’t let those crunching Cashbots divide and crunch our numbers!

    For invasion times and Safe Zones, see the Toon Resistance report in the new Toon News... For the Amused! inside Toontown.

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  • Mattgelo

    Hello! I have a question. Do you think the Toontown Wiki shall have new changes? Reply in the comments below!

    • New forums
    • Protect the wiki by 'view source' mode so that the main page will not be edited by standard users (including TeeHeea1778)
    • Added by (your username) on pictures
    • Make new templates such as the FAOTM template, Page Under Construction template and others.

    Thanks, and have a good time guys!

    Mattgelo (talk) (contributions) 04:50, April 14, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Oshawott497

    I'm Back!

    April 13, 2013 by Oshawott497

    Hey guys. How are you doing? I've been doing good. Just to tell you guys...

    I'm back on the Wiki. Gosh I missed you guys ;_;

    And when I came back, I found out badges were enabled again. But I may not come on all that much anymore. I'll usually comment on Blog posts to make sure I stay active. I don't really mind having the Chat here, but I'll let the admins do what they want :P

    Otherwise, I got sick of my old icon, gosh, that face was creeping me out ._. So, I changed it to one of my personal favorites. You can say it's cute if you'd like.

    Also, I may continue with the ducks in dresses. I'll also be visiting others pages to see how they're doing :)

    Well, basically that's all I needed to say.

    Quick note: I still haven't played Toontown in awhile.…

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  • ToontasticToon212

    As April Toons speeds to a close today, the Silly Meter drops one more silly surprise with help from those inventive Toon Scientists.

    While studying the Silly Meter's wild warping of weight during April Toons' Week, Toon Scientists tinkered with the goofy gravity in Toontown ever so slightly. The result? From now on, all Toons run with a bit more zip!

    Toons may need that extra speed soon, to dodge and evade grabby Cogs. The Toon Resistance calculates that Cogs seem to be growing in numbers. Dash into Toontown now to speedily stock up on as many gags as you can this weekend...

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