• Bermuda

    Toontastic Thanks to YOU!

    September 19, 2013 by Bermuda

    Before the final pie flies this Thursday, September 19 at noon, the Toon Council wishes to say a great big thank you to... YOU!
    Each and every one of you made Toontown the wackiest, splattiest online world possible.
    You are all truly Toontastic!

    We hope you enjoyed every madcap moment this last month – from a goofy Silly Meter to hilarious holidays ("I was a black cat!" -Flippy), from free play to Toontastic new codes, items, and fireworks! And, yep, even battling those cranky contraptions *SPLAT!* the Cogs.
    If there's one thing Toons don't do, it's go sad, and we hope these last wacky weeks of fun and surprises leave you with Toontastic memories full of Laff for years to come!

    Before noon on Thursday (Toontown Time), do not forget to print out your…

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  • Flower1470

    Black Cat Friday!

    September 17, 2013 by Flower1470

    This CATastrophic Friday the 13th is having purrfectly weird effects on the Silly Meter...

    Every Toon who jumps into Toontown this Friday, September 13th is *poof* a BLACK CAT all day long! (ulp - even Flippy!)

    With the Silly Meter on the blink, there's no telling what size or shape black cat you will be – just jump in and test your luck this Friday the 13th to see!

    Don't miss meowt – head into Toontown this Friday the 13th for a black cat blast of craziness!

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  • The Tide and Seeker

    Those Cogs just can't let us Toons "brie" - now they're bringing out their big boss Bossbots for one last try to takeover Toontown in a Big Cheese Squeeze!

    Watch it, Toons! These mechanical Muensters are second only to the CEO and can be *pheww* quite strong. The Big Cheese invaders will try to wedge themselves into Toontown this Monday, September 16 and Tuesday, September 17 at these times both days:               3am - 6am         10am - 1pm         5pm - 8pm     (all Pacific Time)

    Just in queso you'd like to miss the Bossbot invasions altogether, you'll be GRATEful to know these Districts are cleared into safe zones:

    Crazy Grove Gigglyfield

    Giggly Hills Goofy Valley

    Silly Valley Zany Acres

    Toons of the World Unite, and let's show these cheesy Cogs who's…

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  • Flower1470

    Cold Callers Come A-Callin'

    September 11, 2013 by Flower1470

    BRRR-ring! That's the call of the most chilling of Cogs – the Cold Caller!

    The unseasonably wacky winter weather seems to be calling forth these frosty fellows in force. Invading Cold Callers plan to put Toontown in a deep freeze on Wednesday, September 11 and Thursday, September 12 at these times (all Pacific Time):

    • 2am - 5am
    • 12pm - 3pm
    • 6pm - 9pm

    If you'd like to avoid the icy invaders altogether, the Resistance Rangers have melted these Districts into safe zones:

    • Crazy Grove
    • Gigglyfield
    • Giggly Hills
    • Goofy Valley
    • Silly Valley
    • Zany Acres  

    The Toon Resistance recommends keeping your Squirting Flower gags thawed out and ready. After all, water melts ice and rusts robot parts!

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  • Flower1470

    After accidentally knocking the Silly Meter into spooky mode, Goofy took a whack at fixing the kooky contraption today – and whacked Toontown right into a week of winter wackiness!

    Toontown's now decked out in colorfully cheery decorations and Clarabelle’s Cattlelog is filling with even more merry clothing, accessories, and festive furnishings to decorate your Estate. Even Parties go from silly to chilly with a dusting of snow, candy, and ribbon – plus the Present Catching Game and Reindeer Doodles!

    All wintry week, plop a snazzy Snowman head on your Toon by singing holiday carols to six special shopkeepers in Toontown. To find the six shopkeepers you need to visit, just figure out the puzzle by clicking here!

    You need to sing just one of your Caro…

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  • Flower1470

    Who let Goofy near the Silly Meter's Slaphappy Safety Valve??

    Looks like that dippy dog accidentally knocked the Silly Meter into some kind of spooky mode – get set for a week of hauntingly haywire holiday hijinks!

    Bats, scarecrows, jack o' lanterns, and all kinds of goofy ghoulies have materialized around the streets of Toontown! Even your own Toon Estate hosts hilariously haunted decorations this week. Spooky clothing and other items for your Estate are also creeping into the Cattlelog as we speak – including these kooky costumes: Toonosaurus, PirateToon, SkeleToon, Vampire, Bee, Turtle, and SuperToon!

    Costume up and Trick-or-Treat this week for jellybeans, and a Jack-O-Lantern for a head! Here’s how:

    • Get the “Trick or Treat!” SpeedChat phrase…

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  • Bermuda

    Toon Scientists will soon have everyone's favorite kooky contraption the Silly Meter chugging away in Toon Hall to make Toontown's final madcap month as wacky as can be!

    While you're enjoying free access to every loony Laff in Toontown this month, along with fireworks and double jellybeans, Toons can expect low gravity Estates and talking Doodles to begin any minute - and stay Tooned for other hilarious hijinks too!

    The Silly Meter has already produced an all-new shirt to celebrate everything Toontastic about Toontown, and ALL Toons can get it using Professor Prepostera's favorite word:

    Just go to your Shticker Book, and click the light switch button. Enter the code GADZOOKS on the Enter A Code page - wait a few minutes - and your Toontastic Toontown s…

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  • Bermuda

    Attention, Toons:
    Toontown Online will be closing on September 19, 2013. From now until September 19, 2013, ALL Toons can enjoy the full unlimited fun of Toontown – from shopping the Cattlelog, wearing accessories, battling the toughest Cogs, visiting all Neighborhoods, hosting Toon Parties, and more!

    Thank you for making Toontown the biggest, wackiest, splattiest online world it can be. You are all Toontastic!

    To learn more about Toontown Online closing click here, or visit our Toontown Closing FAQs for even further information.

    Be sure to keep checking the news here in Toon HQ for up-Toon-the-minute news on all the Toontastic activities and kooky celebrations coming your way during Toontown’s final weeks – like fireworks kicking off Double Jellybea…

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  • Flower1470

    You would be silly not to redeem these special summer codes for two Toontastic treats!

    "What codes?" you say? In case you were trapped in a Sellbot HQ all summer, here are two Toontastic codes courtesy of the Toon Council and Resistance Rangers:

    SWEET - Redeem to max your bean bank with 12,000 jellybeans!
    SUNBURST - Redeem for an all-new sunny summer shirt!

    If you haven't already enjoyed these codes, then just go to your Shticker Book, and click the light switch button. Enter the code on the Enter A Code page - wait a few minutes - and your Toontastic reward delivers right to the mailbox at your Toon Estate.

    Some important reminders on the SWEET code: You may redeem this sweetly silly code once for every Toon on your account!

    If you already have…

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  • Mattgelo

    Toon-up Round Up

    August 12, 2013 by Mattgelo

    When the Toon Council enlisted help from Toon Scientists, Party Planners, and the Toon Resistance to "Toon-up" your fun in Toontown, the results were Toontastic!

    Faster, zippier Toons! 
        Nutty new Street M.A.P.S.!
             Party planning perfected!
               Quicker Cogs battles with more rapid rewards!

    If you haven't already, jump in and try out these Toontastic improvements!
    Which Toon-up do YOU like best so far?

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