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January 4, 2010: Thanks for a Great Winter Holiday!

The Toon Council would like to thank the Toons of Toontown for such a great Winter Holiday! We hope everyone enjoyed the holiday lights all over town and our brand-new holiday activity -- Toon Caroling. It was so much fun seeing all of the crazy Toons running around with snowman heads!

Plus, the New Toon Year is here, and we hope everyone enjoyed the fireworks as much as we did! From the looks of how busy it was, Toons were also having a blast with the Top Toons New Year's Day Marathon. Thanks for making New Year's Day so much fun! Stay Tooned to see which Toons are the winners of an exclusive shirt for their Toon. What was your favorite part of Winter Holiday?

January 21, 2010: New Toontown Website Coming Soon

Big changes are coming and we are really excited to share the news with you. The Toontown website is getting a Toon-up -- and a Toony one at that!

Get ready for a whole new site -- and be sure to leave a comment and tell us what you think!

January 29, 2010: Who Do You Play With?

What's more fun than a barrel of Toons? TWO barrels of Toons!

The more the merrier when it comes to Toontown, whether you play with friends or family, in the same room, across town, or around the world. So tell us: Who do YOU play Toontown with? Send your comments to and be sure to include your name, city/state, Toontown account name, and your Toon name in your reply!

January 29, 2010: We Want Your Fan Art!

Calling all Toontown artists! We have a brand new Fan Art section where you can view art created by players just like you.

Better yet, submit your own Toontown-themed art and show everyone that you are Toon enough!

Toon Artists of the World Unite!

January 29, 2010: New Toontown Website!

Welcome to the super-Toontastic home of Toons everywhere -- the brand new Toontown website! We have updated the site from top to bottom, back to front, and all places in between with more Toon fun than a barrel of Toon-monkeys! (Which is a ton a fun, and we should know!)

Check out Toon HQ where you can read the latest news in the What's New blog and then tell us what you think in the comments section -- like right now! Peruse Fan Art made by players just like you and submit your own. Plus, share the glory with our daily display of amazing feats of Toon action with Top Toons. So check it out and let us know what you think.

Toons of the World Unite!


February 9, 2010: Happy ValenToon's Day

Toons can't stop grinning, Doodles seem to be happy ALL the time, and the Cogs are crankier than usual -- it must be ValenToon's Day!

From February 9 to February 16, Toons can celebrate friendship and joy with ValenToon-tastic Cattlelog items, and ValenToon-themed parties filled with fancy-full decorations! What are your plans for the holiday?

February 9, 2010: Tell Us What You Love to Do in Toontown

With ValenToon's Day coming up, tell us what you LOVE to do in Toontown! Are you sweet on throwing pies, or is it karts that make your heart race? Email us your favorites at: and be sure to include your name, city/state, Toontown account name, and your Toon name in your reply!

February 9, 2010: Toon News ... for the Amused!

The Toon Council is very excited to announce the release of our newest feature for Toontown -- the "Toon News ... for the Amused!" This is our brand-new way for you to keep up with everything going on. Each week you will receive a new issue packed with the latest news, events, and other fun stuff ... delivered right to your Toon inside of Toontown!

Checking the news is easy as pie! Use the Toon News icon (next to the Toon Friends panel) at the upper-right corner of your screen to open and close the news whenever you want. When you see the Toon News icon change to display a pair of Toon eyes, it means there is a new update just waiting for you to click on the icon and get the latest news!

So, what are you waiting for? Teleport into Toontown now to see what the Toon News is all about!

February 18, 2010: Thanks for a Great ValenToon's Day!

A giant Toon-sized thank you to everyone for making our ValenToon's Day celebration, well ... ValenToon-tastic!

We can't stop grinning from the all of the ValenToon parties that we attended. How did you celebrate ValenToon's Day in Toontown?

February 24, 2010: Relax with a Little Toon Fun

With the busy Toon holiday season behind us, we can really look forward to the important things in life, like relaxing -- and no one knows how to relax better than Toons!

As we ease into a new Toon year, the Toon Council wants to encourage all Toons to get out there and "relax" with some real Toon fun. Grab a few friends and race your karts, throw a Toon party or two, or even challenge them to a few rounds of minigolf. Plus, we want to know -- what's your favorite way to relax in Toontown?


March 3, 2010: Stupendously Silly Stories

This week in the "Toon News ... for the Amused!" our friends from Loony Labs are reminiscing about one of their most famous Toontown experiments -- the creation of the Automatic Banana Peeler. The results of which can be seen in Toon HQ.

Toontown is filled with all sorts of silly stories -- which are your favorites, and which would you like to know more about?

Cog Invasion Alert!

Toon HQ has heard rumblings of something on the horizon, and it sounds like the Cogs are up to their usual antics. "Beware, the ides of March are near ..."

Look out for Backstabbers!

Teleport into Toontown to read all about it in the latest issue of the "Toon News ... for the Amused!" But first, tell us what you think those crazy Cogs are up to?

March 17, 2010: Silly Spring Has Sprung!

If icicles are blooming in The Brrrgh, notes are singing in Melodyland, and ZZZ's are buzzing in Dreamland, it must be springtime in Toontown!

Spring is the silliest of seasons, and a perfect time to get outdoors for a little funny fishing in Donald's Dock (Melville has a tournament coming up!), ride the wacky geyser waters of Acorn Acres, or run the merry mazes of Daisy Gardens. How are you celebrating springtime in Toontown?

March 24, 2010: Happy April Toons' Eve!

When Toons everywhere are polishing their pies, buffing their banana peels, and shining their seltzer bottles, they must be getting ready for Toontown's most hilarious of holidays, April Toons' Week!

Tell us, how are you planning to celebrate this most unpredictable time of the year?

March 31, 2010: Happy April Toons' Week!

Happy April Toons' Week -- a holiday built by Toons for Toons! Join us from April 1 through April 7, as we celebrate the official holiday of Toontown!

During April Toons' Week, Toontown will become wackier than normal with lower gravity at your Estate making Toons jump higher, Doodles talking, a few surprises, and, wait ... Doodles talking?!!!

So grab your friends, or make new ones, and celebrate -- because it's April Toons' Week!


April 4, 2010: April Toons' Week is in Full Bloom!

Our crazy spring holiday - April Toons' Week - is in full bloom, so join us through April 7 for a prank-filled holiday created by Toons for Toons! Team up with family or friends, jump in to the game, and let the cream pies fly!

We want to hear your April Toons' Week stories. How have you been celebrating the wackiest Toontown holiday?

Thanks for a Wacky April Toons' Week!

Gravity was at an all-time low on the Estates. Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Daisy, Pluto, and Donald all pranked us by pretending to be somebody else. While Toons pranked other Toons -- and Cogs pranked other Cogs (well, one can hope, can't they?).

All of these mean only one thing -- this year's April Toons' Week was the wackiest yet! Thanks for making it so much fun!

Now that the wackiest week of the year has passed, what would you like to see for next year's April Toons' Week?

Acorn Acres April Invitational

Get ready for some minigolf mayhem this weekend. Members can compete for a chance to win an exclusive golf shirt for their Toon! The event begins Friday, April 16 and runs through Monday, April 19, for four full days.

Jump into Toontown and read the Toon News to learn all about it, and remember -- no mulligans allowed![1]

April 21, 2010: Jellybean Day!

Join us on Thursday, April 22 for the annual celebration of our favorite candy -- the jellybean! To celebrate this most noble day, we have doubled the jellybean awards in Toon Parties for one day only.

Party on, Toons! Now, Toons have even more reason to party -- Jellybean Day!

April 23, 2010: Toontown Toonification Project!

Thank you for an awesome Jellybean Day! We hope everyone had a great time! Now that this holiday has passed, you may notice that the Toon Council has done some sprucing up around town. A sort of street-wide Toon-up, one might say.

Are those new mailboxes in Donald's Dock? Fresh coats of paint on Daisy Gardens' trash cans? You bet! We call it the Toontown Toonification Project -- which is like "beautification," only Toonier! Funny how that works out, eh?

We are doing some spring cleaning, so, how about you? What are you doing to get ready for summer fun?

Fan Art Fun

Calling all Toontown artists! We have updated our Fan Art section with amazing new player creations. Check out the Toontastic new fan art now!

Better yet ... get inspired and submit your own Toontown-themed art and show everyone that you are Toon enough!

Toon Artists of the World Unite![2]

May 5, 2010: Ridiculous Record

The Toon Council is happy to announce that the previous 12 months in Toontown have been the silliest ever, according to the DDD (Department of Daffy Data). What could this mean?

Well it sounds pretty ridiculous to us, and you can read all about it in the "Toon News ... for the Amused!" Jump into Toontown now and check it out.

What do you think? Do you feel more silly lately? Let us know!

May 11, 2010: Toon Emotes Update

Toons can belly flop with pride once more! We have a game update coming to fix some Toon emote issues that have appeared up over the last few weeks. You were concerned, and we listened! These will be fixed in the game by Wednesday.

Belly-flopping Toons of the World Unite!

Play Toontown in your Web Browser!

We have just launched our brand-new web browser experience, which makes it even easier to play Toontown using Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari. Just follow these steps to get started:

1. Click the PLAY button and sign in.

2. Click the yellow bar at the top of your browser window and accept the installation.

3. Follow the onscreen instructions for the web browser you are using. The installation will start automatically, and only take a few minutes.

It's now even easier to play Toontown!

If you have questions, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions and be sure to let us know what you think![3]

Hydrant Hoopla Brings About Meter Mayhem

There is a whole lot of hoopla about a hydrant that appears to be moving on Silly Street in Toontown Central. The Toon Council is baffled as a trash can, and mailbox join in the fun. Our scientist friends from S.I.L.L.I. are on the case -- and you can jump into Toontown now to learn all about this exciting development in the latest issue of the Toon News!

What do you think this will mean for Toontown? Have you seen anything unusual lately? We want to hear about it!

Crazy Continues Climbing

The Silly Meter is chugging along, the rate of silly is climbing, and craziness is spreading through Toontown -- which means the Silly Surges are working! The town is coming to life, and it looks like there is more in store if we can keep these silly levels up!

Keep up the great work Toons, and let's keep the ridiculousness rising by going after those Cogs with gusto! Be sure to catch up with the latest on all of the silliness in this week's Toon News.

What is the highest Silly Surge you have made? Have you seen anything come to life? We want to hear your silly stories!

Game Updates Sour Sellbot V.P.

We have made some recent game updates which corrected an issue where the Sellbot V.P. was able to do more damage than usual during the battle, and while we know this sinister Cog is a threat -- this was getting out of hand!

We also hear that the Lawbot C.J. has gained some new "authority" and are looking into the situation, and will have an update soon. Stay Tooned!

Account Safety Reminder

A safe Toon is a happy Toon! We care about your safety, and encourage players to always be safe. An easy way is by never sharing your account information with anyone -- even if they are your friend, and promise to make your Toon stronger! Giving out your name or password is just not safe.

Another great way to play safe is to only play Toontown with the software provided for download at Using other programs to play Toontown (including hacks and macros) or modifying the Toontown software in any way is not permitted. Doing so can place your computer, and your Toons at risk, which can result in losing access to Toontown forever.

In case you didn't know, using other programs can interfere with gameplay for you, and lots of other Toons. This means the Toontown developers have to stop to fix these things instead of creating all those new, fun things to do in Toontown. Be a responsible Toon, and help keep Toontown a fun and safe place to play![4]

Game Updates to Chief Justice Encounter

We are happy to say that the recent issue Toons have been experiencing during the Lawbot HQ Chief Justice battle has been corrected. Toons can one once again tackle this lawless Lawbot, without taking extra damage when he flees to the judge's stand.

It's an injustice! It looks like the "Scales of Injustice" are balanced once again -- and we are sure the Chief Justice isn't too happy about it!

Hydrants on the Go!

Toontown Central has become one big hydrant hoedown! Thanks to all the Silly Surges that you Toons have been creating, all of the fire hydrants on the streets of Toontown Central have come to life! But this is just the beginning, now that we know how far a hydrant can go, what about the rest of the streets? Let's keep at it and see! Jump into this week's issue of "Toon News ... for the Amused!" to keep up with all things silly!

Hydrants are GO! Have you seen Silly Street yet? What do you think is going to happen next?

Waste Gets Wacky!

The garbage is gleeful in Daisy Gardens! Rubbish, you say? See for yourself -- the ever-rising silly levels have brought all the trash cans on the streets of Daisy Gardens to life, where they're so pleased they're flipping their lids! First a few objects started coming to life, then all the fire hydrants in Toontown Central ... now this?!! Check out this week's issue of "Toon News ... for the Amused!" to see just how far this silly will go!

Silly Trash Cans Trash cans flipping their lids? What could be crazier?

The Meter is Silly, but the Sounds ...

Toontown is getting sillier every day, and Toons are really loving the Silly Meter. But for some ... a visit to the Meter has been causing some silliness of an entirely different nature with the sound effects following Toons around town. To help, we have lowered the sound effects of the Silly Meter while we continue to work on correcting this issue. In the meantime, you can log out and back in again to stop the sounds from following your Toon or turn off sound effects in the Shticker Book's Options menu.

Silly Meter A visit to the Silly Meter, should be just that -- silly!

Mailbox Madness!

The fire hydrants are dancing in Toontown Central, the trash cans in Daisy Gardens are jumping for joy, and now every mailbox in Donald's Dock has come to life! Thanks to all the Silly Surges that you Toons have shipped the Cogs' way.

Plus, the Silly Meter is going crazy, and the big question is... what's next? Get the latest updates on all things silly in this week's issue of "Toon News... for the Amused!"

S.I.L.L.I. Predicts Zany Zenith!

As the Silly Meter has climbed higher and higher, the streets of Toontown have become more alive! The big brains at S.I.L.L.I. are predicting the Meter will reach the very top THIS SATURDAY! The question is -- HOW MUCH of Toontown's streets will come alive by then? The OTHER question is, WHEN on Saturday will this all happen? No one knows what time! NO ONe!

Plus, get an exclusive Loony Labs Atom T-shirt in Clarabelle's Cattlelog for the low, low price of one jellybean! Buy yours now while supplies last -- and show your love of Silly Science!

The Streets Come Alive!

The Silly Meter reached its peak on Saturday, at noon, Toontown Time -- when the whole thing went nuts with spinning dials, blasting whistles, and immense amounts of silliness! But that's not the big news... the BIG news is that every hydrant, trash can, and mailbox across Toontown came alive! All of them!!

Jump into Toontown to see all of the action, plus get your very own limited edition Silly Meter T-shirt! Check out the latest issue of the "Toon News... for the Amused!" for all of the silly details!

Cogs Invade While Hydrants Keep Them at Bay!

While the Toons are rejoicing over the silliness which has spread to all corners of Toontown, the Cogs have launched dastardly invasions to scare the silliness away. Their assaults are so grim and humorless it is actually working! The silly levels have dropped back down to what they were before the Meter was built, but thankfully our new friends have joined in the battle! That's right, the newly animated fire hydrants are helping Toons battle the Cogs!

Jump into Toontown and read all about it in this week's issue of the "Toon News... for the Amused!" and then help defend Toontown from these Cog invasions -- with a little help from our new silly friends!

UPDATE: Some of the districts that were declared invasion-free were still getting attacked by Cogs, so the Toon Resistance put up signs saying "COG INVASIONS THIS WAY===>," which successfully lured them out! The invasion-free zones are back in business!

Cog-Crusher Suit Now Available!

Are you a Toon who LOVES busting Cogs? If you said yes (and who wouldn't?!?), we have the outfit for you -- the COG-CRUSHER SUIT! It's a Clarabelle's Cattlelog specialty item, available for a limited time, and at the low-low price of ONE jellybean each for the top and bottom. Watch for your new Cattlelog update to buy yours today!

Have YOU purchased your Cog-Crusher suit yet?

June 21, 2010: Get Connected With an Exclusive Shirt for your Toon

Want to show the Cogs how connected you are to silliness? It's simple... go to your Shticker Book's Options & Codes page, and enter the code "Get Connected" in the new Enter Code page. Teleport back to your Estate and claim your prize -- a Limited Edition T-shirt for your Toon!

If you are new to Toontown, click here for details on how to get this exclusive shirt!

Most Cogs Defeated Tournament

With reports coming in from the Toon Resistance that the Cog invasions will reach their peak this weekend, we have extended our Most Cogs Defeated Tournament through Sunday, June 27. Now there's a silver lining to all of this Cog-induced gloom -- we have more exclusive prize shirts to give away!

How does it work? Simple, go out there and defeat Cogs, not just invading ones, but any Cogs that you see on the streets and in Cog Buildings in Toontown. The top 50 Toons who defeat the most Cogs each day during these Cog invasions will win an exclusive Most Cogs Defeated shirt for their Toon!

Cogs Keep Attacking, Toons Get Cracking (UP!)

The Cog invasions have continued, with waves of Head Hunters, Spin Doctors, Moneybags, Two-Faces, Name Droppers, Micromanagers, and Number Crunchers all doing their best to make Toontown the worst.

But what's the perfect antidote to their gloominess? How about dancing hydrants, garbage-juggling trash cans, and pie-delivering mailboxes helping Toons in battle? Check out the "Toon News... for the Amused!" to get the low down on this new addition to Toontown!

Cogs Kept at Bay, Toons Hooray!

The last Mr. Hollywood has been bankrupted, the final Robber Baron put out to pasture, the remaining Bigwigs have taken a powder, and the last Big Cheese has crumbled. The Cog invasions are over! With the help of the fire hydrants, trash cans, and mailboxes, the Toons have sent the Cogs packing... which means it's time to PARTY!

Read all about it in the latest issue of the "Toon News... for the Amused!"

Toontown Summer Fun is EXPLOSIVE!

Right now we're in full-blown FIREWORKS mode -- every hour, the skies above the playgrounds darken, then burst with color! (If you thought a Cog blowing up was the only pretty explosion, think again!) To get the best view, use PAGE UP to look up.

And speaking of your look, it would turn Toon heads if it featured the special "Fireworks" T-shirt, shorts, and skirts from the Cattlelog. Get yours today, because they'll be gone in a flash -- like fireworks!

Fireworks' Last Boom, as Victory Parties Loom!

As the final summer fireworks explode, it may seem like the merrymaking is over. But really it's just begun! NEXT WEEK will see the launch of VICTORY PARTIES, a celebration of the Toons' triumph over the two-week Cog Invasions!

Stay Tooned as we put the finishing touches on this Toontastic event, but one thing is sure... you'll get to play an exciting new game -- COG-O-WAR -- where two teams of Toons use pies to push dummy Cogs onto each others' turf! It's an insult to the Cogs that's bound to make them mad, and that makes Toons happy!

Perfect Trolley Games Weekend

We hope you have been practicing, because the time has come to test your skills with the Perfect Trolley Games Weekend! The fun starts today -- Friday, July 16 through Monday, July 19 -- for a full four days.

It's easy to enter -- just play as many Trolley Games as you can, and the top 20 Toons who achieve the most "perfect" Trolley Game scores, per neighborhood, per day of the event will win an exclusive Perfect Trolley Games shirt for their Toon!

Meet the Toon Troop

Be on the lookout for Victory Parties hosted by the TOON TROOP -- these are public events run by a branch of the Toon Council whose job is to make sure Toons have a great time!

And because Toon Troop parties are sponsored by the Toon Council, they've had all the stops pulled out!

July 21, 2010: Victory Parties are a Cause for Celebration!

Hey Toons! You just threw and lured and squirted and sounded and tooned-up and trapped and dropped your way through two weeks of Cog Invasions! What do you wanna do now? PARTY!

To celebrate the Toons' triumphant win over the Cogs, the Toon Council is proud to announce VICTORY PARTIES! Featuring our new multiplayer game Cog-O-War, new decorations, new guests, and new excitement, Victory Parties are all about making fun of those metal meanies! Check out this week's "Toon News... for the Amused!" to get the low down on all the fun!

July 23, 2010: Exclusive Victory Parties Cattlelog Items

Four new shirts just for Victory Parties featuring an angry Big Cheese, a casual "island theme," and the newly animated Mailboxes and Trash Cans have just been released.

What if you and two pals wore your Mailbox, Trash Can, and GET CONNECTED Fire Hydrant shirts together? That'd be friendly fashion fun! Get them now and see for yourself!

Toon Troop Parties

Want to know when and where the Toon Troop will be hosting parties? Join the party! But now, due to popular demand, the Toon Council is releasing the Toon Troop Victory Party schedule in advance, so you can plan your Cog-O-Warring and your Cog-busting at the same time!

You can find Victory Parties hosted by the Toon Troop daily between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Toontown Time, . That sure is a lot of Victory Parties, so be sure to join one and tell the Toon Troop hello![5]

Victory Parties are a Triumph!

Victory Parties are entering their second week, and like a Toon on the Goofy Speedway, they show no signs of slowing! Members of the Toon Troop hosting the public parties are reporting high levels of satisfaction from Toons jumping on Cogs' faces (trampolines) and knocking around Cog dummies (the Cog-O-War game).

With so much fun happening, it seems a shame to stop it -- maybe the Toon Council will extend the party...

Cog-O-War Is Crazy Cool!

As if special Cattlelog items, Cog-sclusive decorations, and meeting the Toon Troop weren't enough, Victory Parties have brought Toons a new party game... Cog-O-War!

But instead of pulling on a silly old rope, you and up to five friends get to push Cogs around with a plethora of well-aimed pies!

Hmmm... Can any Toons think of where that kind of skill might come in handy?

Those Fabulous Flappy Cogs!

If there's one thing Toons will break their banks to buy for a Victory Party, it's that fantastically funky Flappy Cog!

If you haven't seen him yet, high-tail it over to the nearest Victory Party, watch him get into the spirit, and see if you can re-create his moves on the dance floor! He's such a party animal - don't you just want to take him home?[6]

Toon Fashion Goes Tropical!

Nothing says, "Takin' a break from fightin' Cogs" like a festive, breezy, tropical shirt!

This shirt makes a statement, goes with everything, and best of all, is available for the low, low price of 20 jellybeans! Such a deal!

August 9, 2010: Victory Parties Take a Victory Lap!

This is the FINAL WEEK for Victory Parties!

What has been your FAVORITE Victory Party event, game, or decoration, and what would be the one thing you would KEEP if you could?

August 10, 2010: The Toontown Alliance Project

Main article: Toontown Alliance Project

Bringing Toons together, and removing extra targets for Cogs to attack – that's the goal of the Toontown Alliance Project!

As part of this important plan, some Districts will be permanently closing, to make the other Districts stronger and more sociable. This will result in MORE Toons in neighborhoods, MORE friends to help take back Cog buildings, MORE partners for HQ runs, and MORE upset Cogs!

The Districts being removed are:

  • Boingy Harbor
  • Bouncytown
  • Bouncyville
  • Crazy River
  • Giggly Valley
  • Kookytown
  • Kookywood
  • Loony Bluffs
  • Loonyburgh
  • Loonyville
  • Loopy Valley
  • Nuttyboro
  • Screwy Park
  • Screwy Valley
  • Wacky Falls
  • Zanytown
  • Zanywood
  • Zippetyham

August 11, 2010: Doodles Skedaddle!

A group of Doodles has broken out of the pet shop in Daisy Gardens, leaving behind nothing but Doodle-shaped holes in the wall.

If you see these guys, please leave a note here – Sellbot HQ is nearby, and we don't want them wandering too close!

Victory Parties Go Out with a Bang!

This is the LAST WEEKEND you can attend a Victory Party, so if you haven't been to one or thrown one yourself, don't delay!

Be sure to thank your Toon Troop hosts – if you want to leave a note to them here, we'll be sure they get it![7]

August 17, 2010: Breaking News – Victory parties Extended!

The Toon Council has decreed that VICTORY PARTIES will keep the Cog-splatting, confetti-blasting, Toon-Trooping fun going another week!

(This announcement caused so much excitement in the Toon News offices, they forgot to write the latest issue. Silly Toons! Check back next week for a brand new TOON NEWS!)

Victory Parties End... Again!

VICTORY PARTIES SECOND FINAL WEEKEND! The first was just practice, because this is really the FINAL WEEKEND for Victory Parties!

But the Toon Troop will be back for other events, you can keep buying Cog-O-War for parties, and something else from Victory Parties will be hanging around... Stay Tooned![8]

Doodles Dine, Sellbots Decline?

Recently, a group of Doodles broke out of the Daisy Gardens Pet Shop, and have been chewing the powerlines leading to Sellbot Towers.

The Toon Resistance has been closely monitoring the situation, and now they're reporting that the energy levels at Sellbot Towers have begun to drop. Stay Tooned for an important Toon Resistance announcement! (And no, it's not about Electric Doodles!)[9]

Meet the Resistance Rangers!

You're an experienced Toon who wants to lead a group of newer Toons through Sellbot HQ – who do you find to hook you up? The RESISTANCE RANGERS!

The Rangers are a brave part of the Toon Resistance, whose job it is to help get Mentor Toons together with Rental Suit Toons to defeat the Sellbot VP. They also give advice, cook a mean jellybean casserole, and occasionally lead VP runs. See them today outside Sellbot Towers![10]

Operation: Storm Sellbot!

The power is down below normal levels at Sellbot Towers (thanks to Doodles chewing the wires), so the Toon Resistance is storming the gates, and everyone is invited!

OPERATION: STORM SELLBOT is an opportunity for all Toons of every Laff to take a crack at the VP! But Toons who know their way around a VP battle are needed to guide new Toons through. Will YOU be a Mentor Toon? See the latest issue of Toon News for details![11]

How To Storm Sellbot HQ!

Lord Lowden Clear of the Toon Resistance presents a super-secret training film: How To Storm Sellbot HQ!

To view this hard-to-find footage and sharpen your Sellbot Storming skills, visit the official Toontown YouTube page - Toons of the World Unite![12]

Tales from Sellbot Towers!

With OPERATION: STORM SELLBOT in full swing, the weakened VP is hopping mad! (And he loves to hop!)

At this exciting time in Toontown history, we want to hear stories from the front lines – have YOU taken part in OPERATION: STORM SELLBOT? Did you make it through? Do you have any tips for those who also want to do a little VP smashing? Don't keep them to yourself – spill the jellybeans![13]

Mentor Toons Make Cogs Buffoons!

Mentor Toons are Toons with Cog Suit disguises who are good enough to help their less-experienced friends with Rental Suits battle the Sellbot VP, as part of OPERATION: STORM SELLBOT!

Anyone can be a Mentor Toon (well, anyone who's awesome!), and those that lead a certain number of successful runs get a special reward (see the Toon News for details). Are YOU a Mentor Toon, or have YOU been on a run led by one?[14]

Take Home a Flappy Cog!

The flapping, wavy Cog was a favorite decoration for Victory Parties, and now it can be a favorite decoration for your Estate!

It's available for sale in the Cattlelog right now – see the Talk of the Town section in the latest Toon News for help in setting it up. It will make every day feel like a victory![15]

Show the VP How You Feel!

From September 1st to the 14th, the 20 Toons who win the most VP battles each day will win an exclusive Most VPs Defeated T-shirt for their Toon!

Imagine the VP's surprise when your Cog Suit POOFS away and reveals this shirt underneath! Priceless!

Toons Really DO Unite!

In OPERATION: STORM SELLBOT, "Mentors" are experienced Toons with Cog Suits, "Rentals" are newer Toons with Rental Cogs Suits, and BOTH are teaming up to smash the VP!

Mentors get to help other Toons and work towards a terrific reward, while Rentals get a taste of the VP so they'll be ready when they fight him for real! It's win-win all around... unless you're the VP.[16]

Mentor Toon Reward Revealed!

You want to know what Mentor Toons get for leading Rental Toons against the VP? BESIDES the satisfaction of helping others? Okay, here it is:

The Sellbot Smasher Suit! As worn by the Resistance Rangers, these suits come in two parts – you get the shorts for leading 10 successful Rental Suit VP runs, and you get the T-shirt for doing 10 more. The Sellbot Smasher Suit – "When this outfit you wear, Cogs will beware!"

Resistance Rangers' Remarkable Report

The Resistance Rangers are describing the second week of OPERATION: STORM SELLBOT as, "More fun than a Level 7 Drop Gag!" (And we've seen the S.S. Toontanic – it's awfully fun!)

If you haven't taken part yet, scoot yourself over to Sellbot HQ pronto. Don't forget that a special T-shirt reward awaits Toons who defeat the MOST VPs – see the Toon News for details!

Toons Alarmed, but Doodles Unharmed!

News that Doodles were gnawing the wires of Sellbot Towers sent a shock through the Doodle-loving community, but never fear! No Doodles were injured, and some even seem a little, well, BRIGHTER than before!

The Toon Council believes all Doodles have learned a valuable lesson from this. Exactly WHAT lesson is unclear, but maybe one day they'll find a way to show us![17]

Sellbot Factory Map Found!

As part of OPERATION: STORM SELLBOT, you've been going to Sellbot Towers to show the VP a thing or two about pie splatting... but what about the Factory next door? The power isn't down, so right now it's more dangerous than the Towers. You'd go, but wouldn't it be helpful if you had a SECRET MAP OF THE SELLBOT FACTORY?

Don't say the Toon Resistance never gave you anything![18]

Sellbot Towers Getting Back its Powers!

This is the FINAL WEEKEND of OPERATION: STORM SELLBOT! The Cogs have almost finished patching the Doodle-chewed wires at Sellbot Towers, and the Cogs inside – including the VP – will soon be back to full strength. When that happens, the Toon Resistance will retire the Rental Suits, and Toons will need their own Sellbot Suits to enter the Towers. (Although getting their Suits will be easier, now that they have a map to the Sellbot Factory.)

But it hasn't happened yet, so get over to Sellbot HQ and continue the Toons' winning streak! In fact, STORM SELLBOT has been SO successful, the Toon Council is planning to say "thank you" with an item Toons have always wanted! Will it be nice? Bank on it![19]

The End of the Storm!

Sellbot Towers has repaired its Doodle damage, and will be back to full power tomorrow. When it is, OPERATION: STORM SELLBOT will be over, all Rental Cog Suits will be stuffed into storage, and you'll need a regular Cog Suit (gained by 10 Factory runs) to enter Sellbot Towers and fight the VP.

But that doesn't mean the fun is over – this week the Toon Council will be giving out a great reward for a job well done on OPERATION: STORM SELLBOT! It's something Toons have BEAN waiting for![20]

Share Your Storm Story!

Do you have a tale from the front lines of OPERATION: STORM SELLBOT? Did you lead a team of Rentals, or were you led by an awesome Mentor? Most importantly, did you send the VP over the edge?

Tell us your STORM SELLBOT story![21]

Bank You Very Much!

Why is this Toon so happy? The Toon Council just visited his Estate and left that bank behind, but what's so special about it?

If he'd stop jumping around, we'd ask him. What's his deal?[22]

Toon Troop Returns!

The Toon Troop has been dispatched with an important mission – HELP TOONS FILL THEIR GIANT NEW BANKS! From now through October 19, Toon Troop members will host Jellybean Parties in Acorn Acres, handing out jellybeans to every Toon with room in their bank (and right now, that's most Toons)!

Banks Blow Up – in a Good Way!

All Toons, please enjoy your new 12,000 JELLYBEAN BANKS! As a thank-you from the Toon Council for the excellent VP-smashing work on OPERATION: STORM SELLBOT, all Toon banks have been upgraded to hold a whopping 12,000 jellybeans!

Of course, you still have to FILL them on your own. Hmm, if only the Toon Council could help with THAT too...

September 30, 2010: Halloween Art Contest!

Main article: Halloween Art Contest

You may have your gloves full with all the fun of the Jellybean Jam, but a Toon's work is never done... It's time for the Halloween Art Contest!

To enter, click on the links below to print out the Official Rules and Entry Form. Follow the instructions on the Entry Form to enter by October 13.

Five winners will receive Toontown prize Packs for showing us the spooky side of Toontown, so let those creative juices flow!


October 01, 2010: Double Beans for Trolley Games!

When are Trolley games TWICE as fun? When they give out TWICE the beans! From now until 10/5, to help Toons fill those giant new banks, the Toon Council is awarding DOUBLE BEANS for all Trolley games!

What's YOUR favorite Trolley game?

Get to Know Acorn Acres!

You're already in Acorn Acres for the Jellybean Jam, but what ELSE is there to do there? The Toontown Tourism Board has the following advice:

"Have a picnic – just sit at any table! Ride the geyser – it erupts in the lake! Pick up acorns for Laff boosts – they're everywhere! Play a round at Chip n' Dale's Mini Golf – head through the tunnel! Admire our first-class 'Under Construction' sign – there's none finer in all of Toontown!" What else do you like to do in Acorn Acres?

Double Beans for Fishing!

The price of fish just went up! As part of the Toontown Jellybean Jam, every fish caught in every neighborhood will be worth DOUBLE JELLYBEANS when turned in before 10/12!

This is the Toon Council's way of continuing to help Toons fill those giant 12,000 bean banks they handed out as a thank-you for completing OPERATION: STORM SELLBOT. But after 10/12, fish prices dive back to normal, so start casting now!

October 06, 2010: REMINDER: Halloween Art Contest!

Main article: Halloween Art Contest

You may have your gloves full with all the fun of the Jellybean Jam, but a Toon's work is never done... It's time for the Halloween Art Contest!

To enter, click on the links below to print out the Official Rules and Entry Form. Follow the instructions on the Entry Form to enter by October 13.

Five winners will receive Toontown prize Packs for showing us the spooky side of Toontown, so let those creative juices flow!

New Jellybean & Doodle Shirts!

Question 1: How do you spend jellybeans to get jellybeans? Question 2: How do you make a Doodle ride on your chest? Answers to both: By buying the new Jellybean and Doodle T-shirts!

These were made exclusively to celebrate the Toontown Jellybean Jam, so get yours before they jam!

October 12, 2010: Halloween Art Contest Reminder!

Main article: Halloween Art Contest

Tomorrow is the deadline for mailing in your Halloween Art Contest entry!

To enter, click on the links below to print out the Official Rules and Entry Form. Follow the instructions on the Entry Form to enter by October 13.

Five winners will receive Toontown prize Packs for showing us the spooky side of Toontown, so let those creative juices flow!


If you're like most Toons, you're grateful to the Doodles for chewing through the wires at Sellbot Towers, which caused OPERATION: STORM SELLBOT, which caused the big new jellybean banks to be rewarded. How do you thank the Doodles for all this? Adopt-A-Doodle!

You can adopt a Doodle at a Pet Shop in any playground – Doodles in Toontown Central will be less expensive but less trainable, while those in Donald's Dreamland are pricey but quite talented. It's a great way to say, "Who's a good boy/girl? YOU'RE a good boy/girl!"

Double Beans for Parties!

Still have space in that giant new jellybean bank? Still like to blast yourself out of cannons and jump on trampolines and catch falling fruit and play Cog-O-War? Then you're in luck, because from now until 10/19, the Toon Council is awarding DOUBLE BEANS for all party events!

Fun has never paid this good!

Jellybean Jam Ready to Scram!

The big banks are all handed out, double jellybeans have been awarded for Trolley games, fishing, and parties, and Toon Troopers have thrown around thousands and thousands of jellybeans. There's only one thing left to do for the Toontown Jellybean Jam – wrap it up!

But some things stick around after the party is over. It could be a mess on the carpet, it could be a hole in the wall, or it could be something really special and fun. Stay Tooned to see which it is!

Guess Again!

A while ago we said something was going to stick around after the Jellybean Jam was over, and many of you have wondered if it was the new 12,000 bean banks.

YES, the banks are sticking around, but NO, that's not all! Stay Tooned for a special message from Crazy Neddieslam – the Toon who decides how much stuff costs in Toontown! The only thing you need to know is, his prices are INSANE!

Permanent Party Perks!

Permanent Party Perks! Crazy Neddieslam – the Toon who decides how much stuff costs in Toontown – is slashing prices on lots of things you can buy for parties! Dance floors, juke boxes, decorations – some now cost as little as 10 jellybeans! Not only that, the jellybeans you earn from playing party games has increased![23]

These perks are what's sticking around from the Jellybean Jam – LESS expensive parties and MORE jellybeans to earn! So throw or go to a party now, because Crazy Neddieslam's prices are INSANE!

Toooons Get Spooooky!

Happy Halloween! It's the time of year when decorations are up all over Toontown, the Cattlelog has costumes and T-shirts galore, Trick-or-Treating begins the 27th, and Black Cat Day is the 31st! Until then, be ready for Bloodsucker invasions – they can come any time, so watch your bat!


Toons Choose Two New Costumes!

Toons love dressing up, and it only gets crazier at Halloween! In addition to our returning Spider and SuperToon costumes, this year the Cattlelog features two new outfits chosen by YOU – the Vampire for those who like to be scary, and the Turtle for those who prefer being silly.

Of course, you can be REALLY silly and mix-and-match to make Vampire Turtles or Super Spiders, and when you throw in your Cog-Crusher suit...

Halloween Haunts the Cattlelog!

We talked about the costumes for sale in the Cattlelog, but did you know there are also Ghost T-shirts and Pumpkin T-shirts? Tall and short pumpkins for your Estate? Creepy wallpapers? Spooky name tags? Eerie SpeedChat phrases?

Don't be scared – pick up the phone and give Clarabelle a scream!

The Bloodsuckers are Coming!

For some reason, Bloodsucker Cogs just LOVE invading this time of year! I wonder why?

The Toon Resistance is one step ahead of them, and has learned their invasion schedule – from 10/28 to 10/31, at these times: 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., and 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Toontown Time. The Resistance has set up six Invasion-Free "Safe Zone" Districts: Crazy Grove, Giggly Hills, Gigglyfield, Goofy Valley, Silly Valley, and Zany Acres. Seek shelter there – and it wouldn't hurt to have some garlic, too!

Trick-or-Treat is Really Neat!

Trick-or-Treating in Toontown not only gets you lots of treats (jellybeans), but a pretty cool trick as well – it turns your HEAD into a PUMPKIN!

Here's how you Trick-or-Treat:

1) Purchase the "Trick or Treat" Speedchat phrase from the Cattlelog.

2) Visit the six participating Shopkeepers, in any order, and say "Trick or Treat." WHICH Shopkeepers? Solve the puzzle (just click on the word ‘puzzle') or pick up clues from the characters in the Playgrounds.

3) Once you've visited the sixth Shopkeeper, POOF! Your head is orange and round until November 1!

Black Cat Day is October 31!

Just a spooky reminder – this Sunday, October 31, isn't only Halloween, it's also BLACK CAT DAY!

To make your own super-rare Black Cat Toon:

1) Create a new CAT Toon of any color on October 31...

2) During the Toontorial, when Flippy asks you to use a Speedchat phrase, say "Toontastic!"

3) POOF! You now have a BLACK CAT TOON! It's so cool it's scary!


November 01, 2010: Halloween was Really Keen!

Pumpkin heads will be returning to normal Toon heads soon, as the decorations come down, the Playground characters get back in their regular outfits, and Toontown wraps up another great Halloween!

But don't worry – any Black cats created on October 31 are here to stay, and those nasty Bloodsucker Cogs haven't left either. (That qualifies as good news/bad news for sure!) Did YOU get to have any Halloween fun in Toontown?

November 03, 2010: Halloween Art Contest Winners!

Main article: Halloween Art Contest

We received so many Halloween Art Contest entries, it was downright scary! After enjoying each and every one, we narrowed it down to the ones that really gave us the tingles.


See the winners here. Thanks to all Toons who entered – the talent was truly terrifying!

Costume Com-BOOS!

Was it Super Spider? Or Vampire Turtle? Or maybe Pumpkin-headed Cog Crusher?

Tell us your favorite Halloween costume combo! It can either be one you did yourself or one you saw, but remember – when it comes to ghosts, sometimes people don't believe you saw it!

Doodle Show & Tell!

You may have adopted a Doodle with all your Jellybean Jam beans. So we want to know, how are you doing with your new or not-so-new Doodle?

Are they learning new tricks, or just staring at you blankly with love? Or both?

November 10, 2010: Helping Toons Help Themselves!

Now there’s one more way for Toons to keep Toontown fun and problem-free: Report-A-Player now has a “Hacking” option!


Hacking means using third-party software or altering code to change the way Toontown behaves, and it causes problems for everyone. If you see Toons doing things no Toon should be able to do, go to Report-A-Player (by clicking on the Toon and then clicking ‘Report’) and use the new “Hacking” option to let us know – it helps us make sure all Toons can keep playing Toontown safely and smoothly!

Delete a Just For Fun Toontask!

Because YOU demanded it, the Toon Council has made it so! Now if you have a "Just For Fun" Toontask you don't want, you can delete it! That's right, DELETE IT! Really, DELETE IT? YES, DELETE IT!!!

Maybe you picked up the "Just For Fun" task by accident, or maybe you feel like having a giant head isn't worth the effort (though it IS hilarious!). Now you don't have to be saddled with tasks you don't want. Well... you still have to complete your NORMAL Toontasks – Lil' Oldman will never give up his caviar and lumpy cheese habit!

Get Ready to Fill Your C.U.P.!

The Acorn Acres C.U.P. (Courses Under Par) event is NEXT WEEKEND, 11/19-11/22. Four Toons each day who complete the most Courses Under Par at Chip n' Dale's Minigolf will win an exclusive Acorn Acres C.U.P. skirt or shorts!

Why are we telling you now if it's next weekend? What, are you SO awesome at minigolf you don't need time to practice? If so, good for you – the rest of us will be at Chip n' Dale's!

Toons Zoom at Grand Prix Mondays!

Every Monday at Goofy Speedway, win BIG tickets by racing in a tournament-style competition against other Toons. When? All day! Even Toons who don't own a watch can make that time!

Just start a race at any Toon Battle starting block, and you will automatically enter one of two Grand Prix Circuits. Toons driving at crazy high speeds – what could be more fun?

Swing for the Acorn Acres C.U.P!

You may be a duck, but can you birdie? The Acorn Acres C.U.P. (Courses Under Par) event is THIS WEEKEND, 11/19-11/22! Four Toons each day who complete the most Courses Under Par at Chip n' Dale's Minigolf will win an exclusive Acorn Acres C.U.P. skirt or shorts!

It's Minigolf to the MAX!

Give Thanks... And Gifts!

This weekend is the Toontown "Thanks For Giving" event! Toon Troopers will be traveling all over Toontown, handing out loads of jellybeans. The only thing they ask in return is – use these beans to buy gifts for your friends!

You buy gifts by opening the Cattlelog and clicking the "BUY GIFTS" button. And though ‘tis better to give than receive, you may receive too if you give a lot!

What are YOU Grateful For?

Toon Troopers will be traveling the length and breadth of Toontown this weekend, handing out loads of jellybeans and saying, "Thanks for Giving!" Use these beans to show your Toon friends how grateful you are to know them by sending them a gift from the Cattlelog!

Now tell us: What ELSE are you grateful for?

November 29, 2010: Give a Toon a Shout-Out!

Maybe you gave your Toon friends some swell gifts this weekend, or maybe you MEANT to or WANTED to but just didn't get the chance. Either way, now's the time to show some more gratitude – give a shout-out here to your best Toon friends!

And don't worry about name spelling – if they're really your friend, they'll understand!


December 1, 2010: Winter Holiday Only Days Away!

This time next week, there will be Toon Trooper-hosted parties, melting SnowDoodles, and decorations galore – because next week is the start of Toontown's WINTER HOLIDAY!

One of the many highlights will be Winter Parties, thrown by Toon Troopers and packed with newly-themed versions of party classics like the Drop Game and Cog-O-War! But just because that inflatable Cog is looking festive doesn't mean he isn't still sore about the Doodle on his backside...

Branch Out Your Statue Spot

You have a place in your Estate garden for a statue, but did you know there's other stuff you can plant there? Like a Flappy Cog! Or a melting Snowman! Or an adorable SnowDoodle!

With so many choices of things to put on your pedestal, it's enough to drive you monu-mental!

Winter Holiday is Here!

Snow kidding – Winter Holiday has arrived! It kicks off with Winter Holiday Parties, hosted by Toon Troopers and featuring frosty new fun like the Present Catching Game and SnowDoodles! Dress for the occasion with nice ice-inspired clothing from the Cattlelog, and bring the cold weather indoors by decorating your Estate.

Soon you'll be able to go Caroling for jellybeans and a snowman head, and it will all end on a high, loud note with New Year's fireworks! Happy Winter Holiday from your friends at Toontown!

Cannons – A Code with a Cure for the Cold!

Winter Holiday is full of gifts, and here's another one, from the Toon Council to you – go to the Options & Codes page in your Shticker Book and enter the code WINTER, and you'll receive 48 hours of cannon rentals at your Estate!

Usually there's snow falling from the sky, but this time it will be Toons!

Have a Holiday Party!

The Toon Troopers are ringing in Winter Holiday with Holiday Parties! They feature a seasonal twist on party favorites like the Drop Game, and dustings of candy, snow, ribbons, and lights on the inflatable Cogs, Bandstands, trampolines, and Cog-O-War.

And for the first time ever, you'll get a glimpse of the rare, elusive reindeer Doodle! (Hint: Look on the Cog's backside!)

Sing for Snowman Heads!

Main article: Snowman HeadCaroling

Caroling can make your nose and ears cold, but in Toontown it turns your head into a snowman! From now through January 4, visit the six shopkeepers in six different neighborhoods, and sing them one of your Caroling SpeedChat phrases (doesn't matter which, they like them all). You'll get a stocking full of jellybeans each time, and a snowman head at the end!

To find out WHICH shopkeepers to carol to, simply solve the puzzle (by clicking the word puzzle) or pick up clues from the characters in each playground. But feel free to sing anywhere – it adds to the holiday atmosphere!

Don't Forget to Open Your Cannon Gift!

Fire off a 21-Toon salute with Estate Cannons – we'll even buy them for you! Just go to the Options & Codes page in your Shticker Book and enter the code WINTER to receive 48 hours of cannon rentals at your Estate!

You don't have to use all 48 hours, but if you do, you'll probably be a REALLY great shot!

Origin of the SnowDoodle

From the snowy peaks of The Brrrgh they waddled, coming to Toontown with one mission – decorate parties and Estates! The SnowDoodle is a never-before-seen Doodle breed, made entirely from snow and ridiculous articles of clothing. They eat frozen jellybeans, and the only trick they know is "Melt."

Buy one for your Estate from the Cattlelog, or invite one to your Winter Holiday party! But don't wait too long – when Winter Holiday is over, you can't buy them anymore! (Until they waddle back.)

Cattlelog is Winter Holiday-tastic!

The Cattlelog is full of Winter Holiday shopping cheer! Make the floor of your Estate look like ice. String lights everywhere. Put candles, trees, or wreaths inside, and snowmen and SnowDoodles outside. And deck yourself in T-shirts and shorts covered in snowflakes, scarves, and candy cane hearts.

Of course, if you're having a bad day fighting Cogs, you could also buy a SpeedChat phrase that reflects your mood – "Bah! Humbug!"

The Sing is The Thing!

Check your Toon's head – if it isn't snowy and carrot-nosed, you still have a chance to make it that way! Caroling continues through January 4, where you visit six shopkeepers and sing them one of your new Caroling SpeedChat phrases. You'll get a stocking full of jellybeans, and a snowman head at the end!

To find out WHICH shopkeepers to carol to, solve this puzzle or pick up clues from the characters in each playground. Then you'll learn if your Toon can carry a tune!

Winter Holiday Party Tales!

Parties make for great stories, and Winter Holiday Parties make for REALLY great stories! Have you been to one? Have you caught falling presents? Have you met your favorite Toon Trooper? Have you spotted the rare Reindeer Doodle? Share it with us!

And be sure to tell us who's your favorite Toon Trooper – they love to feel the love!

New Years' Day Top Toons Marathon Coming!

Taking part in a marathon requires lot of training – but if you've been busting Cogs and playing games, you've been training already! In the New Years' Day Top Toons Marathon, the winner in each Top Toons category (except HQ Victories) EVERY HOUR will win an exclusive shirt!

Of course, if you're having a bad day fighting Cogs, you could also buy a SpeedChat phrase that reflects your mood – "Bah! Humbug!"

Get Your Game On Tomorrow!

January 1st is the beginning of TWO things – 2011, and the Toontown New Years' Day Top Toons Marathon! While it's happening, the winner in each Top Toons category (except HQ Victories) EVERY HOUR will win an exclusive shirt!!

As a New Year's resolution, why not resolve to be awesome?