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This page has the events that happened in Toontown Online in 2012.

January 2, 2012: Ring in the New Toon Year With Style

UPDATE: The issue with accessory trunks has now been fixed, and Toons are once again free to open and use their trunks. If you have lost accessories in the past few days, it is not necessary to report this further. Thank you for your continued patience while the Toon Council works on restoring these lost accessories to you. Please stay Tooned! Clarabelle helps you start off the New Toon Year in style, with a big batch of shiny new Toon accessories! Be whatever kind of Toon you want this New Year with the miner hat, cop hat, or just keep warm with the fuzzy winter hat. And girl Toons can add another stylish bow to their collection with the blue-checker bow! Keep your Toon Parties going by wearing the fancy feather hat, pink boingy hearts, or the kooky new samba hat! Just watch out for hungry monkey Toons while wearing that tasty topper... Start thinking about ValenToon's Day now with pink star fashion boots, winter boots, tennis shoes, and hi top sneakers. If red's more your color, check out the red hi tops, sneakers, and fancy shoes. If your Toon is looking to "stay green" this New Year, it's easy with green hi top sneakers and green star fashion boots. And those new motorcycle boots look Toontastic with a pompadour! Backpacks come in all new shapes and colors this year – be the first with a blue color or red polk-a-dot backpack. Impress your Toon friends with awesome airplane wings – or scare them silly with the dreadful new dragon wings! Remember: If you don't yet see these New Year accessories in your current Cattlelog – don't worry! These new accessories will appear in your next Cattlelog soon. Just make sure you buy the trunk first. If you already have a trunk, then you're all set!

January 5, 2012: Trunks Fixed and Accessories Found!

Toons' accessory trunks are once again working and ready to be used – no thanks to some tricky tampering by those cranky Cogs! The Toon Council is already working with Clarabelle to get any missing accessories back to Toons who lost them when using their trunks over the past few days. The missing accessories will be shipped back to you over the next couple days, through the mailbox on your Toon Estate, just as good as new. If you lost more than one accessory, you may not receive them in your mailbox all in the same shipment. So keep checking your mailbox over the next couple of days until all your replaced accessories have arrived. You may see more than one of the SAME accessory in your mailbox – no problem! Just take out the one you want to keep and put it on, or stash it away in your trunk. Toons can have only one of each item they own, and that includes accessories. We recommend you clear out any old items you may still have sitting in your mailbox, to make sure there's plenty of room for your accessories when they arrive. We thank you again for your patience!

Introducing the Brand New Toontown Test Server

January 12, 2012: The Toontown Test Server is back, and for a limited time we are accepting new Test Toons to join! What is the Toontown Test Server? It's where we first try out new ideas and get feedback from Test Toons so we can decide what to do to make Toontown even more Toontastic. Who are these Test Toons? Member Toons with accounts in good standing are able to request access to the Toontown Test Server. Test Server Toons enjoy exclusive access to test new features and game updates before they are introduced to the rest of the Toontown Online community in the Live game. NOTE: Space on the Test Server is limited, so if you don't get in this time, please keep checking back. We look forward to seeing you on the Test Server!

January 13, 2012: New Year's Day Marathon Winners:

Congratulations to our Top Toon Marathon winners! When you see Toons proudly wearing their Marathon prize shirts pictured above, make sure you congratulate them too! Thank you to all Toons who participated in this marathon of an event. We're proud to present the Marathon Toons with the highest scores in the hour played, for each category - well done!

Most Cogs Defeated

Autumn, Beck Beck, Captain Fireball Wildbumper, Clawstrophobic Too, Drippy Gigglewig, Duck Luck, Duke of Oil, Ellimaus, Featherton, Flamingo, Frankie Ruth, Hare Louie, Katze, Kelly Mouse, Master Popcorn Cheezynugget, Melody, Noisy Tom Dandyfoot, Nolanspride, Owut A. Knight, Princess Pinky Freckletoes, Queen Maxie, Queen Peaches Precioussocks, Raven, Too Clawstrophobic

Buildings Recovered

Aaliyah, Best Kept Secret, Brownie, Catastrophe, Chunky McZilla, Cop E. Cat, Crazy Jellyroll Gigglefoot, Crazymouse, Cuddles Boingenberry, Feathurrbrainzz, Funkey, Glori Daise, Jessica, King Chip MacHopper, Lady Peaches Sparklejinks, Little Jake, Little Robin, Mason, Pancake, Pearl, Prof Bill Von Dim, Rhubarb Blubberberry, Silly Bagelgadget, Silly Bumbercrunch

Cattlelog Items Purchased

A.J., Anita Change, Bad Luck, Crazy McButterpants, Double Trouble, eddie man, Fox, Ginger Toppenburger, Halloween Magic, Lady Lunie, Miss Carrots, Miss Petunia, Murcielago, Peachdog, Pipoca, Princess, Princess Peppy Poodlepow, Rainstorm, Spunky Featherflip, Super Chester Crunchygadget, Verticalwind, Wiibob Rox, Wilbur McDoodle, Woody Widesmile

Tasks Completed

Abracatabra, Bubblebrains, Doctor Ned Jabbertoon, Finnley, Harvey, Huey, Juicy Secret, Kenny, Little Cranky Nickelmuffin, Loopy Loonabrain, Master Wildmonkey, Miss Lily Gigglefussen, Nanaly, Noisy Fancy Funnypocket, Pichuzs, Princess Curly, Princess Sally, Princess Snappy Funnyface, Sassafrass, Slumpy, Spunky Superroni, Taffy, Toon, Tropical

Trolley Games Played

Bad Luck, Batteriez Not Included, Blubbernugget, Bubbles Wondertoon, Candy Dandyroni, Catsup, D Man, Duck N. Cutie, Justin Case, Lionel, Lunar Silver Star, Mala, Pasture Bedtime, Princess Preciousmooch, Purrfect Secret, Reflection, Saela, Sandpaw, Sandy, Spade, Super Boo Boo Whiskerscreech, Super Crazy Wackyquack, Toon, Ursa Major

Fish Caught

Catooo, Chastain, Chocolate Mousse, Dark, Duke, Hoofin' Around, Joe, King Fireball, Knuddelbaerchen, Lady Poppy, Little Nutty Poodlepounce, Lizikinz, Lookout, Loopy Bumpengloop, Miss Dizzy, Miss N.A. Magnet, Miss Rainbow Zoobleton, MsBeehaven, Mummy Bunny, Rainflight, Sternchen, Tinker, Toon, Warriorr

Jellybeans Earned

Beary Hippie, Bees Tea, Coconut, Comfortably Numb, Dark Coffeebean, Dippy Zippy Sparklefish, Floyd, Good ol' Chip Hucklebump, Hallows Eve, Hogan, Kaylee Kitty Kat, Lady Lily Petalpoof, Lime Green Grass, Little Jerry's Buddy, Lorraine, Miss Knaberchen, Monkey U, Purrpetually Confuzzled, Royale Payne, Sir Salty Wonderteeth, Super Flapjack Octosplat, Sweet Melody, Thedad, Toona Melt

Gifts Given

Cool Fancy, Crazy Lefty Rockendoodle, Doctor Purplebounce, Good ol' J.C. Rufflebrains, holly, Hotwings, Jim, King Oswald Fiddleblabber, Legendary Black Cat, Lily Preciousfish, Little Crumblewig, Little Fluffy Whiskerswirl, Master Skippy Bumpentooth, Miss Little Squeaker, Miss Smart, Mystery, Phantomkit, Princess Bonnie Giggledoodle, Princess Furball Fuzzyface, Princess Rosie, Silly Zilly Dynoflipper, some bunny, Tae, Toonninator

Most Races Won

Amiacat, Bam Bam, Best Player, black cat, Cat Scratch Fever, Dark Fairybelle, Deputy Picklecorn, Dizzy, Fancy, Foot Jr, Freedom Fighter Hound, Gigglenoodle, Little Binky Twinklenose, Loopy, Pebbles, Princess Prier, Princess Rainbow Funnymuffin, Prof. Poodlezilla, Runnin' On Empty, Sniffy Petalsticks, Team Jacob, Wacko, Zany, Zowie McSnooker

Holes in One

Aaron, Alicia, Big Cheese, Big Ryatt, C.J., Catlady, Cheetah, Doggy Rainbow, Duke Pickletooth, Element Of Surpurrise, Eye Of The Tiger, Kleine Minky, La La La, Miracle Fix, Miracle Flip, Quietscheentchen, Racing Against Time, Semper Fi, Silly Slappy, Star, Super Frizzy Twinklesticks, Top Secret, Whiskers, Wistful Kitty

Courses Under Par

Angel Food Cake, Bevo, Black Ice, Cuteypie, Doctor Frizzy Flippenbouncer, Epic Deja Voo, Geek, Ice, Jeepers, Lady Preciouspop, Midnight, Miracle Vip, Miss Chunky Cheezyburger, Miss Marigold Petalzapper, Penelope Monstrosity, Perky Scamp Purrs, Princess Lollipop Lemondoodle, Quack-A-Doodle, Rachel, Super Dog, Super Orville Palezap, Super Popcorn, The Master, Wombat

January 19, 2012: What Do You Love About Toontown?

January is zippin' right by, and ValenToon's Day is not far off! I've been working on a little ValenToon of my own, to celebrate what I love about Toontown:

A Doodle named Otto to feed and to scratch, A well-aimed gag to turn those Cogs into scrap. Toontown is Toontastic – I love every Street. The best part is all the fun new Toons I get to meet!

Have a lovely ValenToon you'd like to send out to the rest of Toontown? Send it in by replying to this Blog post using the "Speak Up!' space below to enter your Toon name and your ValenToon. We'll accept ValenToons through this Blog post from today until Wednesday, February 1st. Your ValenToon should be 4 lines max, original, and about something you love in Toontown. We'll present the Top 20 ValenToons in "Toon News... For the Amused" on February 14th! TOON COUNCIL UPDATE: Thanks for sending in your Toontastic ValenToons! This post is now closed. The Top 20 ValenToons will be presented in "Toon News... For The Amused" on February 14th - stay Tooned!

January 26, 2012: Accessory Spotlight: New Hats!

Start off the New Toon Year with a tip-top topper for your Toon's head! New Hat Accessories! All the Toontastic new hat choices in Clarabelle's Cattlelog will make your head spin... Make a big entrance at Toon Parties in the fancy feathers hat. If dancing is your thing - or if you're just hungry for some fruit - the samba hat can't be beat! Keeping Toontown safe from trouble-making Cogs? The cop hat lets them know who's in charge. If it's a Cold Caller Cog giving you the chills, the winter hat keeps you toasty warm anywhere in Toontown. The miner hat is perfect for digging up the fun in every neighborhood - or even just your own garden! The blue checker bow might just be the sweetest new accessory. And the pink boingy hearts are a lovely and wacky way to say you care this ValenToon's Day! These brand new hat accessories keep you in Toontastic style, and will wow your friends from Walrus Way to Maple Street! What's YOUR favorite Toon accessory to wear on your head?

February 2, 2012: Sweet ValenToon's Day Items

Happy February, Toons! ValenToon's Day is near, and ValenToon-tastic shirts, skirts, shorts, and Estate decorations are appearing ever so sweetly in the Cattlelog this week. Make sure you are ready for February 14th – check out Clarabelle's Cattlelog today! Don't forget the loads of lovable new accessories perfect for ValenToon's Day too! Pink boingy hearts, red sneakers, pink tennis shoes, green hearts fashion boots, pink hi tops and fashion boots will let everyToon know how much you adore ValenToon's Day. And nothing says Happy ValenToon's Day with more love than the brand new smooch glasses!

February 8, 2012: ValenToon Parties Make Toons' Hearts Soar!

From February 8 to February 17, Toons can celebrate good friends and wacky times in lovely ValenToon-themed Parties! Sport your sweetest ValenToon clothing, and throw on adorable accessories like the pink boingy hearts, angel wings, and the brand new smooch glasses – you're ready to party your heart out!

February 14, 2012: Very Happy ValenToon's Day!

Toons are all smiles, and hearts race (even outside of Goofy's Speedway!) on this sweetest day of the year. Celebrate friends you adore with special ValenToon-themed Parties, from now until February 17. Don't miss all the lovely ValenToons written by your fellow Toons in this week's Toon News... For The Amused, out today! If your Toon is feeling a little blue thanks to a run in with a double-crossing Two-face Cog, grab one of the hearts hanging around the playgrounds and Estates - things will look rosy again in no time. These hearts are worth double the Laff of the regular Toon-ups!

February 22, 2012: Mystery Accessories

Clarabelle is hard at work to release her exciting, brand new batch of Spring accessories soon... What does she have lined up for the Spring Cattlelog?

February 24, 2012: Three More Mystery Accessories!

Toontastic guesses on those first few accessories, Toons! Clarabelle has three new hints for you to puzzle over...

March 1, 2012: Spring Into New Accessories!

Clarabelle has kept us guessing, and the wait is over – her brand new Spring accessories are here! Aaaand the mystery accessories are... oxford shoes, bobby hat, bear pet pack, anti-Cog control hat, carnivale mask, and safari hat! Anti-Cog control hat?? We're stumped too! See Lord Lowden Clear's special report in the new Toon News... For The Amused – out today! Those six accessories are only the beginning... Zany hats top the list (and Toons' heads!) with a pink princess hat for girls, and a royal crown for boys! Plus a firefighter helmet, sailor hat, chef hat, two new baseball caps, and a fez! Flutter into your next Toon Party wearing flitterific new pixie wings! Dazzle your fellow party-goers in the super-wacky rainbow wig, and fancy carnivale masks in blue, aqua, or purple. Spring forward in new green tennis shoes, orange star fashion boots, yellow Toon boots, and blue rain boots. Toontown has never looked so colorful! Give Clarabelle a call today, and fill your trunk with a rainbow of new accessories for Spring!

March 7, 2012: Golfer, Princess, Pirate, Buckeroo...

You can be whatever kind of Toon you want to be. It's all up to you! And Clarabelle's latest and wackiest accessories make it so easy to do... Why just the other day I saw a flock of five winged bat Toons dart into a Lawbot HQ... or were they dragons? Either way, I bet the Cogs inside flipped their big wigs when they saw those Toons coming! Riding the Trolley later, I had a Toontastic time watching Toon Tag with a determined copper Toon in his bobby hat chasing a bunny grabbing up all the ice cream cones in his secret ID mask! When I jumped off the Trolley, I marveled at a heroic Toon in her red cape and boots saving a brave little bear from a mean Mingler invasion! Whether you're a firefighter, a princess, a superToon, or just a superstar, the Toontastic accessories you wear definitely make you stand out in the silliest of ways! What kind of Toon do your accessories make YOU?

March 13, 2012: Toon Resistance Alert: Backstabber Invasion!

The Toon Resistance has sent out the call, "Beware, the ides of March..." meaning those devious Lawbots are making their move this week, with Backstabber Cog invasions! Backstabbers are making it a point to invade the streets of Toontown very soon this Wednesday, March 14 and Thursday, March 15. Reports are coming in that the Cogs plan to invade both days at these times: 2am - 5am PST 12pm - 3pm PST 6pm - 9pm PST

So watch your backs, Toons - and protect Toontown from those Backstabbers! Luckily the Toon Resistance has cleared these Districts as safe zones from the invading Backstabbers:

Crazy Grove Gigglyfield Giggly Hills Goofy Valley Silly Valley Zany Acres

Toons who want to avoid a stabbing headache and steer clear of the invasions should go to the above Districts. Toons of the World... Unite!

March 14, 2012: Mean Cogs Make a Green Mess!

Backstabbers began their march on Toontown today and those clumsy, clanking contraptions have already made a mess over on Oak Street in Daisy Gardens. Those pointy-headed Cogs punctured a main pipeline at Green Bean Jeans - and there's green dye everywhere! Of course, Toons always turn the messiest muddle into Toontastic fun - and they're already doing it by turning themselves GREEN! Just stop by the Green Bean Jeans building and say one of your ‘Green' SpeedChat phrases to the owner, Eugene. Then POOF - you turn yourself a grand shade of green! The goopy green dye lasts only for a day – and if you want to do it again, you can go back to visit Eugene as often as you like. Don't forget to add on the great green clothes and accessories available right now in Clarabelle's Cattlelog too. Make those Cogs go green with envy, and beat back the Backstabber invasions in a whole new color![1]

March 19, 2012: Time is Running Out to Go Green

Toontastic job defending Toontown from those invading Backstabber Cogs, Toons! If you haven't yet turned yourself into a grand, green Toon then head over to Oak Street in Daisy Gardens. There you can visit Eugene at his shop, Green Bean Jeans. When you say your "Green" SpeedChat phrase to Eugene - POOF - you go green! "It's easy to be green!" Eugene's green dye is running out, so you have only through March 20 to make yourself green! All that green dye will be cleaned up after Tuesday - so make sure you "go green" before then, and don't forget to add on some more emerald-themed items available right now in Clarabelle's Cattlelog.[2]

March 23, 2012: Get Set For Silliness

Brave Toons everywhere busted up the Backstabbers' recent invasion plans. Just to make sure those crushing, clanking Cogs didn't smash things up too much, the Toon Scientists are monitoring Toontown's condition with... the Silly Meter! Visit Toon Hall today and watch the Silly Meter and Toon Scientists at work. Last time we took a peek, the sum of silliness measured just a smidgen below halfway. You can check in on the Silly Meter anytime to watch for any rises in red – and don't forget to say hi to Flippy! His office is right around from the Silly Meter in Toon Hall, and he may even have a fun task to give you. What do YOU think Toons can do to make the Silly Meter rise even higher?

March 27, 2012: Toons on Silliness Watch

The Silly Meter keeps chugging away in Toon Hall, as the countdown to crazy continues! Toons must be throwing plenty of pies and Parties, busting bunches of Cogs, and bringing in the ‘beans because the Silly Meter seems to be inching higher... at least according to Professor Prepostera, Doctor Surlee, and Doctor Dimm. Keep up the wild, wacky activity, Toons – and help raise the level of crazy fun in Toontown today! The Toon Scientists are forecasting something silly soon – so get ready to get ridiculous![3]

March 29, 2012: The Silly Meter Maxes on Full Fun!

On the eve of April Toons' Week, the level of looniness in Toontown has maxed out the Silly Meter! That means the most happily hilarious holiday of the Toon year kicks off today! From today through April 11, Toontown is even nuttier than normal with high-bouncing jumps at your Estate, and Doodles speaking their minds! Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald, Daisy, and Goofy even have some silly surprises up their sleeves this week – if only we could find them... Put on your zaniest accessories and get in on all the goofiness of April Toons'!

April 2, 2012: Celebrate a Wacky April Toons' Week!

Grab your Toon friends – or make some new ones – and celebrate a wacky April Toons' Week! This is the most hilarious holiday of them all, built by Toons for Toons. Don't believe it? Just ask your Doodle! How are YOU spending the silliest season of the Toon year?[4]

April 5, 2012: Low Gravity Means High-Flying Hilarity

April Toons' silliness sends Toons over the roof – literally! A little leap flies you over your fishing pond, and past the bridges at your Estate. Just a jump can even send you sailing onto your own roof. It's a Toontastic way to play Estate hide-and-seek with your friends! Some clever Toons are pranking their friends by wearing wings, jet packs, super capes - even propeller hats - to seemingly defy gravity at their Estates. Of course, it's really the wackiness of April Toons' Week giving every Toon the power to soar around in a single bound! Let us know what April Toons' tricks YOU are playing, thanks to this loony low gravity...

April 11, 2012: April Toons' Week Wraps Up

Today is your last chance to enjoy the crazy days of April Toons' Week! Soon gravity and Doodles will return to normal, and Mickey and the gang will all go back to their proper places in Toontown. Toons will go back to pranking Cogs instead of each other, and the Silly Meter will return to Loony Labs. But until tomorrow... enjoy all the wackiness of April Toons! Tons of thanks to all Toons for making this super silly holiday the most madcap ever. We hope you had as much Toontastic fun as we did![5]

April 13, 2012: Countdown to Number Crunchers

Looks like the Cogs are once again trying their best to make Toontown the worst – this time with numerous Number Cruncher invasions! Resistance Ranger scouts report that huge numbers of these crunching Cashbots are multiplying for invasions this Sunday, April 15th. To prepare for the Sunday swarm, the Toon Resistance cleared the following Districts as audit-free Safe Zones:

Crazy Grove Gigglyfield Giggly Hills Goofy Valley Silly Valley Zany Acres

For more invasion details, don't miss the Toon Resistance report in this week's "Toon News... For the Amused!" Add up your gags and unite, Toons – don't let those calculating Cashbots divide your numbers![6]

April 17, 2012: "Just For Fun" Toontasks

Did you know that you can delete any Just For Fun ToonTask in your Shticker Book? It's true – and couldn't be easier! Maybe you took the "Just For Fun" task by accident, or maybe you just don't feel like busting those last 125 Cogs you need to finish up. No problem! You can delete any unwanted Just For Fun task by clicking the trash can icon in your Shticker Book. Then you can get back to making your Toon stronger, by finishing all your regular ToonTasks!

April 20, 2012: Spruce Up Your Toon Estate for Spring

Spring is in full bloom in Toontown, making this the perfect weekend to give your garden and trees some tender Toon care! Did you say you haven't started an Estate Garden yet? While the Cogs are quiet, use this chance to order a Gardening Kit from Clarabelle's Cattlelog. Plant some jellybeans to see which flowers bloom, and increase your overall Laff limit. Picking flowers increases your gardening skill -- and you can sell them to earn more jellybeans! Who says gags don't grow on trees? Growing gag trees on your Estate lets you pick fresh gags once a day when you need them! Fill up your watering can, and let your flowers and trees know how much you care this weekend![7]

April 25, 2012: Make a Splash Catching the Most Fish!

Our Toontastic spring events start off with a splash! Captain Melville challenges all Toons to enter his annual Fishing Tournament this weekend:

Friday, April 27 - Monday, April 30.

Catch the most fish in a 24-hour period any day of the Tournament using one of the following fishing rods: twig, bamboo, wood, steel or gold. The top 20 Toons who catch the most fish per rod - each day - win Melville's Fishing Tournament prize. Read this week's "Toon News... For the Amused!" for a hint on this year's prize. Melville loves to hear what wacky and rare species of fish you find, so throw us a line and let us know![8]

May 1, 2012: Thanks for A Fun-Filled Fishing Tournament!

Melville thanks all Toons who cast a line in his Fishing Tournament this weekend! Many wacky and fantastic fish were reeled in, and as Lucky Ducky says, a "FINtastic" time was had by all! After Melville tallies up all the fish caught (and throws out the old boots), we'll announce the winners. UPDATE: Melville has been water-logged with the HUGE amount of fish caught by Toons in the Tourney! He should be done counting soon, though, and have the final winners all tallied up in the Toon News... For the Amused very soon! Don't miss that issue of the Toon News, where Melville will also reveal this year's special prize. When the winners are posted, we'll deliver their fashionably Toontastic fishing prize at that same time! Stay Tooned...[9]

May 2, 2012: May Means More New Accessories!

Get set for the silliest summer yet, Toons, with these way out wacky all-new accessories! Clarabelle cranked out some of Toons' top requests for new items to wear - like the stylish fedora, laff-filled Gag attack pack, futuristic goggles, and dizzy detective hat (For you eagle-eyed Toons, these were the four mystery accessories hinted at in the current Toon News... For the Amused!). Choose from tons of Toontastic new hats, bows – even a headband and a helmet! Toot your own horn wearing the jamboree hat along with the jamboree pack, and... PRESTO! You're a one-Toon-band! Toons asked for this particular piece of eyewear for a while, and the nutty new monocle is a dandy! It's a vision when paired with the brand new bowler hat. Beautiful bird and butterfly wings let you fly into summer in a fancy fashion. If you prefer to keep your Toon's feet on solid ground, then slip on stylish new green sneakers, purple tennis shoes, and pink or blue boots. This new set of summer accessories start popping into Toon Cattlelogs all this week. Don't miss them!

May 9, 2012: MiniGolf May-nia is Swinging!

FOOORE! Toons, it's time to tee-off and get swinging – the fifth annual Acorn Acres MiniGolf Invitational starts this weekend! The MiniGolf May-nia begins this Friday, May 11 and runs through Monday, May 14. Members are invited to play Chip ‘n Dale's MiniGolf to try and sink the most "holes-in-one" on the course of their choice during one of those four days. The 40 Toons with the MOST "holes-in-one" on each course – each day – during the Invitational win a Toontastic prize. This year it's a brand-new golfing outfit: new shirt, plus new skirt for girls, and new shorts for boys! You can see these thrilling Toon threads in the new issue of "Toon News... For the Amused!" - coming soon![10]

May 17, 2012: Thanks for a Swinging Acorn Acres May Invitational

Thank you to all Toons who competed in this past weekend's MiniGolf event! Gaggles of golfing Toons "putt" their best foot forward on the greens, sinking scores of "holes-in-one" during the four-day Invitational. Winners with the most "holes-in-one" will be posted in an upcoming Toon News... For the Amused. The special Acorn Acres MiniGolf outfit prize will be awarded at that same time. Stay Tooned – and in the meantime, check out that snazzy new golf outfit in today's new issue of the Toon News![11]

May 18, 2012: What's That on Your Head?

Clarabelle's latest hat accessories are tip-top toppers for Toon heads! This batch of accessories delivers some of Toons' most requested hats, like the stylish fedora, bowler, and feather headband. Girl Toons look their sweetest ever wearing the fancy hat, or three brand new bows:

rainbow, green-checker, and pink dots!

Conquer those cranky Cogs wearing the conquistador helmet or commanding Napoleon hat! Sleuthing Toons can quietly snoop around Toontown in the detective hat – or march to the beat of your own Toon parade wearing the jamboree hat with matching jamboree pack. Give Clarabelle a call today to see all the latest Toontastic accessories![12]

May 23, 2012: Toons Go Zoom for the Grand Prix

Spring event May-nia races to the finish line with the silly spills and thrills of Toontown's Grand Prix Weekend! Grand Prix Weekend starts this Friday, May 25 and runs through Monday, May 28. All Toons – Members and Free – can compete in the Grand Prix event! To enter this weekend, you'll first need tickets to get into the Grand Prix. Zip over to Goofy's Speedway and start getting in your practice laps for tickets today! To help you out, you'll earn DOUBLE TICKETS from practice races starting this Thursday, May 24 and running through the end of the event, May 28. Then head to any Toon Battle race starting block to enter one of the circuits from Friday to Monday. There are four Grand Prix circuits to race -- two regular and two reverse -- to qualify in the event. The top 25 fastest Toons with legitimate qualifying times in each circuit - each day - win an all-new Grand Prix racing outfit for their Toon! You can see this exclusive racing outfit in this week's issue of Toon News... For the Amused!, out now. Don't miss the high-speed hilarity in Goofy's Speedway this weekend![13]

May 29, 2012: Thanks for Madcap Racing Madness!

The Grand Prix Weekend zipped right by! Thank you to all Toons who went full-throttle to compete at Goofy Speedway. We hope you enjoyed every hair-raising curve, and all the high-speed hilarity of this racing event. All races and finish times are currently under review to find the speediest Grand Prix Toons. The top twenty-five fastest Toons with legitimate qualifying times in each of the four circuits, each day, will be announced soon in an upcoming issue of Toon News... For the Amused! Once the list posts, our speedy winners will receive an all-new racing outfit in their Estate mailbox![14]

June 1, 2012: Burst Your Bank with Double Jellybeans!

Today's Toon Council proclamation decrees a delicious declaration – Jellybean Week is just days away! Jellybean Week starts June 6 and runs through June 14. Toons earn DOUBLE jellybean awards in Toon Parties that entire week! But it gets even sweeter – you'll also receive double jellybeans in Fishing and all Trolley Games too![15]

June 6, 2012: Have a Jolly Jumpin' Jellybean Week!

Jellybean Week starts today and last all the way through June 14! Toons earn DOUBLE jellybean awards in Toon Parties all week long. And to really make this week sweet, you also receive double jellybeans in Fishing and all Trolley Games too! You can find tips on hosting or attending a jelly-errific Toon Party here. New accessories or furniture you've had your eye on? Maybe a special Doodle you've been itching to adopt? Here's your chance to double your beans and burst your bank![16]

June 8, 2012: Jellybean Week is in Full Swing

The double jellybeans keep pouring in this weekend from Fishing and all Trolley Games! And it's not too late to host or go to Toon Parties for extra beans! Find out how by clicking here. Get your Jellybean Shirt or Doodle shirt in this week's Cattlelog and have a blast! Need a break from the jellybean jam? Check out the new issue of Toon News... For the Amused to see the fastest racers from the Grand Prix Weekend event. Brand new racing outfits are speeding to winners' mailboxes all weekend! So how are YOU celebrating Jellybean Week this weekend in Toontown?[17]

June 12, 2012: Only Two Days of Double Beans Left!

These next two days are the last chance to stock up for a sweet summer with double jellybeans! Jellybean Week comes to an end after Thursday, June 14 so cast a line fishing, ride that Trolley, and get bouncing in Toon Parties today... Wait - did I just say only two days left?? I have fish to catch! Catch YOU later, Toons! Drop me a line and let me know how you're planning to spend all those Toontastic extra jellybeans![18]

June 14, 2012: Toon Troopers Bring Beans by the Bunches!

We all get a little teary-eyed saying good-bye to Jellybean Week – and if there's one thing Toons don't do, it's mope! Double beans may be over tonight, but the Toon Troopers don't want the party to end just yet... Troopers TEO, TYCHO, TABITHA, TERRY and TAFFY will be jumping into Toontown with jellybeans a' plenty this Saturday and Sunday, June 16 – 17. Those helpful Toon Troopers will keep the laffs going strong this weekend by throwing out extra beans to Toons they meet in Playgrounds, and even Toon Parties! Be on the lookout in Districts that start with the goofy letter "G":

Giggly Bay Gigglyfield Giggly Grove Gigglyham Giggly Hills Goofy Valley Giggly Point Goofyport

HINT: Inside sources (okay... Flippy) confirm the Troopers will be out around these times:

       Saturday:  12pm - 1pm  and  4pm - 5pm (Pacific Time)
       Sunday:  12pm - 1pm  and  3pm - 4pm (Pacific Time)

It's easy to spot Toon Troopers with the special whistle symbol over their heads![19]

June 18, 2012: Thanks for all the Jellybean Joy!

Thank you to all Toons for making this Jellybean Week the sweetest (and silliest) ever! The Toon Troopers had a bean-filled blast this weekend meeting lots of Toons, and crashing quite a few wacky Parties. After a jelly-filled June, we can officially declare that Toons definitely know how to celebrate Toontown's favorite candy! With banks fit to burst, we want to hear how YOU will spend all your extra beans this week... Let us know![20]

June 22, 2012: Toon Resistance Special Report

On a recent mission deep in Cog territory, Resistance Ranger Rupert snapped this picture of several Cogs plotting together in some type of machine code. Those look like Downsizers and a Big Wig... we just can't figure out why a Lawbot would be mingling (without even a Mingler in sight) with Bossbots so low on the corporate ladder. Toon Resistance code-crackers are working hard to decipher exactly what was said. See the decoded Cog messages in the brand new issue of "Toon News... For the Amused" - out today!

June 26, 2012: Important Toon Safety Reminder

While watching for any unusual Cog activity this week, the ToonCouncil reminds all Toons to play safe with your personal account information too. Never share your Toontown account information, or personal information with anyone - including ways to contact you outside of Toontown. Toontown will only ever contact you through our official Toontown Online Member Services e-mail addresses, or over the phone. Giving out this kind of personal information is just not safe, so stick to these easy rules: • Never give out your personal information - such as your name, address, email, or any contact information • Never give out any account information - including your password and Account ID

Feel free to Contact Us if you would like to report someone asking for your account information, password, or personal information. If you are unsure of a situation, just grab a parent for help. The ToonCouncil reminds all Toons to follow Disney's Online Code of Conduct here, and help keep Toontown a fun and safe place to play![21]

June 27, 2012: Downsizers Make a Low-Down Move

Toon Resistance scouts report Downsizers sizing up in droves on the outskirts of Toontown. Toons, get your best gags ready and prepare for INVASION! The Toon Resistance code-breakers have cracked more secret Cog transmissions, revealing that the Downsizers plan to march on Toontown today, June 27th. Their goal? To downsize all Toon fun. Our plan of defense? BUST THOSE COGS! Resistance Rangers have cleverly sealed off these Districts as Safe Zones:

Crazy Grove Gigglyfield Giggly Hills Goofy Valley Silly Valley Zany Acres

If those invading Bossbots have you feeling a little down, just hide out in one of the above Districts. Let's hope this is all those conspiring Cogs have cooked up... Toons of the World... Unite! Take down those Downsizers!

June 28, 2012: Thumbs Down on the Big Wigs' Big Plan

Toontastic job, everyone! You put down the invading Downsizers and showed those Bossbots who the real boss is around Toontown. The next time they -- ah, excuse me a moment, Toons... Resistance Ranger Roxanne has just handed me a Cog transmission intercepted inside the Lawbot Courthouse. Here is the decoded message (gulp):

We Big Wigs judge that the Downsizers have done their work well. All is going according to plan. Those silly little Toons' jellybeans and gags have been downsized after the Bossbot swarm. Now we Big Wigs shall march from the Courthouse to throw the book at them. Court is now in session!

Big Wigs out in the streets of Toontown?? They mean business (though not surprising for a Cog, they are all about the numbers). Careful, brave Toons – this high level Lawbot is second only to the Chief Justice – and apparently very cranky too, even for a Cog. Those Big Wigs won't be easily brushed aside. The Toon Resistance will battle to keep these Safe Zones free of any invading Big Wigs:

Crazy Grove Gigglyfield Giggly Hills Goofy Valley Silly Valley Zany Acres

Grab your best gags and stick together! Unite to help your fellow Toons bust the Big Wigs! Now where is my Seltzer Bottle? I knew I should have cleaned up my office...[22]

June 29, 2012: Toons Cheer With Cogs Cleared!

Toons everywhere came together this week to bust up the Big Wigs' big plans in a big way. The only thing better than seeing those invading Cogs explode is watching brilliant fireworks bursting in the skies - and you Toons earned it! Celebrate our Toon victory over those low-down Lawbots under the colorful fireworks displays in Playgrounds. When the sky darkens over Toontown at the top of every hour, just look up to see the rockets exploding overhead. Summer Fireworks begin today and keep right on bursting all the way through July 16. To get the best view of the show, hit PAGE UP to look skyward. Special summer clothes like the "fireworks" shirts, shorts, and skirts are available for a limited time in Clarabelle's Cattlelog. Stay Tooned for more Toontastic summer events, like Toon Trooper Summer Parties - coming soon![23]

July 3, 2012: Classic Accessories Make A Comeback

Many, many Toons keep asking if any accessories will come around again in the Cattlelog. Leave it to Clarabelle to satisfy your dizzy shopping demands, Toons! Look for these classic favorites to start popping up in your Cattlelogs now:

zany goodies like the pirate hat, sombrero, nerd glasses, aviators, 3-D movie glasses, cowboy hat, mini-blind sunglasses, golf hat, party hat, shark fin, dragonfly wings, jet pack, cowboy boots, wingtips, black & white hi tops --WHEW-- and lots more!

Whether you're a new Toon on the scene, or you just missed these Toontastic items the first time around, now's your chance to grab up these classic accessories! If you are a new Toon, make sure you buy a trunk first before buying your accessories. It takes a day for your trunk to ship, then start shopping for those accessories. Clarabelle will send the accessories you purchase right to your mailbox in an hour. TOON TIP: If you buy accessories before you receive your trunk, leave your first accessories in your mailbox until you get your trunk inside your Toon house. After all, you have to be able to stash those accessories somewhere!

July 5, 2012: Robots on the Run

Toons totally demolished the mega-invasions, but those crabby Cogs continue to crank out more bothersome bots every day. So let's drop a piano on their factory lines, and take the battle right to those rotten robots! Defeat as many Cogs as you can this weekend - starting Friday, July 6 through Sunday, July 8. It doesn't matter what types of Cogs you battle – in the streets or in Cog Buildings – just bust ‘em to pieces! Are YOU Toon enough? The top 50 Toons who defeat the most Cogs each day of the three-day Event will win a brand new Cog Buster shirt for their Toon! See the Toontastic all-new prize in tomorrow's new issue of "Toon News... For the Amused!"[24]

July 10, 2012: Cogs Defeated in Whopping Numbers!

The Toon Resistance salutes all you hard-playing Toons for blasting, bursting, and busting up such huge bunches of those bothersome bots this past weekend. Way to wallop those Cogs! Toontown's fireworks were nearly drowned out by the sound of so many Cogs going SPLAT! In fact, we're still picking up all the gears and springs, and tallying all the results. Stay Tooned for the winners of the Most Cogs Defeated tournament to be announced new Cog Buster shirtin next week's new Toon News... For the Amused! This year's all-new, exclusive Cog Buster shirt prize will ship to the winning Toons' mailboxes when the official results are announced.

July 13, 2012: Final Weekend for Spectacular Summer Fireworks

It's the final weekend to enjoy fireworks exploding over Toontown's Playgrounds. Gather together your Toon friends this weekend, and don't miss one single KA-BOOM! The dazzling displays of color come to a close at the end of Monday, July 16. Of course you can always thrill to your very own spectacular fireworks shows in Toon Parties. Have a blast all summer, Toons![25]

July 18, 2012: Perfect Trolley Games This Weekend

July events get even hotter with the Perfect Trolley Games tournament this weekend! Play as many Trolley Games as you can this weekend: starting Friday, July 20 through Sunday, July 22. The top 20 Toons who achieve the most "perfect" Trolley Game scores, per Neighborhood, each day of the three-day event will win an all-new Trolley Games shirt for their Toon! See the exclusive, brand new prize in this Friday's new issue of Toon News... For the Amused! Summer in Toontown is all about fun & games, and you can find both on the Trolley. Think I hear it chugging this way now... I'd better hop on and go practice. Good luck, Toons![26]

July 24, 2012: Thanks for a Perfect Trolley Games Weekend!

Thank you to all Toons who took part in our Perfect Trolley Games Weekend challenge! Your Toontastic "perfect" scores made the challenge, well... perfectly fun! We're busy counting up the winners to find the top 20 Toons that achieved the most "perfect" Trolley Game scores, per Neighborhood, per day of the event. Winners will be announced in the next issue of Toon News... For the Amused, and the exclusive, brand new Trolley shirt will be sent out at that same time! While we add up those scores, stay Tooned right here for more news coming soon on something Toontastically fun the Toon Troopers are cooking up for summer...[27]

July 26, 2012: Silly Summer Parties with Toon Troopers!

Toon Troopers celebrate the silliness of summer by hosting Silly Summer Parties for Toons this weekend! This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday join in on all the wacky fun by visiting a Party Gate, and looking up a public Toon Trooper Party at these times:

Friday, July 27: 11am - 12pm (PST)

Saturday, July 28: 3pm - 4pm (PST)

Sunday, July 29: 3pm - 4pm (PST)

Look for public Parties hosted by Toon Troopers Tabitha, Taffy, Terry, Tycho, Tiberius, Tor, Tiffany, Tatum, Toby... and of course, Teo! Play all your favorite Party games, enjoy the wacky decorations - and since your Toontastic hosts are the Toon Troopers, expect jumbles of free jellybeans! Get those beans, and host a Toontastic summer Party of your your own. Toons of the World, prepare to Party![28]

==Silly Summer Parties are a Smash! July 31, 2012: Toon Troopers thank you for making their summer Parties a silly success this past weekend! We hope you enjoyed all the wacky summer Party activities, and those extra jellybeans. The Toon Troopers had so much fun with you Toons, that they're planning a special summer thank you, coming soon. Stay Tooned...[29]

August 3, 2012: Toon Troopers' Special Summer Thank You

The Toon Troopers had a blast with Toons in their Silly Summer Parties, and they want to share a special gift to help remember all the wacky fun. How do you get this Toontastic new shirt for your Toon? The Troopers cooked up a secret summer code you can use in Toontown to receive the shirt! Where is the secret code? Check out today's new issue of Toon News... For the Amused! inside Toontown. Don't miss the "Talk of the Town" section for all details - and enjoy![30]

August 8, 2012: Harvest Gags This Summer

Summertime is a Toontastic time to tend to your garden at your Estate. Most Toons already know that garden growing gives you extra Laff, more jellybeans, and even trophies – but many newer Toons have asked the Toon Council, "Do gags grow on trees??" Naturally! (What else would a Toon tree grow?) Just plant a tree at your Estate – a gag tree! A Toon's tender loving care allows gag trees to produce organic gags, which do 10% more damage when battling Cogs, and make more accurate Lures too. Buy a Gardening Kit to get going, then plant a gag at any of the dirt mounds at your Estate. Each tree can grow gags from only one track, and this track will receive the organic gag bonus -- so choose wisely! Make sure you water it often, and when the gag tree blooms, you'll have your first organic gag to pick right off your own tree! TOON TIP: If you want a higher level gag tree, you'll have to plant trees for all the gags beneath it. Keep this in mind if you want a Level 7 gag tree, since you'll only get one. So buy a Gardening Kit, plant some Toony trees, and grow lots of gags for a silly summer harvest![31]

August 15, 2012: Bring Down the Most Cog Buildings This Weekend

This summer, Toons turned back multi mega-invasions, then stopped Cogs cold in the streets. Now let's go knock on their doors, shall we? Starting Friday, August 17 through Sunday, August 19, rescue as many Toon buildings as you can this weekend - by bringing down the most Cog buildings! Each day of the event, the top 5 Toons who defeat the most Cog buildings per Neighborhood will win an exclusive new prize! It doesn't matter which streets, so long as they're all in the same Neighborhood per day. NOTE: Cog HQs and Field Offices DO NOT count towards this weekend's event, Toons! We'll have to save those ‘bot spots for another challenge. Get a sneak peek at the Toontastic new prize this Friday, splattered all over the front page of Toon News... For the Amused! Gather up your best gags and Toon friends – and win back those buildings!

August 24, 2012: Last Chance for the Silly Summer Shirt

Toons, it's the last weekend to grab a sunshiny Silly Summer shirt! To get this Toontastic new shirt, just go to your Shticker Book, and click the light switch button. Type the code SUMMER on the Enter A Code page - wait a few minutes - and your new Silly Summer shirt delivers right to the mailbox at your Toon Estate. After August 28th, this special summer code is no more!

August 30, 2012: Have a Favorite Fall Accessory?

As Toontown's summer silliness wraps up, get set for September and fall fun waiting right around the corner! Coming soon, Clarabelle gives Toons another shot at some popular fall accessories that you may have missed the first time around. Which fall accessories do YOU want to see make a Cattlelog comeback in September? Archer hat? Cateye glasses? Rainbow wings? Bat wings? Secret ID masks? Beehive hairdo? Red super boots? Dog and cat pet packs? Groucho glasses? Wizard and witch hats? Mickey's band hat? Let us know, and "Speak Up!" below. Member Toons, make sure you sign in and vote in the Toon HQ Poll too!

August 31, 2012: Buildings Saved and Prizes Sent

Thank you to all Toons who saved so many Toon buildings, by demolishing so many Cog buildings! Not only did you brave Toons win back our shops and stores, you may have also won an all-new exclusive shirt for your Toon... You can see the full list of winners in next week's new issue of Toon News... For the Amused! In the meantime, the winners' prizes are zipping to the mailboxes at their Estates this weekend! Big thanks to every Toon who took part in this challenge. We've never seen such Toontastic teamwork with so many fearless foursomes battling for our Toony buildings – well done, everyone!

September 7, 2012: Wacky Winners in the New Toon News

Just who won the Most Buildings Saved challenge? See all the official, wacky winners (and bunches more) in the new issue of Toon News... For the Amused inside Toontown today! Congratulations, Toons! Wear those exclusive prize shirts with pride. (You mean your name is listed and you haven't checked your Toon mailbox yet??)

September 7, 2012: Favorite Fall Accessories!

We asked which fall accessories Toons wanted to see most in the Cattlelog, and you sure let us know! Tons of Toons asked for the witch and wizards hats, the cateye glasses, bat wings, archer hat, Roman helmet, and more. Those rainbow wings and loveable dog and cat pet packs definitely topped the list of favorites. Many of you had trouble choosing - and in the end, so did we! Clarabelle didn't want to leave anyone's request out, so she's decided to offer ALL fall accessories in the Cattlelog! Clarabelle also snuck in the Toontastic bird hat too! Look for more Contest-winning accessories like the Flunky cog pack and alien eyes glasses coming soon. Stay Tooned...

September 13, 2012: Billy Budd's Annual Fall Fishing Tournament

Break out those fishing rods, and get ready to reel in a favorite fall Toon tradition this weekend. Billy Budd's annual fall Fishing Tournament runs this Friday, September 14 through Sunday, September 16! Catch the most fish in a 24-hour period any day of the Tournament using one of the following fishing rods: twig, bamboo, wood, steel or gold. Any pond will do – including the one at your very own Estate! The top 20 Toons who catch the most fish per rod - each day - win a brand new Fishing Boot shirt to boot! ALL Toons are welcome to cast a line in this challenge. If you're not a Member, your twig fishing rod will work too. Billy's looking for the best fisher-Toons in town, so stock up on beans for bait today![32]

September 18, 2012: FIN-tastic Fall Fishing, Toons!

Billy Budd bids a big thank you to all Toons who cast a line in his Annual Fall Fishing Tournament last weekend. Stay Tooned as Billy tallies the results this week to reel in his top fisher-Toons with the most fish caught! The winners will be posted in the upcoming new issue of Toon News... For the Amused! The Toontastically exclusive Fishing Boot shirt will be awarded when the wacky winners are announced. Look for it all soon, inside Toontown![33]

September 21, 2012: Fan Art Update

Calling all Toons to Toon HQ! We have updated our Fan Art section with all-new Toon creations. Check out the Toontastically creative work by your fellow Toons now! Then jump into Toontown to get some zany inspiration – and create a wacky work of art all your own![34]

September 25, 2012: Time For Toon Memory Toon-Up?

After our recent Trolley Games Challenge, we heard from quite a few Toons that the Toon Memory game can be downright frustrating. Many Toons find it confusing when other players are turning over cards all at the same time - or they are not sure why they can't flip over a card themselves. Once four Toons get playing at the same time, it can quickly make for memory madness! We want all Trolley games to be as jolly and fun as possible, so let us know what YOU think about playing Toon Memory:

Would you like to see the Toon Memory game stay just as you remember it? Or would it be more fun and less confusing as a single player game?

October 5, 2012: Get Set for a Silly and SPOOKY October!

Halloween items start happily haunting Clarabelle's Cattlelog this week! Spooky clothing and Halloween-themed treats for your Toon Estate are creeping into the Cattlelog as we speak. Clarabelle has even made all SEVEN Halloween costumes available for Members this October:

SkeleToon, Vampire, SuperToon, Bee, Turtle, PirateToon, and Toonosaurus!

And she has a special gift for ALL Toons to get into the Halloween spirit! To find out what it is, check out today's new issue of Toon News... For the Amused inside Toontown. The "Talk of the Town" section has all the spooooky details. This is one Toontastic treat "witch" you do not want to miss out on! SPECIAL NOTE: Goofy got his numbers all mixed up and priced the new purple bat shirt in the Cattlelog way too high. Though it's a Toontastic shirt, you'd be batty to pay 5,000 jellybeans! So we recommend waiting until Clarabelle makes her price adjustment very soon - stay Tooned![35]

October 5, 2012: Toontown's Halloween Art Contest

Enter Toontown's Halloween Art Contest today for a chance to win a Toontastic Prize Pack! Creating a spooky and silly Toontown Halloween work of art is the perfect way to get in the Halloween spirit! Your Halloween Art must be Toontown-themed, celebrating this chilling holiday in Toontown with Halloween accessories, clothing, decorations, costumes, or even creepy Cogs. Submit your Toontown Halloween Art between now and October 14, 2012 for your chance to win. Five First Prize winners will each receive a Toontown Prize Pack stuffed full of Toontastic treats, including a Cog bobblehead, Toontown clock, and lots of other Toon goodies! The winning Halloween Art will be posted on Toontown Online for all to see and enjoy - just in time for Halloween! To enter and send us your Toony Halloween Art, just go to Toontown's Contest page. Make sure you read the Contest rules before sending your entry. Submit your haunted Halloween art between now and October 14, 2012! Attention Toons! This contest is now closed! Thank you for all your Toontastic entries. Look for the winners in Toon News... For the Amused right before Halloween![36]

October 10, 2012: Halloween Art Contest Free of Gremlins!

If you had trouble entering your Toontown Halloween Art by submitting it online, please try again! We found the pesky gremlins who were getting in the way, and fixed the problem. You can now submit your silly and spooky artwork online, one entry per account. Remember your artwork must be Toontown-themed, celebrating this chilling holiday in Toontown with Halloween accessories, clothing, decorations, costumes, or even creepy Cogs. The winning Halloween Art will be posted on Toontown Online for all to see and enjoy - just in time for Halloween! To enter and send us your Toony Halloween Art, just go to Toontown's Contest page. Make sure you read the Contest rules before sending your entry. Submit your haunted Halloween art between now and October 14, 2012! Attention Toons! This contest is now closed! Thank you for all your Toontastic entries. Look for the winners in Toon News... For the Amused right before Halloween![37]

October 12, 2012: Spooky Weekend Reminders

This is the last weekend to enter Toontown's Halloween Art contest! Make sure you read the Contest rules before sending your entry. All entries need to be sent to us online, or stamped by the mail, no later than October 14, 2012! And don't forget to grab your special witch shirt too with Clarabelle's SPOOKY code. All Toons will be "over the moon" when they receive this especially spook-tacular gift! Chilling Halloween decorations start materializing around town in just a few days, so make sure you're good and ready! Attention Toons! The Halloween Art contest is now closed! Thank you for all your Toontastic entries. Look for the winners in Toon News... For the Amused right before Halloween![38]

October 15, 2012: Hilarious Hauntings Hit Toontown!

Ghosts, bats, scarecrows, jack o' lanterns, and all kinds of kooky 'n creepy crawlies have materialized around the streets of Toontown! Even your own Estate enjoys eerie decorations, and it all means Halloween time has arrived! Trick or Treating, Pumpkin Heads, and Black Cat Toons are not far behind... so bring in those beans, and get set with your most spook-tastic costumes, clothing, and accessories. HINT: If you want to get a head start on your Trick or Treating, check with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and Pluto now! They are all giving out clues where Toons will be able to Trick or Treat starting next week - so make your list of those shops, get your costumes, and be ready to go for Trick or Treating next week! October is a booo-tiful time to be a Toon![39]

October 19, 2012: Flippy's Eerie Encounter

After spending the morning happily Halloween shopping for his spooky costume and accessories, Flippy returned to his office in Toon Hall to make an eerie discovery... The brand new gags he left out on his desk now looked like swiss cheese – as if someone or something had taken big chomps right out of them! But what could chomp through a bicycle horn, TNT... even an anvil?? While the Toon Resistance takes a closer look at this puzzling evidence, and Flippy cleans up the mess, can YOU help solve this Halloween whodunit? Maybe it's all the Halloween decorations that have us a little spooked, but we have a creepy feeling about this one...[40]

October 22, 2012: Time for Toontastic Trick-or-Treating!

From October 22 to November 1, round up your Toon friends, put on your costume and accessories, and Trick-or-Treat to earn jellybeans - and a Jack-O-Lantern for a head! Here's how: Members can purchase the "Trick or Treat!" SpeedChat phrase from the Cattlelog. Visit the six Shopkeepers who are taking part, in any order, and say "Trick or Treat!" to them. Who ARE the Shopkeepers? Solve the Puzzle, or pickup clues from the characters in the Playgrounds. Once you've visited the sixth Shopkeeper, POOF! Your head is a Jack-O-Lantern until November 1! Your Jack-O-Lantern head will last until Halloween is over, but completing any of the "Just for Fun" ToonTasks that reward a Toon-changing effect will remove it. To get your Pumpkin Head back, just go to any of the participating Shopkeepers and use your "Trick or Treat!" SpeedChat phrase again. TRICK-OR-TREATING TIP #1: Some Toons had an issue where they got their Pumpkin Head, but not their jellybean treat. As of Thursday morning, this has now been fixed! If you now Trick-or-Treat to the six Shopkeepers in the puzzle, you will receive your sweet jellybean treats as well as your Pumpkin Head! TRICK-OR-TREATING TIP #2: If you were in the middle of Trick-or-Treating to all six Shopkeepers when this was fixed this morning, please make sure you visit ALL six of those Shopkeepers in the puzzle again, even if you already used your "Trick or Treat!" Speedchat phrase with them. Then you too will get all your treats - with no tricks![41]

October 26, 2012: "Halloween Art Contest" Winners!

Thank you to the many artistic Toons who entered our "Halloween Art Contest"! After enjoying each and every eerie entry, we finally narrowed it down to our five winners. To see who won along with their winning works of Halloween art, check out the new Toon News... For the Amused today! We thank everyone who took time to draw and send in their booo-tiful artwork. You are ALL Toontastically talented Toons![42]

October 30, 2012: Toon Resistance Alert: Beware the Bloodsuckers!

They've been popping up all over Toontown (even in Flippy's office!), and the Toon Resistance confirms that Bloodsucker Cogs plan to invade Toontown this Tuesday, October 30 through Wednesday, October 31! These creepy Cogs are set to swarm in three waves each day: 2:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. PST, then at 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. PST, and finally at 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. PST. All times listed are Pacific Standard Time. For Toons who want to avoid the Invasions, the Toon Resistance used garlic cream pies (blechh!) to clear the following Districts as safe zones:

Crazy Grove Goofy Valley Gigglyfield Silly Valley Giggly Hills Zany Acres Toons unite and bust those Bloodsuckers 'til they're batty! Let's show those ghoulish gaggles of gears that they can't spoil our Halloween fun![43]

October 31, 2012: Happy Halloween... and Black Cat Day!

October 31st is the one lucky day of the year to make a super-rare Black Cat Toon! Just follow these frightfully simple steps:

1. Create a new CAT Toon of any color 2. During the Toontorial, when Flippy asks you to use a SpeedChat phrase, say "Toontastic!" 3. *POOF!* You now have a BLACK CAT TOON!

Or you can always give those Cogs a real scare... as an eerie Invisi-Toon! Just check in Toon HQs for an HQ Officer offering a "Just For Fun" task with the Invisible reward. Complete that ToonTask, and *ZAP!* You're a ghostly Invisi-Toon! Whichever kooky costume you choose, happy and hilarious Trick-or-Treating to you, Toons![44]

November 2, 2012: The Cog Pack is Back!

November means the chill of Halloween soon turns to a frosty, fun winter. Clarabelle says bundle up, with the wintry warm accessories making their way into the Cattlelog! Look your Toontastic best for the holidays with angel wings and a tiara, a red bow, or a top hat! A backpack of toys and some jolly boots make a perfect pair for popping into holiday parties. Or keep your Toon winter wacky as can be, with a jester hat, a pilot hat, boingy hearts, or a pompadour hairdo for boy Toons! You'll find the biggest, kookiest collection of winter boots, rain boots, Toon boots, loafers, and tennis shoes in this Cattlelog too. Clarabelle also brings back two Toon favorites:

Her very own heart-shaped glasses... and the Cog backpack!

Show those cranky contraptions you mean funny business, with a little Flunky of your own! TOON TIP: If you don't see these accessories yet in your current Cattlelog – don't worry! These new accessories will appear in your next Cattlelog soon. Just make sure you buy and receive the trunk first, if you do not have one already.[45]

November 7, 2012: Fill Your Acorn Acres C.U.P.!

November starts swinging with Toontown's annual Acorn Acres C.U.P. (Courses Under Par) Championship this weekend! The C.U.P. craziness begins this Friday, November 9 and runs through Sunday, November 11. Members are invited to play Chip ‘n Dale's MiniGolf to get the most "Courses Under Par" scores. The top ten Toons who achieve the most "Under Par" scores on each course, during each day of the three-day weekend, will win a Toontastic prize. This year it's a brand-new golfing outfit: an all-new shirt, plus new skirt for girls, and new shorts for boys! See these thrilling Toon threads in the new issue of Toon News... For the Amused coming soon![46]

November 13, 2012: Thanks for a Madcap MiniGolf C.U.P.!

Thank you to all Toons who "putt" their all into the Acorn Acres C.U.P. Championship last weekend! Looking FOREward to seeing who golfed the most "under par" scores per course on each day of the event? All shots are still being tallied up, and the winners will be posted in an upcoming Toon News... For the Amused! The brand new, exclusive Acorn Acres MiniGolf outfit prize will be awarded at that same time. Stay Tooned![47]

November 16, 2012: Give the Gift of Toontown Online

With Winter Holidays right around the corner, it's a Toontastic time to make the holidays hilarious for someone special by giving the gift of Toontown Online! Give a Toontown Gift Subscription to that special friend or family member (Kids, remember to always ask permission before purchasing). And if YOU want to explore Toontown with no limits, there's nothing wacky about giving the gift of a Toontown Gift Subscription to yourself! Toontown Online Game Cards are also available to purchase for 30-day Memberships. Click here for store locations near you. The wacky world of Toontown is the perfectly goofy gift for any fun-loving Toon on your list. Toons Unite! UPDATE: And check out the winners of our Acorn Acres C.U.P. Championship in the brand new Toon News... For the Amused out now! Prizes are waiting in the winning Toons' mailboxes now. Con-GOLF-ulations![48]

November 28, 2012: Toon Troopers Say "Thanks for Giving!"

Toon Troopers kick off the winter holidays with a Thanks For Giving event! Troopers Teo, Tabitha, Tiberius, Travis, Taffy, and Tycho will be thanking Toons with jumbles of jellybeans at these times:

Friday, November 30: 12pm - 1pm (PST) Saturday, December 1: 3pm - 4pm (PST) Sunday, December 2: 3pm - 4pm (PST)

Toon Troopers will be throwing out thankful beans in Playgrounds throughout these goofy "G" Districts:

Giggly Bay Giggly Hills Gigglyfield Goofy Valley Giggly Grove Giggly Point Gigglyham Goofyport

HINT: It's easy to spot a Toon Trooper with the whistle symbol over their heads. The Toon Troopers ask that you then give thanks yourself – by using your extra beans to buy Toontastic gifts for your Toon friends! Just open your Cattlelog and click the "BUY GIFTS" button. You'll make your friends' holidays especially sweet... and YOU will feel Toontastic too. Thanks for Giving, Toons![49]

November 30, 2012: ToonCouncil Safety Reminder

The Toon Council reminds all Toons to follow Disney's Online Code of Conduct here. We're very aware of "hackers" who break these rules by manipulating Toontown's program (or telling other players how to do so), in order to change the way Toontown behaves. Toontown should be played only with the software provided for download at Using other software to play Toontown for you (sometimes called a macro) or altering the Toontown software code in any way is not permitted. We take hacks and those who use them to break the rules in Toontown very seriously, including banning or permanently terminating their accounts. Accounts terminated for hacking or altering Toontown's software will not be reinstated. The problems hackers cause interfere with gameplay for you, and lots of other Toons. So while we work to stop their Cog-like activity, YOU can also help keep Toontown safe. Contact Us if you would like to report someone using or giving out hacks and breaking Toontown's rules. If you are unsure of a situation, just grab a parent for help. Be a responsible Toon, and help keep Toontown a fun and safe place to play!

December 4, 2012: Warm Up with a Jolly Winter Holiday!

Toontown's wacky Winter Holiday starts today, with colorful decorations decked all over town! Clarabelle's Cattlelog is filling with holiday cheer with merry clothing for Toons, and festive furnishings to decorate your Estate. Candles, holiday trees, wreaths, snowflake wallpaper, snowmen, and more are all the perfect way to celebrate the Holidays! Holiday Parties are a Toontastic way to enjoy goofy good cheer with your Toon friends! Toon Parties get a delightful dusting of snow, candy, and ribbons on trampolines, the holiday Present Catching Game, Cog-O-War, bandstands, inflatable Cogs, and Reindeer Doodles. Right now you can also find a special, snowy species of Doodle in Toon Parties and the Cattlelog – the SnowDoodle! This frozen little fellow loves to decorate your Parties and Estate, but once the Winter Holiday ends, they all melt away... so don't delay! If you haven't started a garden, now is a jolly time to get your Gardening Kit from the Cattlelog, plant a flower (HINT: use a green jellybean!), then wait a day to pick it to earn one shovel skill point. Then you're all set to purchase and plant your own silly SnowDoodle![50]

December 7, 2012: Toontastic Winter Holiday Gift for You!

Did you know that Pluto's first job was delivering mail on a sled during icy cold winters? Maybe that's why this former mail dog's favorite place to play is still the snowy Brrrgh. Lots of Toons like spending this time of year in that cheerfully chilly Neighborhood too, so Pluto had the idea to deliver a jolly gift to EVERY Toon! To receive your Winter Holiday gift, just get the special code in the "Talk of the Town" section of this week's all-new Toon News... For the Amused! inside Toontown. Once you get your gift, make sure you stop by and thank Pluto for his BRRRilliant idea![51]

December 12, 2012: Holiday Cattlelog Shopping: The More the Merrier!

Toons should start seeing even more wacky winter items making their merry way into the Cattlelog this week. Presents, sleds, and icy floors are just some of the jolly good fun to be found in Clarabelle's Cattlelog – all Toontastically perfect for celebrating the holidays! Don't forget to grab your BRRRilliant Winter Holiday gift, direct from the snowy Brrrgh! Just get the special code in the "Talk of the Town" section of the latest Toon News... For the Amused! inside Toontown. What are your favorite Winter Holiday items, and what are YOU looking forward to gifting to your Toon friends? Let us know...![52]

December 14, 2012: A Snowman Head for a Song

The time for Tune-tastic Holiday Caroling is here! Starting Sunday, December 16 plop a snazzy Snowman head on your Toon by singing holiday carols to six special shopkeepers in Toontown. To find the six shopkeepers you need to visit, just figure out the puzzle by clicking here! You need to sing just one of your Caroling SpeedChat phrases to each shopkeeper (doesn't matter which carol, they enjoy them all!). You'll get a stocking full of jellybeans each time, and a brrr-illiant Snowman head when you sing a carol to the last shopkeeper! If you need some extra clues, just chat with Mickey, Minnie, Donald and the other Playground hosts. Tips for Tune-tastic Toon Caroling:

Make your merry rounds caroling to the shopkeepers in any order and in any District, except Welcome Valley. You can only carol to each shopkeeper for jellybeans once, so make sure there is enough room in your Jellybean Bank for all your Winter Holiday rewards: 600 jellybeans! Your Snowman head will last until our Winter Holiday is over on January 4, but completing any of the "Just for Fun" ToonTasks that reward a Toon-changing effect will remove it. To get your Snowman head back, just go to any of the participating shopkeepers and use a "Caroling" SpeedChat phrase again. Brrrr! Some hats and glasses accessories don't look their best when covered with snow! If you don't like the way an accessory looks with your Snowman head, just take off that accessory. Once the Snowman head melts away, you can always put the accessory back on.

December 19, 2012: Toon Troopers Crash Holiday Parties

Get ready... Toon Troopers are crashing as many Holiday Parties as they can this weekend – with jolly jellybean gifts for Toons! Troopers TYCHO, TAFFY, TESSA, TRAVIS and TEO play party elves in public Parties this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, December 21 - 23! Those cheerful Toon Troopers will be gifting jolly jellybeans, so host your own Winter-themed Party to celebrate the holidays! HINT: Look for the Toon Troopers in Parties between 12pm - 1pm (PST) this Friday, and between 3pm - 4pm (PST) on both Saturday and Sunday. It's easy to spot a Toon Trooper with the whistle symbol over their heads - and the jellybeans from their gift bags! Make your Toon friends' Winter Holiday the happiest ever, by using your extra beans to send them Toontastic gifts! Just open your Cattlelog and click the "BUY GIFTS" button. 'Tis the season, Toons!

December 24, 2012: Wishing Toons a Jolly Winter Holiday!

Whether you're catching falling presents, caroling with a head of snow, or enjoying decorations with good friends at your Toon Estate, the ToonCouncil wishes all Toons lots of Laffs and every happiness for the holidays! We hope our wacky winter festivities warm the hearts of Toons all over – and maybe even a Cog or two (well, Toons can always hope, can't they?). Jolly Winter Holidays to One and All!

December 28, 2012: New Toon Year Just Days Away

Get set to celebrate the coming New Toon Year with Toontastic fireworks bursting over each of the playgrounds -- every hour on the hour -- starting this Sunday! When the Toontown sky turns to night, the colorful rockets take flight from December 30 through January 2, 2013. For the best view of the fireworks show, hit PAGE UP to look skyward. Grab your best Toon friends, dress up in your fanciest accessories like the top hat and tiara, and party like a Toon! Then get ready to compete in Toontown's annual New Year's Eve Marathon - coming soon on (when else??) New Year's Eve! Stay Tooned! The ToonCouncil wishes all Toons a Toontastic New Toon Year![53]

December 31, 2012: New Year's Marathon!

The coming New Toon Year also means the return of Toontown's annual Top Toons New Year's Day Marathon! The competition starts tonight December 31, at 9:00 p.m. PST, and runs for 24 breathtaking hours! The top Toon in each Top Toons category (except Sellbot, Cashbot, Lawbot, and Bossbot Victories) -- EACH HOUR -- will win an exclusive shirt for their Toon! Toons are eligible to win one category for one hour. Runners-up will be winners in case of multiple wins. Are YOU Toon enough to go the distance? Stay Tooned here at the "What's New" news for the winners – and good luck, Toons!