Toon HQ searched high and low for the super-secret headquarters of the Bossbots. It turns out the Bossbots are hiding in their "ultra-exclusive" Country Club, playing endless games of golf. Now, it's up to resourceful Toons to interrupt their games, while taking the fight all the way to the dreaded Bossbot C.E.O.!

–Toontown Player's Guide, Toontown website

Bossbot Headquarters
Bossbot Headquarters
Basic information
Type: Bossbots
Location: Chip 'n Dale's MiniGolf
Cog information
Cog boss: Chief Executive Officer
Facility information
Facilities: Cog golf courses, Bossbot Clubhouse
Minimum cog level: 9
Maximum cog level: 12
Facility boss: Club president
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Bossbot Headquarters, also known as Bossbot HQ or BBHQ, is the Bossbots' headquarters. It is located off Chip 'n Dale's MiniGolf. It first came out on Test on January 6, 2008[1] and released in open on March 6, 2008[2].

Bossbot Headquarters has two facilities: The cog golf courses and the Bossbot Clubhouse.

Country Club

The Country Club, unlike other Cog Headquarters Courtyards, does not have roaming cogs. It is a dark place like Sellbot HQ with black trees all around. There are three golf carts that lead into the three golf courses and doors leading in to the clubhouse.

Cog Golf Courses

Main article: Cog golf courses

Cog golf courses are the Bossbots' cog facility. There are three different courses: The Front Three, The Middle Six, and The Back Nine. The Front Three is the shortest course, while The Back Nine consists of numerous cogs and is much longer. For The Front Three there is no laff limit. In The Middle Six the laff limit is 101. In The Back Nine the laff limit is 106.

V2.0 Cogs

Main article: V2.0 cog

Inside the golf courses and the clubhouse are the Bossbot-exclusive V2.0 cogs. They are cogs who have two shells. The first shell is the original appearance of the cog. When defeated, the second shell, the skelecog, is revealed and must be defeated also.

Bossbot Cog Suit

Main article: Bossbot cog suit

The Bossbot cog suit is a suit containing 17 pieces in total. The pieces are given as a reward from Shep Ahoy through ToonTasks. Once the first 16 pieces are collected, the last piece can be obtained from Flippy.

Once all pieces are obtained, and Stock Options are collected, the toon may enter the clubhouse and confront the Chief Executive Officer.


Main article: Bossbot Clubhouse

The clubhouse is the home of the Bossbots and the Chief Executive Officer. Once the Bossbot cog suit is complete, the toon can enter the clubhouse. Inside, the toons will be guided by Good ol' Gil Giggles, who aids the toons defeat the Chief Executive Officer.

Chief Executive Officer

Main article: Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer (commonly known as the C.E.O.) is the Bossbot boss. Upon defeating the Chief Executive Officer, the successful toons will be rewarded with pink slips.

Pink Slips

Main article: Pink slip (CEO)

Pink slips are special items that can immediately "fire" a cog. Pink slips can only be used in battle, and is an option on the smaller panel with four buttons. "Fire" is one of them. When you click on it, you select a cog to fire, and it dismisses the cog by shooting them out of a cannon. A maximum of 255 pink slips can be carried.


  • Unlike other Cog Headquarters, Bossbot Headquarters is located in a dense forest, as seen in the background.
  • This is the only Cog HQ not located at the end of a street.
  • Bossbot golf courses are the only ones not to be entered by elevator; instead, they are accessed by a golf cart.
  • Upon entering Bossbot HQ, toons will have a chance to hear three different types of music only heard in the Bossbot HQ. This also applies to the Cog Golf Courses.
  • This is the only Cog Headquarters that does not have cogs outside its cog facilities.
  • This is also the only Cog Headquarters to have V2.0 cogs.

In other languages

Language Name
FR French QG Chefbot
ES Spanish ???
D German ???
BRZ Brazilian Portuguese Quartel do Robô-chefe[3]
Japan Japanese ボスボット本部 [4]