Brain Storm
General information
Target: One Toon
Weakest Damage: 4
Strongest Damage: 15
Signature Move: No
Bossbots: Micromanager
Lawbots: None
Cashbots: None
Sellbots: Mover & Shaker
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Brain Storm is a cog move that can be performed by Micromanagers and Mover & Shakers.


  1. The cog summons a cloud above its head and then leans forward, moving its arms toward the toon like it is pushing the cloud.
  2. The cloud will fly above the toon's head and blue-colored words will start raining down on the toon.
    • If it hits, the words will hit the toon.
    • If it misses, the toon will step aside and the words will disappear in the air.


  • "I forecast rain."
  • "Hope you packed your umbrella."
  • "I want to enlighten you."
  • "How about a few rain DROPS?"
  • "Not so sunny now, are you Toon?"
  • "Ready for a down pour?"
  • "I'm going to take you by storm."
  • "I call this a lightning attack."
  • "I love to be a wet blanket.'"


Level 4 5 6 7 8
Damage 4 6 9 12 15
Mover & Shaker
Level 5 6 7 8 9
Damage 5 6 8 10 12


  • Brainstorming is a problem-solving method where members of a group share ideas and solutions.
  • This move looks very similar to Storm Cloud, Freeze Assets, and Liquidate, but it rains words instead.
  • When a Micromanager uses this, it usually misses, but when a Mover & Shaker uses it, it works most of the time.
  • This move is one of the five attacks involving a cloud.
  • Even if this attack misses, the cog will still do a victory-like move.

In other languages

Language Name
FR French Remue-méninges
ES Spanish ataque de locura [Citation Needed »]
D German Brainstorm
BRZ Brazilian Portuguese ???
Japan Japanese ブレインストーム


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