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Level 3 Sound Gag
General information
Minimum Damage: 9
Maximum Damage: 11
Accuracy: High
Organic boost: 12 Damage
Targets: All Cogs
Minimum carry capacity: 5
Maximum carry capacity: 20
Experience points needed for next gag: 1,000
Preceded by:
Succeeded by:
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Bugle is the level three Sound gag. It succeeds the Whistle but precedes the Aoogah.


The Bugle can be obtained once the toon earns a total of "200" Sound skill points. A toon can move up to the next level gag, the Aoogah, after earning a total of 1,000 Sound skill points.

When first obtained, the Bugle can deal a maximum damage of "9". The maximum damage gradually increases if the Sound skill bar increases, maximizing to a damage of "11" after obtaining the next gag. If grown on a tree and is organic, the maximum damage increases by one.

As with all Sound gags, the Bugle targets all cogs and does not get a lure bonus for hitting the cog.

A toon can carry a maximum of five Bugles when first obtained. After earning the Foghorn gag, a toon can carry a maximum of twenty Bugles.

Skill points

Previous level Next level
200 1000

In equation form:

  • X represents the skill points for the next gag
  • Y represents the starting point of this gag
  • M represents the maximum damage
  • O represents the original starting point

To determine the next increase in damage for a Bugle, take the number of skill points required to obtain the next gag and divide it by one more than the number of increase (the maximum damage + 1 - the original damage). You should therefore get an estimate.

The Bugle equation:

For every 267 skill points, the Bugle's damage increases.

Damage Skill points
9 200
10 467
11 734


  1. The toon will take out a megaphone.
  2. The toon will pull back the megaphone (as if taking a large breath) and a Bugle will sprout out of the megaphone.
  3. The toon will pull forward to the cogs, as the Bugle sound effect plays, and the Bugle animates as if it is playing the tune.
  4. The toon pulls back as the megaphone vanishes, and the cogs will be stunned for a few seconds.
  5. The cogs will either be return back to normal or be destroyed.

Trading card

You see a group of Cogs - sneak up - take a deep breath and TA-TA-TAAA!!!

A bright, bold bugle blast blows them out of their businesswear! Each Toontown bugle is tested by Flugel MacDougall, Beagle Bugler, who says "Blow these bonnie bugles, and it will be the end of the Cogs!" We think they're the finest in all of Toontown.


  • The Bugle plays to the tune of "Reveille", a bugle call often used in the military.
  • A Bugle looks very similar to a trumpet, however, a Bugle does not have any keys and valves (unlike the trumpet)
  • Despite being a level 3 gag, it doesn't take out a level 2 cog in one hit unless it is organic.
  • In Royal Castles, they use this when the Queen, King, Prince or Princess enters the Castle.
  • On the trading card, A toon is blowing a bugle on a Cold Caller.

In other languages

Language Name
FR.png French Clairon
ES.png Spanish Cornetas
D.png German Signalhorn
BRZ.png Brazilian Portuguese Clarim
Japan.png Japanese ???