CFO Battle

The Vault is the home of the Chief Financial Officer. Up to 8 Toons can enter at a time to fight him if they have completed their Cashbot Suit and have the correct number of Cogbucks.

Cog Round

A Toon named Mata Hairy in a Cog suit will greet you when the elevator opens. She will say, "Yay, you made it! Quick, follow me to the main vault before the C.F.O. finds us!" The CFO will come out of the doors on the left. Mata will say, "Blast it! We're too late!" Then the CFO will say "Aha, I thought I smelled something a little Toony in here! Impostors!" and remove your Cog suits. Mata will continue, "Keep him busy! I'll set a trap!" She will run through the doors on the right. As the door is closing you will see her stomp a goon and run towards a podium. The Cog battle will be a mixture of suited Cogs and Skelecogs. The suited Cogs will be levels 1-12 and the Skelecogs will be levels 8-12.

Crane Round

Magnet Crane

The magnet of the crane.

When you're done, the CFO will open the door to go into his main vault. Mata Hairy will say, "Watch this!" The CFO, seeing that this strategy will eventually get him killed, says, "Hey! Get away from that!" Mata Hairy will then proceed to give a long list of instructions. At this point the stomped goon will wake up, Mata will say "Eek! Gotta run!" and the goon will chase her away. You'll need to have four Toons operating cranes and four toons stomping Goons.

A toon operating the crane


Many people think of stomping as an amateur job and that it doesn't require much skill. However, stomping is crucial to success. The purpose of this job is twofold: to produce toon-ups and to give craners something to stun the CFO with. If you need practice stomping just go to the Factory and go on a stomping frenzy in the Lobby, Catwalks, or Warehouse. To stomp a goon just jump on its head. However, the small goons released at the beginning of the CFO battle require nothing more than running into its back. Make sure to avoid the lights of the goons at all costs. The little Goons only take -4 laff, but when things get tough the CFO will release supersized red Goons that take away up to -32 laff! When you run into one of those lights, it's always nice to have some treasures around. However, sometimes it is safer to run into a goon's light because when you do, you become immune to other goons. This is helpful when you are facing a large group of goons huddled together, since you can take more than one hit while trying to run around a goon. It also temporarily stops other toons from getting hit by that goon's light and keeps the light in the same spot. When you stomp a goon, a treasure will come out. The hit damage of the light is never less than the gain of one treasure, though. A good tactic of stomping is to pick a craner you want to guard. That way it is less likely for a craner to get knocked off a crane by a goon.


You'll need a lot of experience to be a good craner. There are four cranes inside the room; one in each corner. Step up to one, and control the magnet with the arrow keys. Pick up stomped goons with your magnet and throw them at the CFO to stun him. Live goons can be picked up too, but this is usually a bad idea because they struggle to get free. When the CFO is stunned, throw a safe at him to deal massive damage. Make sure not to throw a safe at him when he isn't stunned because he will use it as a helmet! Throwing goons at the helmet will not cause any damage. The only way to knock it off is with another safe. This may be easier if another toon runs into the CFO to make him bend down. If the CFO looks at you, jump off your crane, because he will throw gears at you. If you're getting swarmed by Goons, call for help, or jump off and stomp them to get a toon-up. You can also throw safes at them to destroy them if there are too many of them.

End of the Battle

When you have defeated the CFO, he will say "That's it. I've had enough of these pesky Toons! I've got a train tocatch!" and walk out of the area, where the Train he was getting on runs him over, and you will then earn your reward.

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