For the NPC of the same name, who is coincidentally also a cat, see Cat (NPC).

Cat is a toon species. They can be created by all players.

Cats meow with every word they speak. If a single word is spoken, the cat will meow once. If two words are spoken, the cat will meow twice. If the cat speaks more than two words at a time, the cat will meow five times. If a word not in the Toontown dictionary is used through the SpeedChat Plus option (assuming the player does not have the true friend option on), or others toons who do not have SpeedChat Plus, the word will be "censored" by "meow" or "mew." If an exclamatory phrase is used, the cat will meow loudly. If a question mark is used, the cat will meow asking a question.

Head designs

Cats have four different head designs that can be used to create a toon through the Create-A-Toon process. They can be any color.

Black cats

Black cats
Main article: Black cat

Black cats are a unique specimen, in which cats are the only species able to become black in color, as well as being available for creation only on Halloween. During Halloween, any cat created on this date will have the opportunity to change their color to black. Afterwards, attend the Toontorial and partake in the tutorial until meeting up with Flippy. Flippy will introduce the SpeedChats and will ask you to say a phrase from the green SpeedChat button. The phrase to say is "Toontastic!" and POOF! Your toon is a black cat. The effect is permanent, and the toon will stay as a black cat.

Notable cats

Madam Chuckle

Madam Chuckle, an SOS toon

Notable non-playable cats, other than those who give out ToonTasks, include: Professor Pete, Madam Chuckle, and Barbara Seville.

For a full list, see Category:Cats.


One Word
AV cat med
AV cat long
AV cat exclaim
AV cat question
AV cat howl

In other languages

Language Name
FR French Chat
ES Spanish Gato
D German Katze
BRZ Brazilian Portuguese Gato
Japan Japanese


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