Cat Fish
Cat fish animation
Varieties: 5 Fish Varieties
Lightest Weight: 2 lbs
Heaviest Weight: 11 lbs
General locations
Daisy Gardens
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The Cat Fish is a fish species. It is commonly found in its primary habitat - Daisy Gardens - though it can be caught just about anywhere. The Cat Fish family consists of 5 fish varieties:

  • Cat Fish
  • Siamese Cat Fish
  • Alley Cat Fish
  • Tabby Cat Fish
  • Tom Cat Fish

Places to Catch

Trading card

Cat Fish
A feline with fins? A gato with gills? Most cats hate water, but not the Cat Fish! This is one kitty who doesn't mind wet whiskers! Best way to catch a Cat Fish? Mouse-flavored jellybeans! (Yuck!) The Cat Fish makes a great pet, and they are afraid of nothing - except Dog Fish!


  • The trading card depicts it as afraid of the Dog Fish.
  • The trading card says it is only afraid of Dog Fish, however the Nurse Shark trading card depicts the Cat Fish running away from the Nurse Shark.


In other languages

Language Name
FR French Poisson-chat
ES Spanish Pez gato[1]
D German Katzenfisch
BRZ Brazilian Portuguese
Japan Japanese キャット フィッシュ

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