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Catching Game
Catching Game.png
Number of toons: 1-4
Minimum jellybeans: 14
Maximum jellybeans: 104
Time limit: 55 seconds
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Catching Game is a trolley game. The minimum number of toons required to play is one.


Catch as many fruits as you can. Watch out for the Cogs, and try not to 'catch' any anvils!

Catch the fruits

The objective is to catch as many falling fruit within the 55-second time limit. Two toons at the top of the tree will drop fruits, as well as anvils to "try to help by launching anvils at cogs".[1] Cogs will be roaming around the field; coming in contact with a cog will "stun" the toon for a short period of time. If the toon catches an anvil, the toon will be "stunned" momentarily. Anvils fall much faster than fruits, indicating that a fast-growing shadow may be an anvil.

Depending on the playground, the speed of the falling fruit, anvils, and the cogs will increase. Also, the type of fruit varies between playground for aesthetic purposes:


Action Keyboard
Move left, up, down, right, or diagonally Arrow keys (← ↑ ↓ →)


Neighborhood 1 player 2 players 3 players 4 players
Toontown Central 14 23 32 42
Donald's Dock 15 26 40 52
Daisy Gardens 20 35 49 64
Minnie's Melodyland 23 42 59 77
The Brrrgh 28 49 70 88
Donald's Dreamland 32 57 80 104
The maximum number of jellybeans that can be earned per player


  • This game gives out the most jellybeans when played with 4 toons.
  • A similar activity can be found in toon parties; although there are no cogs roaming, and toons may choose to enter and exit at their will.
  • In real life physics, the fruit would actually fall at the same rate as the anvil, because weight does not determine the rate of speed an item falls, but rather air resistance. Due to the fact that 'lighter' objects tend to be less dense, it is a common misconception for lighter objects to fall slower than the heavier ones.
  • Anvils and fruits have the same shadow shape, even though presumably in real life the shadow for the anvil would be square.
  • When toons are hit by falling anvils, they will have the 'Banana Peel' animation played, even though they would actually have been (supposedly) crushed.

In other languages

Language Name
FR.png French
ES.png Spanish ???
D.png German Achtung Fallobst
BRZ.png Brazilian Portuguese
Japan.png Japanese キャッチゲーム Catch Game [2]


  1. "Toons in the trees will try to help by launching anvils at the Cogs, but make sure to not get hit!" Official Toontown Player's Guide.