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No! The Chairman won't like this.

–CEO, Bossbot HQ

The Chairman is rumored to be the boss of all cogs. Little is known about who it is. The chairman was first mentioned by the Chief Executive Officer.

Toontown Download Video

Some believe that the Chairman was Gyro Gearloose's robot featured in the video that was shown in the original Toontown download video. The video showed a large grey robot that did not look much like a cog. The wealthy Scrooge McDuck connected the wrong wires, and brought the robot to life, but it became evil and started creating more. It is possible that if Scrooge McDuck had connected the red wire to the red wire or the blue wire to the blue wire, it wouldn't have become an evil cog. There is, of course, the fact that Disney removed this video, so there is a very real possibility that this robot may not have anything to do with Toontown anymore.


  • The Chairman is rumored to be the boss of all cogs.
  • One of the Toon Troopers said "The Chairman scares me!"
  • When the Chief Executive Officer is defeated, he quotes, "No! The Chairman won't like this."
  • In real life, a chairman's decisions must be approved by a Board of Executives.

In other languages

Language Name
FR French
ES Spanish ???
D German ???
BRZ Brazilian Portuguese O Presidente do Conselho[1]
Japan Japanese



Toontown - How the Cogs Were Made (Old Download Intro)

Toontown - How the Cogs Were Made (Old Download Intro)

The video previously shown during the download of Toontown, possibly featuring the Chairman.


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