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Chicken Boy
Chicken Boy
Physical description
Gender: Male
Species: Duck
Color: Yellow
Building: Pea Soup Cafe
Street: Walrus Way
Area: The Brrrgh
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Chicken Boy is an NPC toon who owns Pea Soup Cafe on Walrus Way in The Brrrgh.


Main article: ToonTask:+1 laff/Chicken Boy

Chicken Boy will give toons a ToonTask for a reward of a +1 laff point boost.

Trading card

Chicken boy
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  • He is one of the only two NPC toons to wear a different color of gloves. The other one is Gus Gooseburger, who wears red gloves, who also resides on Walrus Way.
    • Though on his trading card, he wears white gloves.
  • Despite his name, he is not a chicken, he is a duck.
  • His shirt, with the soccer ball, is unobtainable in the game.
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