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Chip n Dales MiniGolf
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Chip 'n Dale's MiniGolf is a subarea located in Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres. Toons can play minigolf by riding on the golf karts to enter the golf courses.

Bossbot Headquarters is accessible from here.

Golf courses

Main article: Golf courses

There are three difficulty levels to play on: easy, represented as the green karts, titled "Walk in the Par"; medium, represented as the yellow karts, titled "Hole Some Fun"; and hard, represented as the red karts, titled "The Hole Kit and Caboodle". The easy courses have three holes and usually contains little to no obstacles. Medium courses have six holes and introduces obstacles. Hard courses have nine holes and contains several types of obstacles.


Most courses have obstacles to hinder the goal towards the hole. Easy courses generally do not have obstacles, whereas hard courses contain several obstacles.

  • Hill: small lumps in the middle of the course that may require the golf ball to be hit over
  • Block: objects that block the way to the hole
  • Moving block: small blocks that move around
  • Windmill: simply a decoration but can be entered to allow one to have easy access to the hole
  • Ramp: regular inclined plane


The first step to playing golf is to position the toon in the three available spots: left, middle, or right. The player can position the toon using the "Left" and "Right" arrow keys on the keyboard and press the "Ctrl" (control) key to place the toon at the spot. At this phase, the player has 20 seconds before the toon is automatically positioned at the current spot.

Once positioned, the player can further position the toon's direction at the desired spot to aim the golf ball towards the hole. The player can press the "Left" and "Right" arrow keys to aim; pressing the "Up" arrow key allows the toon to automatically position themselves pointing to the hole. The toon can then decide to swing by pressing and holding the "Ctrl" key. A power meter appears to determine the power of the swing and distance of where the golf ball will travel. The player has 60 seconds to react during this phase.

Golfing terms

  • Par: the number of shots given to reach the hole
  • Birdie: pocket with one shot less than the Par of the hole
  • Eagle: pocket with two under Par
  • Hole-in-One: only one shot into the hole
  • Bogey: pocket with one shot above Par
  • Double Bogey: pocket with two shots above Par
  • Triple Bogey: pocket with three shots above Par
  • +3: did not complete the course


Golf Trophies

The golfing trophies page in the Shticker Book

Trophy Description Method
14 golf courses completedPlay and complete 4 golf courses
240 golf courses completedPlay and complete 40 golf courses
3400 golf courses completedPlay and complete 400 golf courses
41 course under ParMake 1 hole under Par
510 courses under ParMake 10 holes under Par
6100 courses under ParMake 100 holes under Par
71 hole-in-one shotMake only one shot to the hole 1 time
810 hole-in-one shotsMake only one shot to the hole 10 times
9100 hole-in-one shotsMake only one shot to the hole 100 times
102 eagle or better shotsGolf 2 eagle or better shots
1120 eagle or better shotsGolf 20 eagle or better shots
12200 eagle or better shotsGolf 200 eagle or better shots
133 birdie or better shotsGolf 3 birdie or better shots
1430 birdie or better shotsGolf 30 birdie or better shots
15300 birdie or better shotsGolf 300 birdie or better shots
164 Par or better shotsGolf 4 Par or better shots
1740 Par or better shotsGolf 40 Par or better shots
18400 Par or better shotsGolf 400 Par or better shots
196 multiplayer courses completedPlay and complete 6 courses with other toons
2060 multiplayer courses completedPlay and complete 60 courses with other toons
21600 multiplayer courses completedPlay and complete 600 courses with other toons
221 Walk in the Par winWin 1 "Walk in the Par" match
2310 Walk in the Par winsWin 10 "Walk in the Par" matches
24100 Walk in the Par winsWin 100 "Walk in the Par" matches
251 Hole Some Fun winsWin 1 "Hole Some Fun" matches
2610 Hole Some Fun winsWin 10 "Hole Some Fun" matches
27100 Hole Some Fun winsWin 100 "Hole Some Fun" matches
281 The Hole Kit and Caboodle winsWin 1 "The Hole Kit and Caboodle" matches
2910 The Hole Kit and Caboodle winsWin 10 "The Hole Kit and Caboodle" matches
30100 The Hole Kit and Caboodle winsWin 100 "The Hole Kit and Caboodle" matches

Earning 10 trophies will reward one laff boost trophy, giving one laff boost to the toon. A total of three laff boosts can be earned by collecting all thirty trophies.


Golfing Records

Golfing Records

Records can be recorded based upon the courses. There are three main records, which are the Easy-Medium-Hard courses.

  • Walk in the Par - Easy Courses; lowest number of shots: 3
  • Hole Some Fun - Medium Courses; lowest number of shots: 6
  • The Whole Kit and Caboodle - Hard Courses; lowest number of shots: 9

Each course has their own records as well.


  • It is the second subarea in Toontown, the first being Goofy Speedway.
  • It is the only toon area in Toontown that is directly linked to a Cog Headquarters, in which it is the Bossbot Headquarters.
  • Only toons with a full membership could play mini-golf.

In other languages

Language Name
FR French Minigolf de Tic et Tac
ES Spanish ???
D German ???
BRZ Brazilian Portuguese Minigolfe de Tico e Teco [1]
Japan Japanese チップとデールのミニ・ゴルフ



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