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Clarabelle's Cattlelog is a catalog run by Clarabelle Cow, where toons can use their jellybeans to buy various items including furniture, clothing, emotions, SpeedChat phrases, name tags, and doodle tricks. Only members can purchase items from Clarabelle's Cattlelog.

There are a total of seven series, each with 13 Cattlelogs. After series 7, the items in the Cattlelog will repeat from series 1. This means that series 8 will have the same items as series 1, series 9 same as series 2, and so on. When a new Cattlelog is released, some of the new items in the old Cattlelog will be moved to the backorder. Items in the backorder have higher prices, but they are still available to purchase. A new series is released every 13 weeks, for a total of 70 weeks before rolling back to Series 1.

Backorder and sale

Each item is given a cost. When a new Cattlelog is released, most items are moved to the backorder, in which the normal cost is multiplied by 1.2. In series 5, furniture items go on sale, and prices drop, in which the normal cost is divided by an approximation of 1.334.

Determining the backorder cost

  • Where x represents the normal cost

For example, the Cactus Hammock costs 550 jellybeans. If multiplied by 1.2, the backorder cost is 660 jellybeans.

Determining the sale cost

  • Where x represents the normal cost

For example, the Tall Bookcase costs 650 jellybeans. If divided by 1.334, the sale cost is 487 jellybeans, rounded to the nearest ones.

Special orders

The back of the Cattlelog contains various special items - clothing and emotions - that can be purchased upon being a number of days old since account registration.

Item Category Number of days before availability
Trap Outfit Clothing 360
Lure Outfit Clothing 720
Sound Outfit Clothing 540
Surprise Emotion 90
Cry Emotion 180
Delighted Emotion 360
Furious Emotion 540
Laugh Emotion 720

Delivery time

Each item belongs in a category. Depending on the category they belong depends on how long the item will take before being placed inside the mailbox. See the table below for delivery times.

Item Delivery Time
Emotions Available after purchase
Doodle tricks

Available after purchase

SpeedChat phrases Available after purchase
Name tags Available after purchase
Garden supplies (statues) Available after purchase
Gardening kit Available after purchases
Clothes 1 hour
Accessories 1 hour
Wallpapers 1 hour
Moulding 1 hour
Wainscoting 1 hour
Flooring 1 hour
Window views 4 hours
Fishing rods 24 hours
Furniture 24 hours


  • Cattlelog is a pun on catalog, and the fact that Clarabelle is a cow.
  • Clarabelle's Cattlelog was introduced along with houses on August 26, 2003.
  • One of the first Toontasks is to call the Cattlelog.
  • The Gardening Kit, accessory trunks, and statues will remain in the "New" section of the Cattlelog.

In other languages

Language Name
FR.png French Le catalogue de Clarabelle
ES.png Spanish Catálogo de Clarabel
D.png German Klarabellas Kuhtalog
BRZ.png Brazilian Portuguese Catálogo da Clarabela
Japan.png Japanese クウララベルのショッピングカタログ Clarabelle's Shopping Catalog [1]