The Cattlelog Series 1-8

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Flappy cog

The Flappy Cog, a limited edition gardening item.

Clarabelle’s Cattlelog
is where you can buy multiple items, such as Jellybean Banks, Furniture, Speedchat Phrases, and other objects for an amount of Jellybeans.

You receive the ability to order from the Cattelog during a talk to a HQ Officer in Toontown Central after completing a certain Toontorial Toontask. You can access the Cattlelog by using to the phone in a Toon's Estate, where you can see through the Cattlelog and the overall number of Jellybeans you have. A new Cattlelog is received every week.

When you order an item, it will be recieved from the mailbox outside of your house (Speedchat Phrases, Emotions, and Doodle Tricks are automatically found in the proper section of your Speedchat). Different items can take a different amount of time to deliver.

You can also gift items to a Friend or another Toon on your account.

Delivery Times

Item Bought

Delivery Time
Speedchat Phrases

Immediately after Purchase

Emotions Immediately after Purchase
Name Tags Immediately after Purchase
Doodle Tricks Immediately after Purchase
Statue Immediately after Purchase*
Gardening Kit A Few Seconds
48 Hours of Cannons Around 5 Minutes
Wallpaper, Flooring, Moulding, Wainscoting One Hour
Clothing One Hour
Window Views Four Hours
Furniture 24 Hours (or a day)
Fishing Rod 24 Hours (or a day)

Note: When bought, the Toon is given instructions on how to plant the statue, not the statue itself.


  • Cattlelog appears to be a combination of the words "Catalog" and "Cattle" (Which refers to the fact that Clarabelle is a cow)
  • The 7 Cattlelogs have repeats (Cattlelog 1 is repeated in Cattlelog 8, Cattlelog 2 is repeated in Cattlelog 9, etc.).
  • Buying new Wardrobe replaces your old one.
  • You have to be a member to buy items from the Cattlelog.
  • It doesnt matter what series it is, in seasons ( e.g: Halloween, Christmas) you will always find the seasonal objects.
  • The Monkeys in Series 7 - Cattlelog 3 cover have no clothes on. Could this be a subliminal message?
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