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Hello! Thanks for calling Clarabelle's Cattlelog. Can I help you?


Clarabelle Cow
Species: Cow
Color: Black
Location: Toon Estate
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Clarabelle Cow is an original Disney character.

Her purpose in Toontown is to sell furniture, clothing, accessories, fishing rods, or statues to toons using the Cattlelog. The Cattlelog consists of many items for members to buy using jellybeans, Toontown's currency. The Cattlelog will update every week, depending on which day the toon was created and if the toon is active or not.

ToonTask (Toontorial)

This task takes place after meeting Flippy for the first time.

  1. Ride the Trolley
  2. Visit the Toon HQ
  3. Recover a Blackboard Eraser from the Cogs
  4. Return Blackboard Eraser to any Toon HQ
  5. Make a Friend(If you have not made a friend yet)
  6. Call Clarabelle from the Cattlelog in your Estate

Reward: +1 Laff Boost

Trading card

Clarabelle Trading Card Front (High Quality).pngClarabelle Trading Card Back (High Quality).png
Trading card from series 1.

Ever since I was a calf, I've loved fashionable clothes and furniture. I had a little shop in Toontown, but the Cogs tried to put me out to pasture, so I started the Cattlelog. It's been so popular, I had to buy a cow-culator to keep track of all the orders! I love chatting on the phone with everyone and helping Toons find their own personal style. My big dream? To take my fashions to Hollywood and become a moo-vie star!


  • She is the only Disney character in the game that toons cannot physically make contact with.
  • She is the only cow in the game.
  • In addition to Chicken Boy, Clarabelle is one of the only NPCs that have yellow colored gloves
  • She is the only Disney character involved in a toontask.
  • Clarabelle also appeared on the Disney's Toontown Online main website as the mascot for "Live chat" with moderators.
  • Clarabelle is the only Disney character with a trading card.


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