Club President
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General information
Type: Bossbots
Weakness: Railroad
Location: Cog golf courses
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The Club President is the Version 2.0 level 11 head of a Bossbot golf course. You fight against him and three other level 11 Cogs, two of them being Version 2.0 cogs as well, at the end of the final hole. You gain Stock Options for defeating him.


  • The Club President is level 11 while, oddly enough, the District Attorney's Office Clerk and Cashbot Mint Supervisor are level 12.
  • These are the only V2.0 bosses.
  • The Club President's Weakness is the Railroad, Because it is twice the damage!
  • The District Attorney's Clerk shares the same weakness.
  • The Club President is the only Facility Boss that doesn't start out as a skelecog and the only Cog HQ facility boss who is not higher level than the other cogs.

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