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A Cog Catcher trading card.

They'll do anything for it. When they get dollar signs in their eyes, they are blind to everything else. That's why the Cold Cash Cog Catcher Rod & Reel is the best way to lure Cogs into your favorite trap. Now available in $1, $5, and $10 denominations.

–Trading Card Description

The Cog Catcher (also known as Dollar Bill) is the first, third, or fifth Lure gag that disables a cog up to two rounds, three rounds, and four rounds respectively. Also, like other Lure gags, it has a slightly greater accuracy when organic. It can activate traps but has a very low accuracy. It only targets one cog at a time.


  1. A toon takes out fishing rod.
  2. Toon "fly-fishes" the fishing rod by thrusting the rod forward.
  3. A dollar flies out from the fishing rod.
  4. If hits, the cog will walk toward the Cog Catcher.
  5. If misses, the cog will do nothing.
  6. Toon slowly reels dollar in.
  7. After dollar is reeled completely in, the toon quickly takes it away and the cog looks at the toon, then stands up straight. Any further attacks are done.


  • The $1 Bill on the guide is almost exactly identical to the $5 Bill and the $10 Bill; the only difference is the denomination on the dollars and the size.
  • While the trading card only lists one gag, there are three versions of the Cog Catcher, each more powerful than the last.
  • Cog Catchers, Cream Pies, Magnets, and Fruit Pies are the only gags with counterparts.
  • Although the toon pulls the bill back after the cog is lured, they do not get the gag back.
  • Although the Cog Catcher is a dollar bill, the accuracy is not any higher on Cashbots.
  • The trading card shows more than one gag, it shows a Penny Pincher being lured by a Cog catcher, thus falling for a Trapdoor gag.
  • Penny Pinchers are weak to the cog catcher, because a dollar is worth lots of pennies!