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Cog Golf Courses
Basic information
Type: Bossbots
Location: Bossbot Headquarters
Number of entrances: 3
Facilities: The Front Three, The Middle Six, The Back Nine
Number of variations: (Randomized mazes only)
Cog information
Minimum cog level: 10
Maximum cog level: 11
Goons: No
Special cog(s): V2.0 cog
Cog boss: Club president
Laff requirement
The Front Three: None
The Middle Six: 101
The Back Nine: 106
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For the golf courses that toons play, see toon Golf courses.

The Cog Golf Courses are advanced cog facilities located in Bossbot Headquarters. Cogs inside are levels 10 and 11 with some of them being V2.0 cogs.

Inside the cog golf courses, toons will have to stomp on red moles, navigate through mazes, defeat cogs, and play a game of cog golf. The miniboss for the cog golf courses is the Club president. Special cogs called V2.0 cogs appear throughout the cog golf courses.

Each level contains a group of 4 level 10 cogs (one is V2.0), and ends with a group of 4 level 11 cogs. 2 of the level 11 cogs are V2.0 except on the final level where 3 are V2.0.


Cog golf courses

There are three cog golf courses: The Front Three, The Middle Six, and The Back Nine.


Cog golf courses, similarly to District Attorney's Offices, are made of floors- each contains a sequence of rooms with obstacles, and the toons need to successfully complete them, in order to get to the next level, and eventually get to the Club president- the boss of the course.

Each floor contains the following rooms, by the given order (see the obstacles section for more information):

  1. Landing point (where toons start each new floor)
  2. Mole stomp
  3. Maze race
  4. Cog battle (four level 10 cogs, where one of them is a V2.0 cog)
  5. Cog golf
  6. Cog battle (four level 11 cogs, where two of them is a V2.0 cogs)

In the first and middle floors, the final room has a golf cart which leads the players to the next floor. In addition, the maze does not exist in one of the floors in each one of the courses; the second floor in The Front Three and the first floor in The Middle Six and The Back Nine.

General information

Golf course Floors Laff Req. Stock options rewarded Comment
Ordinary With invasion
The Front Three 3 None 386 764 The shortest course. Primarily used for completing the Bossbot cog suit or to complete promotions' progress
The Middle Six 6 95 953 1,984 Mainly played when toons who need a relatively large promotion are short in time. Takes about 25 to 35 minutes for a team of four toons with Sound
The Back Nine 9 100 1,685 3,300 The longest course. Usually played when large promotions are needed (e.g. The Big Cheese promotions). Can take up to an hour even when using Sound


In the cog golf courses there are three obstacles:

Mole stomp

Main article: Mole stomp

In this obstacle there are several mole hills. Inside these mole hills are two types of moles: the brown mole and the red mole. The main objective is to stomp on the red moles. Stomping on brown moles will result in the toon flying in the air. Once the required amount of moles have been stomped, the doors will open. Failure to do so will result in losing twenty laff points, and the toons will have to reattempt the challenge.

Maze race

The maze race is, as its name states, is a maze in which toons will have to navigate through within a time limit. The objective is to reach the end before time runs out. The first toon to reach the end receives a full toon-up; all other toons will receive twenty laff points. Failure to reach the end within the time limit will result in losing twenty laff points, and the toons will be moved to the end.

Cog golf

Main article: Cog golf

Cog golf is a puzzle in which toons try to remove the cog golf ball. In order to remove the cog golf ball, toons will need to remove the surrounding colored golf balls by matching three or more of the corresponding color; matching three golf balls will remove the golf balls in the field.

Toons work on separate puzzles. All toons will need to work together to complete a number of puzzles. Completing a puzzle rewards each toon with a random level four or higher gag.


  • This is the only cog facility without goons.
  • Unlike other facilities, there are no level 12 cogs at all. Instead, there are V2.0 cogs.
  • The unpalletized Toontown Japan files call Cog golf "Bust A Cog" and Mole stomp "Whack A Mole".[Citation Needed »]

In other languages

Front Three

Language Name
FR.png French Les trois premiers à l'avant
ES.png Spanish ???
D.png German ???
BRZ.png Brazilian Portuguese Três da Frente[1]
Japan.png Japanese フロント3

Middle Six

Language Name
FR.png French Les six du milieu
ES.png Spanish ???
D.png German ???
BRZ.png Brazilian Portuguese Seis do Meio
Japan.png Japanese ミドル6

Back Nine

Language Name
FR.png French Les neuf du fond
ES.png Spanish ???
D.png German ???
BRZ.png Brazilian Portuguese Nove de Trás
Japan.png Japanese バック9

In other languages

Language Name
FR.png French Parcour de Golf Cog
ES.png Spanish ???
D.png German ???
BRZ.png Brazilian Portuguese Campo de Golfe Cog
Japan.png Japanese ???