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Cogs need someplace to congregate and hold their tediously evil board meetings, and those places are the Cog HQs. Look on the Toontown Map and you will see a Cog HQ that has sprung up in each corner of the world. These dreary places are extremely dangerous, and only Toons with high Laff should venture inside! In addition to the regular Cogs, there are Skelecogs, Goons, Version 2.0s, and the dreadful VPs.

–Toontown Player's Guide

Cog headquarters are areas of Toontown that are permanently controlled by cogs. These areas are usually more difficult and dangerous compared to other locations in Toontown. As toons progress further into the game they will be assigned Toontasks related to the four cog headquarters.

Sellbot Headquarters

Main article: Sellbot Headquarters

Sellbot Headquarters (sometimes abbreviated SBHQ) was released on December 19, 2003. The theme is an industrial wasteland. Its most important areas are the Sellbot Factory and Sellbot Towers. Cogs ranging from Cold Callers to Two-Faces are in its courtyard. It is controlled by the Vice President and the Sellbots.

Cashbot Headquarters

Main article: Cashbot Headquarters

Cashbot Headquarters (sometimes abbreviated CBHQ) was released on February 17, 2005. The theme is a gigantic train station. It has three mints and a vault. Cogs ranging from Tightwads to Money Bags are in the main area, the train yard. It is controlled by the Chief Financial Officer and the Cashbots.

Lawbot Headquarters

Main article: Lawbot Headquarters

Lawbot Headquarters (sometimes abbreviated LBHQ) was released on April 25, 2006. The theme is a clean marble plaza in a city. It has the District Attorney's office and the courthouse. Cogs ranging from Ambulance Chasers to Spin Doctors are in the courtyard. It is controlled by the Chief Justice and the Lawbots.

Bossbot Headquarters

Main article: Bossbot Headquarters

Bossbot Headquarters (sometimes abbreviated BBHQ) was released on March 6, 2008. Its theme is a country club. It has three cog golf courses and the Bossbot Clubhouse. Unlike the other cog headquarters, there are no cogs in the main area, and there are no goons in the entire headquarters. It is controlled by the Chief Executive Officer and the Bossbots.

Early Development of Cog Headquarters

Main article: Early Development of Cog Headquarters

Throughout Toontown's early development, there had been many initial designs on who the final boss of Toontown would be and how to reach endgame.


  • Cog headquarters are the only places where skelecogs and goons can be found.
  • The original idea for cog headquarters was one large headquarters containing factories which were run by each department. There was going to be a "Bossbot Arm Factory", which was hinted with an early picture.