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Cog Nation is rumored to be the main Cog Headquarters released in Toontown Online.

Common Evidence

  • There are many crates in Cashbot HQ labeled "COG NATION."
  • The Cogbucks in the mint have "COG NATION" printed on them.

    In the Cashbot HQ, there are boxes with "Cog Nation" on it.

  • Disney has also mentioned it in the news such as, "The most Toon-centric Holiday this side of Cog Nation!" and in the Newsletters they used to do, "It took several hundred rounds of notes and revisions to finalize the Cog designs, which set a new efficiency record in Cog Nation."
  • In Speedchat Plus, you are allowed to use the word "cognation."
  • When someone asked by email if it was real or not, they said, "I hope not! But Flippy is worried it's coming next year!"
  • It was the final topic of the Toontown Improvement Project, where they asked if it was real or not.
  • It is rumored that Cog Nation has several secret entrances, and they are located in secret locations in the cog headquarters.

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