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A Cog Facility can be found in Cog headquarters. Facilities contain various types of cogs, such as the corresponding type of the headquarters and goons, and several obstacles that toons must maneuver in order to complete the facility.


A Goon in the Cashbot Mint

Cog Facilities

Cog Levels

Cogs normally range from level 10 to level 12. The only exception to this is Sellbot Factory, in which the Factory foreman is the strongest cog, whom is level 9.

Cogs Present in Cog Facilities

Sellbot Factory Cashbot Mint District Attorney's Office Cog Golf Course
Factory foreman Mint supervisor District Attorney's clerk Club president
Skelecog Skelecog Skelecog Skelecog
Goons Goons Virtual skelecog V2.0 cog
Mr. Hollywood Robber Baron Big Wig The Big Cheese
The Mingler Loan Shark Legal Eagle Corporate Raider
Two-Face Money Bags Spin Doctor Head Hunter
Mover & Shaker Great Goon
Glad Hander Goon Boss
Name Dropper
Cold Caller


Cog Golf Courses

District Attorney's Office

Cashbot Mint

Sellbot Factory

Useful Items


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