Cog Golf
Cog facility: Cog golf courses
Damage: 20
Challenge: Destroy all the cog golf balls using the golf ball your are given to advance.
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Cog golf's objective is to knock the black cog golf ball off the playing field for each puzzle presented. The cog ball is typically in the back of the play field with several colored balls in front, blocking direct access to it. In order to reach the cog ball, toons must clear the field of the other colored balls in its path. This is done by matching 3 balls of the same color. When 3 or more balls of the same color come together, they blow up thus clearing the field.

Each player will have his/her own puzzle to solve. A predetermined number of puzzles must be solved by the team in the allotted time. Each time a puzzle is solved, the player who solved it will receive a random gag and the puzzle of the other players will be cleared or they will receive a special exploding golf ball. The exploding ball blows up any other ball it touches.

After successfully solving the required number of puzzles the toons will receive the gags they won during the game and up to 20 laff points. If the toons fail to solve all the puzzles in the allotted time, they all will lose 20 laff.

Number of puzzles that must be solved

The Front Three: 7

The Middle Six: 11

The Back Nine: 15


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