A Bean Counter performing Audit

A cog move is an action performed by cogs. It is the essence of depleting a toon's laff points during a cog battle. Depending on the cog using the cog move, the damage will vary.

Cog moves

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Most cog moves target one toon. Others target all toons. Often times, toons who deal the most damage to a cog is targeted.

Signature cog moves

A signature cog move is a term meaning a cog move is unique to one type of cog. In other words, only one cog is capable of using such cog move. Currently, there is a total of twenty-three cog moves unique to a single cog. In Toontown Beta, there were twenty-four because of Throw Book.

For a full list, see Category:Signature cog moves.

Boss moves

Boss moves are cog moves performable by boss cogs. Unlike cog moves performed by ordinary cogs, boss moves are performed outside a cog battle. Boss moves can be predicted ahead of time through the cog's movements or a sound effect occurring during the battle. With this, they can be dodged manually by jumping or moving to another part of the battlefield.

For a full list, see Category:Boss moves.


Like gags, cog moves have an accuracy. All cog moves have the same accuracy. The only exceptions are the Micromanager's Brain Storm attack, and all of the Flunky's attacks used during the Toontorial.

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