Cog summons

The cog summon interface

A cog summon allows toons to issue a summon of a specific cog, a cog building, or a cog invasion. It is rewarded to toons who defeat the Chief Justice in battle. A toon can only carry one type of summon for each cog.

The cog summon interface can be accessed via cog gallery in the Shticker Book. A button is found on the bottom right corner of a cog's panel.

Types of cog summons

Type Description
Summon a cog Summons one specific cog in the nearby vicinity of the same street.
Summon a cog building Summons a cog building in the nearby vicinity of the same street. The cog type of the building is determined by the corresponding type of the cog.
Summon a cog invasion Summons a district-wide cog invasion of one particular cog.


  • Cog summons can not be used in the Welcome Valley district.
  • Cog summons can not be used in areas where cogs are not found, such as playgrounds or estates.
  • If a cog is summoned in a street where their level is lower or higher than the normal level range, the cog will be of their highest or lowest level, respectively.
  • This is the only Cog Boss Battle reward that is not distributed equally amongst the winners; toons can have different types of Cog Summons despite being on the same team, but on one team, everyone gets the same SOS Toon, Unite! phrase, and number of Pink Slips. (ex: one player gets a Pencil Pusher cog summon, while another can get a Legal Eagle cog building summon despite being on the same team) This only occurs when a toon already has the summons they would be awarded with.


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