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*All cogs have [[trading cards]] except the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Justice.
*All cogs have [[trading cards]] except the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Justice.
*The cogs reply to some of the comments on Toontown's blog posts.
*The cogs reply to some of the comments on Toontown's blog posts.
*The [[Mr. Hollywood]], [[Loan Shark]], [[The Mingler]],and [[Corporate Raider]] are the strongest cogs since all of them have -24 attacks.

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Welcome to the place Toons call home. Sadly, trouble is brewing in Toontown... Robot Cogs are trying to take over and put an end to all Toons' fun.

–Toontown Download Intro


From left to right: Pencil Pusher, Mover & Shaker, Corporate Raider, Short Change, and Backstabber

Cogs are the enemies of Disney's Toontown Online. They are evil business robots that constantly try to conquer Toontown and turn it into a dull and gray wasteland. There is a total of thirty-two different cogs, with eight in each of the four corporate ladders, as well as a boss of each ladder. Each cog has their own strengths and weaknesses and a five level range; the higher they are in the corporate ladder, the higher their level range is, as well as their health.

Cogs roam the streets, taking over toon buildings by dropping cog buildings on top of them. Cogs can also be found in their respective Cog Headquarters.

To fight the cogs, toons use gags to destroy them. Cogs cannot take a joke, as they will malfunction and explode when they laugh.


thumb|right|250px|The introduction to Cogs Cogs were the invention of the old chicken inventor Gyro Gearloose. However, they were probably not yet finished at the time. One day, investor and billionaire Scrooge McDuck visited Gyro's lab, only to find out that he wasn't there. Scrooge spotted a robot contraption, and thinking about how it would help toons and, of course, how it would make him a load of money. Thinking so, he activated it. However, the robot went haywire and started a machine that created even more robots - the cogs. The robot ordered the cogs to go and take over Toontown. Scrooge was captured by the robot, and nobody knows what happened next. Toontown is now in peril.

The cogs

Cog sympbolsALL 1a20
Bossbot Lawbot Cashbot Sellbot
Flunky Bottom Feeder Short Change Cold Caller
Pencil Pusher Bloodsucker Penny Pincher Telemarketer
Yesman Double Talker Tightwad Name Dropper
Micromanager Ambulance Chaser Bean Counter Glad Hander
Downsizer Back Stabber Number Cruncher Mover & Shaker
Head Hunter Spin Doctor Money Bags Two-Face
Corporate Raider Legal Eagle Loan Shark The Mingler
The Big Cheese Big Wig Robber Baron Mr. Hollywood
Chief Executive Officer Chief Justice Chief Financial Officer Vice President

Other types of cogs

There are other types of cogs not located anywhere but inside cog headquarters or the cog boss battles.


Spindoctor skelecog

A skelecog

Main article: Skelecogs

Skelecogs are unfinished cogs located in many places throughout cog headquarters.

  • Regular skelecogs are basic skelecogs that fight similar to average cogs.
  • Virtual skelecogs can only be found in the District Attorney's office. They are holograms and will appear when a toon fails a puzzle. They also don't reward with jury notices or gag experience points. They also do not count for Toontasks.
  • Version 2.0 cogs can currently only be found only in Bossbot Headquarters. These cogs are much stronger than average cogs and skelecogs, as they have two shells. The first shell resembles the normal cogs. When defeated, the second shell, the skelecog, is revealed and must be defeated also.


A goon


Main article: Goon

Goons are one-eyed, walking robots located in Sellbot Factory, the Cashbot Mints, the District Attorney's office, and the Cashbot Vault. Goons walk around as security guards, searching for toons using their searchlights. If a toon is caught in their searchlight, the toon will lose a certain number of laff points. A toon can temporarily disable a goon by jumping on its head. They can also be destroyed in the Sellbot Factory by pushing buttons that activate stomping machines, throwing them at the CFO, or in the CFO battle by dropping safes on them.

These are the only cogs that cannot be destroyed by ordinary gag means, and you cannot engage them in legitimate battle.

In battle

Bigwig insellbotbuilding withsellbots

A cog battle in a cog building

Main article: Cog battle

In battle, cogs stand opposite from toons and take their turns attacking. Some cog attacks are weak and some are strong. Some target a single toon and some target all toons. The toons always take their turn first.

When cogs are damaged by gags, the light on their chest (their health meter) will change colors. Green means the cog has full health (or mostly full). Yellow indicates the cog is somewhat injured. Orange cogs have about half their health missing. Red means the cog is almost defeated, and flashing red means the cog is dead. In some cases the health meter will slowly blink red, but it won't malfunction.

When a cog loses all of its health, it will bend over, then its torso will spin around quickly, and the cog will explode.

Levels and Health

Main article: Cog HP chart

A cog's health can be determined by using this formula:
$ (x + 1)(x + 2) $

  • The variable x represents the cog's level.
  • This formula does not apply to level 12 cogs, whom have a health of 200, where as a level 12 cog, if it followed the formula, would have 182 health.
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Health 6 12 20 30 42 56 72 90 110 132 156 200

Cog buildings

Sellbot Building

A Sellbot cog building

Main article: Cog Building

Cog buildings are toon buildings that have been conquered by a cog. A cog building can be reverted back into a toon building if a toon or a group of toons successfully defeats the cogs in the building.

Field offices


A Field Office

Main article: Field Office

Field offices are a very special type of cog building given to the Mover & Shaker cogs as a reward from the Vice President. They always have two levels. The first level is a maze in a messy office and the second level has powerful Sellbots.

Cog headquarters

Main article: Cog Headquarters

Each cog type has a respective cog headquarters. Cog headquarters can be found at each corner of Toontown. They are the most dangerous places in the game and contain challenges and enemies that are not seen anywhere else.

Cog invasions

Bloodsucker megainvasions halloween

The Halloween Bloodsucker Invasion

Main article: Cog invasion

Cog invasions occur when a single type of cog invades every street in Toontown. During this phase, no other cog, except the invading cog, are roaming the streets and cog buildings. Field offices are not affected by cog invasions. At this time, any gag that is used and worked successfully will earn the toon double skill points.



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