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Corkscrew Coliseum
Welcome to Corkscrew Coliseum! Use the banked turns to keep your speed up!
Race Track: Stadium
Maneuver: Medium
Deposit: 75 Tickets
Qualifying time: 5:35:00
Circuit type: Two
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Corkscrew Coliseum is a race track in Goofy Speedway. This race track is more difficult than the other "Stadium" track, Screwball Stadium, because of more tight turns.

Ticket Earnings

During a real race, toons can earn Tickets after completing the race. The number of racers depends on the earnings. As such, the more racers earns more tickets for winning first place.

Number of Toons Position Ticket Earnings
2 Toons Racing
First 112
Second 86
3 Toons Racing
First 150
Second 112
Third 86
4 Toons Racing
First 300
Second 150
Third 112
Fourth 86



  • This track is sort of shaped like Luigi Raceway from the Nintendo 64 game Mario Kart 64, except for a few differences. [Citation Needed »]
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