The corporate ladder, displaying the first eight cogs in each type

Not to be confused with Corporate Raider, a Bossbot cog.

The corporate ladder is the order of importance and strength a cog is positioned in. For example, on the corporate ladder of Bossbots, a Flunky is the lowest and the Chief Executive Officer is highest.

Corporate ladders are essential to keep order in the cog world. There are thirty-six spots on the corporate ladder, nine for each type of cog. The Corporate ladder ranges the Cogs to their damage point: The higher level the Cog is on the Corporate ladder, the more damage it can do (as well as the levels it has).

Sellbot Corporate Ladder

  1. Cold Caller
  2. Telemarketer
  3. Name Dropper
  4. Glad Hander
  5. Mover & Shaker
  6. Two-Face
  7. The Mingler
  8. Mr. Hollywood
  9. Senior Vice President

Cashbot Corporate Ladder

  1. Short Change
  2. Penny Pincher
  3. Tightwad
  4. Bean Counter
  5. Number Cruncher
  6. Money Bags
  7. Loan Shark
  8. Robber Baron
  9. Chief Financial Officer

Lawbot Corporate Ladder

  1. Bottom Feeder
  2. Bloodsucker
  3. Double Talker
  4. Ambulance Chaser
  5. Back Stabber
  6. Spin Doctor
  7. Legal Eagle
  8. Big Wig
  9. Chief Justice

Bossbot Corporate Ladder

  1. Flunky
  2. Pencil Pusher
  3. Yesman
  4. Micromanager
  5. Downsizer
  6. Head Hunter
  7. Corporate Raider
  8. The Big Cheese
  9. Chief Executive Officer
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