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Clarabelle the Cow wearing Straw hat accessory, while near a table filled with accessories.

Cow was an unreleased toon species.

The cow was featured in the first toon species election (The winner was the Monkey), where it failed to succeed, getting only 8% of the votes. Since then, the cow has been featured in the other two Toon Elections ever held, and has never won.

In the toon election, the motto for the cow was "Vote now! Vote Cow!", and was a Speedchat phrase for toons to purchase. An alternative slogan for Cow was "Mooove over Bossbots, I'm the REAL Big Cheese, baby!" that appeared next to the cow's pin icon for voting.

The only known cow Toon is the NPC Clarabelle Cow. The only way to see Clarabelle is through the phone at your estate. The face and mouth of Clarabelle looks like that of horses.


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