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Create-A-Toon also known as Make-A-Toon, is the creation process for their player's very own toon to play with. As such, anyone can create a Toon, but some Toon species are exclusive only to subscribed players. After creating a toon, the toon proceeds to the Toontorial (new accounts are required to enter), or head straight to Toontown Central when chosen to skip.


A toon can have its own gender by clicking on the blue for male or pink for female toons. The dog logo shows when the player picks one.

There is a slight difference between toons: females have eyelashes and can wear skirts, while males have some exclusive shorts to wear.

Toon species

There is a total of nine different species to choose from. However, three of these species are only available to subscribed players: the monkey, the horse, and the bear.

A toon can also have its distinct design. All species have a very different design to choose from.

Cat heads

Cats have 4 head designs to choose from. They are:

Dog heads

Dogs have the only ears that move. Dogs have 4 head designs to choose from. They are:

Duck heads

Ducks have 4 head designs to choose from. They are:

Mouse heads

Mice have 2 head designs to choose from. They are:

Pig heads

Pigs have 4 head designs to choose from. They are:

Rabbit heads

Rabbits have 4 head designs to choose from. They are:

Bear heads

Bears have 4 head designs to choose from. They are:

Horse heads

Horses have 4 head designs to choose from. They are:

Monkey heads

Monkeys have 4 head designs to choose from. They are:

Body styles

All species have the same choice of bodies. They are:

Leg styles

All species have the same choice of legs along with their bodies. They are:


Main article: Toon colors

There are several colors for toons to choose from. Toons will start out in the Create-A-Toon with one overall color, but later, different colors can be chosen. Different colors are possible for every section of the toon's body. Clicking on the shuffle button results on getting a random mix of colors on the toon.


Main article: Clothes

Every toon needs clothes. All species have the same selection of clothes. All colors for shirts and pants are the same as the colors for Toons. All starter shirts have two designs. They are for both male and female:

There are three different types of starter bottoms. Different genders have different bottoms:

  • Only male Toons can have pants with a buckle.
  • Only female Toons can have skirts.
  • In the old Create-A-Toon, there used to be a wider selection of clothing.


Main article: Name Generator

A toon can be named through two different methods: Pregenerated names through Pick-A-Name or custom-entry names through Type-A-Name.

The Pick-A-Name menu contains prechosen names given by Toontown. These names are auto-accepted and do not have to go through the Toon Council name approval process.

Type-A-Name is another way a Toon can be named. However, names that do not fall under a Pick-A-Name pattern will have to undergo review by Toon Council. Thus, a Toon whose name hasn't been approved yet will have a placerholder name based around color of the Toon's head and the species they chose, ie: Orange Cat, Royal Blue Dog.


  • Mice have the least head designs to choose from, that being only two.
  • Female Toons are allowed to wear shorts.
    • If a female bows while wearing shorts, she will do a boy's bow instead doing a girl's bow.
  • When the player starts, the toon used to be gray with no clothes on. Now it's colored with clothes on.
  • There are exactly 12,284,338,176 combinations that a starter toon can choose from. Most of these combinations come from different colors of toons and clothes.
  • Originally, Mickey was the one who guided boys during creation, and Minnie did the girls, but Toontown removed the feature on August 27, 2009.[1]
  • When someone creates a new account, they are required to enter the Toontorial. However, older accounts (or newer accounts trying to create another toon) can choose to skip the toontorial.
  • The song that plays here, "The New Toon in Town", is the longest Toontown song ever, lasting for about 3 minutes.
  • Even though Minnie and Mickey do not guide players through the process, when they enter the Toontorial, Mickey or Minnie are still there.
  • There used to be a glitch that would not allow the player to use Type-A-Name when they pressed Cancel after typing a name. Every name after that would pop up "Sorry, that name will not work."
  • In the old Create-A-Toon pre-generated names had to be approved by the Toon Council.
  • In the old Create-A-Toon male toons could not wear pink clothing and female toons could not wear brown clothing. Making it only possible with a glitch.
  • It was once planned for there to be a feature in the Create-A-Toon that allowed for Toons to have a variety of different body shapes and parts based on different animal species. For instance, this feature would have allowed for a Toon to have a dog head mixed with the body and/or feet of a duck (or any other implemented species). However, this feature was scrapped early on in Toontown Online's development. A few remnants of this feature can be seen in other aspects of the game, such as Flippy's full name (with the "Doggenbottom" being a reference to the concept of being able to make a Toon with the lower torso of a dog).[2]

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