Daisy treasure

A Daisy in the Hedge Maze in the Daisy Gardens Playground.

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This article is about a treasure. For more uses of "Daisy", see Daisy.

The Daisy is a treasure that can be found in the Daisy Gardens playground and the Cashbot Vault. It heals 10 laff points.

In the Chief Financial Officer battle, treasures are released by large yellow or orange helmet goons when they are disabled.

During ValenToon's Day, the laff points received are doubled, meaning it would be 20 points received.


Capture Daisy G

Daisies locations

There are a total of 20 locations where Daisies may be collected.

Above Ground


Hedge Maze

  • Near the Gag Shop
  • Near the Elm Street tunnel
  • Also near the Elm Street tunnel (further down the maze)
  • Near the Maple Street tunnel
  • Also near the Maple Street tunnel
  • Between the hedge maze and two other daisies
  • To the right of the central hedge maze entrance
  • 3 daisies in the central hedge maze


  • On the test server, it heals 15 laff points.
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