Daisy Duck
Daisy Duck
Species: Duck
Color: White
Location: Daisy Gardens
Voice: Tress MacNeille
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Same name
This article is about a Disney character. For more uses of "Daisy", see Daisy.

Daisy Duck is an original Disney character. She can be found in the Daisy Gardens playground, wearing a purple shirt and bow. She was added when gardening was introduced, and will sometimes give info on how to plant simple flowers. She is also the girlfriend of Donald Duck.



  • Welcome to my garden!
  • Hello, I'm Daisy. What's your name?
  • It's so nice to see you [toon name]!
  • My prize winning flower is at the center of the garden maze.
  • I just love strolling through the maze.
  • I haven't seen Goofy all day.
  • I wonder where Goofy is.
  • Have you seen Donald? I can't find him anywhere.
  • If you see my friend Minnie, please say "Hello" to her for me.
  • The better gardening tools you have the better plants you can grow.
  • There are far too many Cogs near Donald's Dock.
  • Watering your garden every day keeps your plants happy.
  • To grow a Pink Daisy plant a yellow and red jellybean together.
  • Yellow daisies are easy to grow, just plant a yellow jellybean.
  • If you see sand under a plant it needs water or it will wilt!
  • I'm going to Melody Land to see Minnie!
  • I'm late for my picnic with Donald!
  • I think I'll go swimming at Donald's Dock.
  • Oh, I'm a little sleepy. I think I'll go to Dreamland.

ValenToon's Day

  • Hi, I'm Daisy!
  • Happy ValenToon's Day!
  • Happy ValenToon's Day, [toon name]!
  • I hope Donald doesn't get me another Amore Eel!
  • Donald is taking me out to the Deep-see Diner!
  • I certainly have enough roses!
  • Those hearts are good for Laff boosts!
  • I'd love to go to a ValenToon's Day party!
  • This is the garden where love grows!
  • Donald better not sleep through ValenToon's Day again!
  • Maybe Donald and I can double-date with Mickey and Minnie!
  • Tell Donald I'll be waiting for him!
  • Have a nice ValenToon's Day!

April Toons' Week

  • Happy April Toons' Week!
  • Happy April Toons' Week, [toon name]!
  • Welcome to Toontown Central! I'm Mickey Mouse!
  • Hi, I'm Mickey! The happiest mouse in Toontown!
  • If you see Daisy, tell her Mickey said hi!
  • What, you've never seen a mouse with feathers?
  • Isn't this silly?
  • I'm not feeling like myself today!
  • April Toons' Week is the silliest week of the year!
  • Have you heard your Doodle talk yet?
  • Gravity has taken a holiday at the Estates!
  • Bye! Tell them Mickey sent you!
  • If you go to Daisy Gardens, say hi to her for me!


  • Welcome to Daisy Ghosts... I mean Gardens!
  • Happy Halloween!
  • Happy Halloween, [toon name]!
  • Wanna dance?
  • I'm a duck with a poodle skirt!
  • The pirate tree needs water.
  • Trick-or-Tree!
  • Do you notice anything strange about the trees?
  • I should grow some pumpkins!
  • WHO notices something different about the lamps?
  • Halloween really grows on me!
  • Twig-or-Treat!
  • Owl bet you didn't notice the spooky lamps!
  • I hope you are enjoying our Halloween fun!
  • Visit my friend Leif Pyle if you have a trick and Rake Inn the treats!
  • Donald is taking me Trick-or-Treating!
  • I'm going to check out the fun Halloween decorations.

Winter holiday

  • Welcome to the only garden that grows in the winter!
  • Happy Winter Holiday!
  • Happy Winter Holiday, [toon name]!
  • My garden needs more mistletoe!
  • I need to plant holly for next year!
  • I'm going to ask Goofy to build me a gingerbread house!
  • Those lights on the lamps are lovely!
  • That is some jolly holly!
  • My snowman keeps melting!
  • That duck is decked out!
  • I grew all these lights myself!
  • Shoshanna at Pine Needle Crafts is a real sap for songs, so why not craft her a carol?
  • Have a jolly Winter Holiday!
  • Happy planting!
  • Tell Donald to stop by with presents!
  • Donald is taking me caroling!

Field office introduction

  • Those Mover & Shaker Field Offices are popping up like weeds!




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