A district is an identical copy of Toontown. Each district holds every aspect of Toontown. However, there are differences in each district:

As with most MMORPGs, having different servers helps avoid the technical problems with having all the players playing together online at once. Also, it can help toons find or separate themselves from cog invasions and avoid harassing players.

There are circular icons that indicate the population of a district in a toon's Shticker Book, red being full, green being ideal and blue being quiet. Quiet means 0 to 399 toons, Ideal means 400 to 599 toons, and Full means that there are at least 600 toons in the district.

List of Districts

There are currently 30 districts (excluding Welcome Valley districts).

  • Boingy Acres
  • Boingy Bay
  • Boingy Summit
  • Boingyboro
  • Bouncy Summit
  • Crazy Grove
  • Crazy Hills
  • Crazyham
  • Funnyfield
  • Giggly Bay
  • Giggly Grove
  • Giggly Hills
  • Giggly Point
  • Gigglyfield
  • Gigglyham
  • Goofy Valley
  • Goofyport
  • Kooky Grove
  • Kookyboro
  • Loopy Harbor
  • Nutty Hills
  • Nutty River
  • Nutty Summit
  • Nuttyville
  • Nuttywood
  • Silly Rapids
  • Silly Valley
  • Sillyham
  • Toon Valley
  • Zany Acres

Welcome Valley

Main article: Welcome Valley

Welcome Valley is a sub-district of every other district and is intended for new toons. When a toon is created, he or she is automatically sent to Welcome Valley.

Removed Districts

Some districts were closed for the Toontown Alliance Project. This happened because the Toon Council claimed they wanted to bring more toons together by closing the least popular districts. The districts removed are:

  • Boingy Harbor
  • Bouncytown
  • Bouncyville
  • Crazy River
  • Giggly Valley
  • Kookytown
  • Kookywood
  • Loony Bluffs
  • Loonyburgh
  • Loonyville
  • Loopy Valley
  • Nuttyboro
  • Screwy Park
  • Screwy Valley
  • Wacky Falls
  • Zanytown
  • Zanywood
  • Zippetyham


  • During mega cog invasions, there are certain safe districts that the cogs do not take over. This is useful to toons working on Toontasks for a specific type of cog. These districts included: Crazy Grove, Gigglyfield, Giggly Hills, Goofy Valley, Silly Valley, and Zany Acres.
  • Until an update on April 25, 2006, there were numbers telling you the exact number of toons in a district.[Citation Needed »]


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