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Donald's Dreamland
Donalds Dreamland.png
Basic information
Playground owner: Donald Duck
Treasure: ZZZ
Connecting locations
Lullaby LaneTenor Terrace, Minnie's Melodyland
Pajama PlaceCashbot Headquarters
Population: 90 toons
Number of buildings: 72
Number of streets: 2
Cog information
Minimum level: 6
Maximum level: 9 (10*)
Maximum building stories: 5 floors
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Donald's Dreamland (often abbreviated as DDL or DL) is the sleepy neighborhood northwest of Toontown Central. Cashbot Headquarters lies in the peninsula of Pajama Place.


Donald's Dreamland is based entirely on sleeping. The time of day is night time, and one can find toys and other objects that can be found in a bedroom scattered throughout the neighborhood. The color scheme is mostly purple. Donald Duck can be found sleep walking around the playground. The treasure is the ZZZs, which heals a toon by 12 laff points.

The playground is designed to look like a bed. A Donald jack-in-the-box can be found in the middle of the playground. As with all playgrounds, Donald's Dreamland has a clothing store, pet shop, gag shop, Toon HQ, party gate, and the trolley. The Snooze Bar and Lullaby Library can also be found in the playground.


Main article: ToonTask Guide/Donald's Dreamland

After completion of The Brrrgh's Toontasks, a toon can move on to Donald's Dreamland. There is no gag training offered, but the toon can begin earning their Cashbot cog suit through the Toontasks offered.


Unlike the other playgrounds, Donald's Dreamland only contains two streets: Lullaby Lane that leads to Minnie's Melodyland; and Pajama Place that leads to Cashbot Headquarters.

Cogs range from level six to nine. If a field office is present, level ten Sellbots can be seen patrolling the streets.

Street Cog type
Bossbot icon.png Lawbot icon.png Cashbot icon.png Sellbot icon.png
Lullaby Lane 25% 25% 25% 25%
Pajama Place 5% 5% 85% 5%

Trading card

Post card
DDL Card.jpgDonaldsdreamlandcardsplit.png
Good evening!

I'm taking a sleepwalk on Toontown's dark side - the all-night pajama party we call Donald's Dreamland!

It seems Donald's clock got stuck at mid-night, and now the moon never sets on this perfect night spot. At least, it was perfect - the Cogs are turning it from a dream to a nightmare! But a few dreamy cream pies will fix that.

Well, I gotta go catch some Z's!

Lulla-bye-bye for now!

Anita Rest


  • Donald's Dreamland is the only neighborhood with two streets instead of three.
  • This is the only playground where the NPC thinks "out loud" instead of talking, excluding Pluto on some holidays.
    • Interestingly, the "thought bubbles" that normal toons have will stay above their heads until they say or "think" something else, while Donald's will disappear after a while as if he has said it.
  • Donald's Dreamland is a giant bed with toys.
  • Strangely, Donald is both here and in Donald's Dock at the same time. This is probably using the old classic cartoon gag about being in two places at once.
  • Donald is awake and in a costume of Frankenstein's monster on Halloween.
  • All the fishing ponds in Donald's Dreamland are moon-shaped.
  • In Toontown Beta, Donald was awake and in his sailor's outfit.
  • The buildings on the streets of Donald's Dreamland have windows that look like sleepy eyes, the blinds substituting a real human beings 'eyelids'.
  • Before animated street objects were released, Donald's Dreamland's hydrants were already animated.
  • Donald's Dreamland is the only neighborhood where the first cogs on the corporate ladder cannot be found without an invasion.

In other languages

Language Name
FR.png French Le Pays des Rêves de Donald
ES.png Spanish Sueñolandia de Donald
D.png German Donalds Traumland[1]
BRZ.png Brazilian Portuguese Sonholândia do Donald
Japan.png Japanese ドナルドのドリームランド [2]


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