Pajama Place

The street Pajama Place

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Sign dreamland

On the northern border of Toontown lies Donald's Dreamland, where all Toons retire for a well earned rest. Unfortunately, this is also where you'll encounter some of the biggest, nastiest, most dangerous Cogs. It takes skill, determination, and most of all teamwork to keep this neighborhood safe for weary Toons.The cogs range from levels 6-9.The street 'Pajama Place' is where the Cashbot HQ is located.Also in that street is mostly filled with Cashbots.'Lullaby Lane,however,has equal amounts of Lawbots,Cashbots,Sellbots,and Bossbots.So you better have a lot of gags to fight the cogs on this street!


Careful, don't fall asleep! There are cog buildings to take down and Cashbots to defeat. Try not to wake up Donald, since it's never a good idea to wake a sleepwalker! You may see some new cogs here, and you better be prepared for some unusually difficult Cog Buildings!



Birds Eye view of DDL.

This place is like jumping on the biggest bed in Toontown - because it is! Check out the Trolley for the most challenging games around, then stock up your gags at Goofy's Gag Shop. The dreamiest outfits can be found at the local Clothing Shop, and every Toon knows that the best Doodles are at this Pet Shop. Drop by the Toon HQ and wake the officers for some thrilling toontasks, and take a well earned break at the laziest fishing pond in town. So get down to Donald's and have the time of your dreams!


DLPageBullet 1 Point Laff Boost
File:BlankBullet.jpg Powers Erge
DLPageBullet 2 Point Laff Boost
File:BlankBullet.jpg Lawful Linda
DLPageBullet 3 Point Laff Boost
File:BlankBullet.jpg Rocco
DLPageBullet 4 Point Laff Boost
File:BlankBullet.jpg Zari
DLPageBullet Small Backpack (60)
File:BlankBullet.jpg Susan Siesta
DLPageBullet Carry 150 Jellybeans
File:BlankBullet.jpg The Countess
DLPageBullet Teleport Access To Donald's Dreamland
File:BlankBullet.jpg Drowsy Dave
DLPageBullet Cashbot Suit Pieces
File:BlankBullet.jpg Nat
File:BlankBullet.jpg Smudgy Mascara
File:BlankBullet.jpg Teddy Blair
File:BlankBullet.jpg William Teller
File:BlankBullet.jpg Honey Moon
File:BlankBullet.jpg Nina Nitelight
File:BlankBullet.jpg Dreamy Daphne
File:BlankBullet.jpg Sandy Sandman

To see all Toontasks, click here.

Once all these tasks are done, all you need to do is finish the Lawbot suits tasks in The Brrrgh, which involves simply getting an external temperature sensor from cogs on every street in Toontown, then go get a bossbot suit later too, then when you finish those, you will get just for fun toontasks.


==Percentage of Cogs==

Below is a table of the streets and percentage of cogs on those streets.

Cogs Bossbots Lawbots Cashbots Sellbots
Lullaby Lane 25 % 25 % 25 % 25 %
Pajama Place 5 % 5 % 85 % 5 %


  • It's the only playground with only 2 streets (but in old toontown,there was another street named Rock A Bye Road).
  • There are only two streets; one leads to Cashbot HQ, the other to Minnie's Melodyland, therefore, DDL is a penninsula, if you don't count the Cashbot HQ.
  • It is a very difficult location.
  • Many Toons go there in Nutty River because of beanfests.
  • This is the only playground where the NPC talks in a bubble.
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