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Double Talker
General information
Lowest Level: 3
Highest Level: 7
Weakness: Rake
Preceded by:
Succeeded by:
Ambulance Chaser
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Double Talkers are Lawbots.

Starting Phrases

  • "You're not going to like my double play."
  • "I'm going to give you double the trouble."
  • "You may want to double up against me."
  • "You may want to double think this."
  • "Doubles anyone?"
  • "Get ready for a double TAKE."
  • "I'm gonna give you double the trouble."
  • "I serve a mean double-DECKER."
  • "It's time to do some double-dealing."
  • "See if you can stop my double-cross."
  • "I plan to do some double DIPPING."


Name Phrase(s)

Lvl 3

(20 HP)

Lvl 4

(30 HP)

Lvl 5

(42 HP)

Lvl 6

(56 HP)

Lvl 7

(72 HP)

Bounce Check

"I'm going to kick this back to you."

"I'd like to cash this in."

"I'm collecting on this debt."

1 1 1 1 1
Rubber Stamp

"You have PRIORITY delivery."

"I want to stamp you out."

"I'll need a response ASAP."

"I always make a good response."

1 1 1 1 1
Buzz Word

"Let me put in a good word for you."

"See if you can hum this Toon."

"I'll 'B' perfectly clear."

"Can you catch on to this?"

"See if you can dodge this swarm."

"Careful, you're about to get stung."

"Can you hum this, toon?"

1 2 3 5 6
Mumbo Jumbo

"I believe these are the right words."

"Let me interject this."

"Here are my five-dollar words."

"You might call this technobabble."

"Let me supersize this for you."

"It's as simple as this."

3 4 6 9 12


"I'm very outspoken."

"Looks like I have to raise my voice."

"Some call me bombastic."

"See, words can hurt you."

"What nonsense."

"Boy, this is a mouth full."

"I insist on having my say."

"I must pontificate on this subject."

"I'm very outspoken."

"See if you can make sense of this."

"I hope you get this loud and clear."

"Words, words, words, words, words."

"Did you catch my meaning?"

3 4 6 9 12
Double Talk

"Take a memo on this!"

6 6 9 13 18


  • A Double Talker is a person who uses so-called technical terms (mostly gibberish) to distort the actual meaning of what they're saying.
  • This Cog has a fairly similar face to the Two Face (But the Two Face is larger, has a different suit and a yellow face. The difference between the Two Face's faces and the Double Talker's is that the Two Face has a smile showing its teeth, while the Double Talker has a frown, but a bigger, closed frown than the Double Talker.)
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