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Dr. Fret
Physical description
Gender: Male
Species: Cat
Color: Red
Building: Dr. Fret's Dentistry
Street: Alto Avenue
Area: Minnie's Melodyland
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Dr. Fret is a toon NPC cat who owns Dr. Fret's Dentistry on Alto Avenue, Minnie's Melodyland.


Main article: ToonTask:Teleport access (Minnie's Melodyland)

Dr. Fret will give toons a toontask for Teleport Access to Minnie's Melodyland.

Trading card

Toons come from far and wide to avoid Dr. Fret, the musical dentist! He checks your teeth for cavities and then plays them like an xylophone - it gives a whole new meaning to "tickling the ivories". Rotten teeth play sour notes, and then Dr. Fret plays his favorite song: "The Yanks Are Coming"!


  • It is possible to get an easier task and skip Dr. Fret's task, by looking for ToonTasks from Minnie's Melodyland shopkeepers.
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