A Big Weight being used on a cog

Drop is a gag track available once a toon commences the Toontasks in Donald's Dock. These gags are the last gags used in cog battles - coming after Squirt. It has low accuracy and targets only one cog, with the exception of its level seven gag.[1]


The Drop track uses one of the most powerful gags and is the last gag track used during a battle.[2] Therefore, there are a few disadvantages when using Drop gags. It tends to miss when working alone, making it difficult to train; however, if a Sound, Throw, Squirt, or Trap (with successful Lure) has been used in the same round, it is possible that the cog will be stunned, increasing the probability of Drop gags hitting the cog.[3]

Unlike other gag tracks, the first five Drop gags, excluding the last gag, do not increase damage over time. The Grand Piano would be the only exception, working its way up from a minimum damage of 85 to a maximum damage of 170.

One major downside to using Drop gags is that it will guarantee a miss on lured cogs.[4] If a cog is lured, a toon would have to use another damaging gag track to revert the cog to its original position.


  • They are quite powerful (only being beaten by Trap gags), capable of defeating cogs of the same level or stronger.[2]
  • A toon can obtain the Big Weight at an earlier level than any other level four gags from other gag tracks.
  • All Drop gags, excluding the Grand Piano, are already at their maximum damage after obtaining the gag.
  • Throw, Squirt, Sound, and Trap (with the Cog lured onto it) gags help increase a Drop gag's accuracy if used in the same round.[3]


  • Drop gags will always miss when used on lured cogs.[4]
  • It has a low accuracy.[1]
  • It is the last gag track used during the toon round in battles.

Drop gags

Gag Image Damage Affects Carry Capacity Next Level
Minimum Maximum Organic
Flower Pot Flower Pot 10 10 11 One Cog 10-30 20
Sandbag Sandbag 18 18 19 One Cog 5-25 100
Anvil Anvil 30 30 33 One Cog 5-20 500
Big Weight Big Weight 45 45 49 One Cog 5-15 2,000
Safe Safe 60 60 66 One Cog 3-7 6,000
Grand Piano Grand Piano 85 170 93-187 One Cog 3 10,000
Toontanic Toontanic 180 180 198 All Cogs 1 500 To Go!


This is a chart that lists all Drop gags and whether they benefit (capable of defeating in one single hit) or do nothing to cogs of the same level or stronger.

Gag Normal damage Organic damage
Flower Pot Capable of defeating level 1 cogs.
Sandbag Capable of defeating level 2 cogs.
Anvil Capable of defeating level 4 cogs.
Big Weight Capable of defeating level 5 cogs.
Safe Capable of defeating level 6 cogs.
Grand Piano Capable of defeating level 11 cogs when maxed. Capable of defeating level 8 cogs when the organic damage deals 90 or stronger, level 9 cogs if 110 or stronger, level 10 cogs if 132 or stronger, or level 11 cogs if 156 or stronger.
Toontanic Capable of defeating level 11 cogs.
A gag with merged cells indicates the same thing as if the gag was organic or not.

SOS toons

There are six SOS toons who use Drop gags, as well as a toon who will restock Drop gags.

Toon Type Gag Role Value Capable of defeating
Anne Ville Field Office Sandbag -20 health points to cogs Level 3 cogs
Bud Erfingerz Field Office Anvil -35 health points to cogs Level 4 cogs
J.S. Bark Field Office Big Weight -50 health points to cogs ★★ Level 5 cogs
Clumsy Ned Vice President Grand Piano -60 health points to cogs ★★★ Level 6 cogs
Franz Neckvein Vice President Grand Piano -100 health points to cogs ★★★★ Level 8 cogs
Barnacle Bessie Vice President Grand Piano -170 health points to cogs ★★★★★ Level 11 cogs
Shelly Seaweed Vice President -- Restocks Drop gags to all toons ★★★ --

Trading cards

This is currently all the trading cards for Drop.


  • All Drop gags are activated using a trigger box.
  • Big Weights and Safes can be found throughout Toontown. Grand Pianos can be found around the streets of Minnie's Melodyland and in gag shops.
  • In the Toontown Beta, toons used to start with Throw, Squirt, and Drop. That way, they could have every gag track.
  • If a Sound, Throw, or Squirt gag is used in the same round, the chances of Drop gags hitting increases.[3]
  • Drop was thought to be the strongest gag track by a few toons.


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