Map Of Estate

A toon estate.

File:Estate halloween.jpg

An estate is where a Toon's house is. All of your toons reside here in their own homes. You can buy furniture for your houses, but there is some preset furniture. You can keep your doodles here and grow plants and/or gag trees. There is a wheelbarrow here for hauling away flowers to sell, and there's a fishing pond, although you must teleport to a playground to sell your fish (except when playing Fish Bingo). Unlike playgrounds, there is no fisherman. There also is not a gardener, but there is a wheelbarrow to sell flowers at. Also, there are several glitches in your house. One well-known example is the "floating" glitch, which is when you go into edit mode and fly outside the house through a broken corner glitch. You jump outside the house and start flying - however, you stop flying when you enter the houses' walls again. You can also use the broken corner glitch to make furniture float. Another glitch is the "wardrobe" glitch, which happens when you place a wardrobe with its back side facing you - when you activate the wardrobe, you will change clothes outside the house. There's also a jellybean jar glitch: Put your jellybean bank right next to your telephone. Activate the jellybean bank, go into the telephone, and quickly close the telephone and run outside. Voila! You can now hold your jellybean jar outside!There is also another glitch that you can get on top of any houses roof,to do this just get near the roof and then jump,you might be in the houses roof!

There's also a "flying in house" glitch, which happens when you went into edit mode, and while you were fading into the mode, you quickly run into the telephone and close the GUI - you are now flying in your house! Just teleport out of there to go back down.Another glitch is to make all the houses dissapear (including yours!) but some people said this was a hack.


There was also different types of houses on the Toontown Test Server for a short time. They are rumored to come out in 2011.

File:Castle House.pngFile:Cupcake House.png200pxFile:Teepee House.png

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Fixed Glitches

  • There used to be a glitch when you could put the front door of your wardrobe outside the houses' front door, enabling you to go into your backyard and still change clothes. Also, if you did the "float" glitch earlier, you would also be floating when you closed the wardrobe GUI. Now if this glitch is successfully performed you will crash.
  • If you used this glitch at a friends' house you could steal their clothes.
  • You used to be able to walk around with your jellybean jar by moving it to the attic while in use. However, like the past two glitches, it has been fixed.


  • There is a rumor that in the future more models of houses will come, but nobody knows when.
  • Other toons that are only your friends can go there. They cannot access your estate without being on your friends list.**Both doodles and toons can go there, but doodles can't go inside the houses.** There is an exception to this with the "blue monkey" exploit where Freckleslam logs off and shuts down the server with him - when you log back on your estate now has a blue monkey running around saying "LOOK! I CAN DO IT TOO!"
  • Some hackers, such as Freckles, hacks to pop up in random toons estates, if you do experience this event then, log off or run back to the playground.
    • Did you know the colors of the houses match the colors of which panel your toon is in when you first log on?
    • Many toons like to show their houses off, especially advanced ones.
    • Many toons like to make a party in their houses (especially members),in those parties they are contests (games puzzle etc.) many toons who win those parties will win a prize that is in the cattelog (just some toons have a party with prize),another type is fashion show :P,there are also puzzles dancing etc.If you want to go to some of these parties just go to Toon Valley and just go to Toontown Central playground and you will see some toons saying "Join Water clan!it is a gallon of fun!whisper to me if you want to join!"But there are also some toons who say "Cats only" or "Blue Dogs only" that means only those species can enter.
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