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This article is about the estate cannon. For more uses of "Cannons", see Cannons.
Type: Rental item
Normal cost: 1,000 jellybeans
Giftable: Yes
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Estate cannons are cannons used at a toon's estate that came out on July 19, 2006[1] for Test and August 2, 2006[2] to the public. Cannons can be rented from Clarabelle's Cattlelog for 1,000 jellybeans. Once the cannons are activated, they will be active for 48 hours. One cannon will be placed in front of each house, six cannons in total.


To use the cannons:

  1. The toon runs towards an unoccupied cannon.
  2. Once inside, the toon can aim where they want to go using the arrow buttons on the keyboard or the arrow buttons on the bottom right corner.
  3. Once aimed, they can click the Fire button or the Ctrl key. They will be blasted into the air, possibly hitting objects.


Toon-Up plays a part in cannons. At some point, a countdown timer will be activated and a giant red target is seen near the blue house. When the red target is shot, Toon-Up points are racked up and additional seconds are added onto the timer. The more the red target is hit, the more Toon-Up points will be given. When the timer counts down to "0", the red target will disappear and any Toon-Up points earned will be the total amount of laff points a toon will be healed for. Toon-Up points will double every time the target is hit; Toon-Up points start at 1.


When cannons are active, objects in the air will appear. When the objects are hit, points will be rewarded. The objects are:

  • Low Bumper Clouds - 50
  • Medium Bumper Clouds - 200
  • High Bumper Clouds - 250
  • House Roof - 100
  • House Wall - 50
  • Fence - 25
  • Bridge - 100
  • Cannon Bumper - 100
  • Toon-Up Target - 350

Points are awarded by the object's points multiplied by the number of objects hit in total while in flight mode. When the toon crashes to the ground, the points will be totaled.


  • Estate cannons are somewhat similar to Party Cannons, however Party Cannons give jellybeans and they are less costly.
  • For one year in game, toons could get the cannon for free with the code "Winter". This code is now unavailable.



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