Evidence close up

A close up on the evidence icon

Evidence is what toons use to fight the Chief Justice in the Lawbot Courthouse. Toons grab evidence from Bumpy Bumblebehr. If a toon runs out of evidence, they will need to go back and get more. Toons can either throw the evidence at the scales or attack the cogs with them, but the cogs also throw evidence back, which can pass through solid objects. When all of the cogs are stunned by evidence, for 20 seconds all evidence thrown will be heavier, so the scale goes down faster.


  • Bumpy Bumblebehr has an unlimited supply of evidence, but he only gives toons 22-38 pieces at a time.
  • If a toon seated four or less toons in the jury, then the evidence weight will be increased.
  • When the evidence is thrown, it is more like a book than a paper tied up.


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